Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi, All...

Well, today I have a special treat for a favorite blogger of all of ours. A new friend, Randi Lee is hosting the Three Ups Blogfest. If you haven't heard of it yet, there is still time to join in on all the fun. Randi is to the blogosphere and she has already added so much with her kindness to our community! So PLEASE drop by her blog and say hello!

This blog hop was created to show how much we appreciate our fellow bloggers. This is their tribute. Pointing out three special things we enjoy about them. Today, Tyrean Martinson will be honored. I have known Tyrean for a while now. She is a sports enthusiast, and all around positive lover of life! Today I am reposting my intro of her book, Champion in the Darkness. JUST INCASE you missed it from the A-Z challenge.

It's quite the exciting story and I know you will enjoy it. ALL the best with your novel, Tyrean! Have a FANTABULOUS "Threes UP" weekend!

A glint of highly polished steel mesmerizes Clara. Even at a young age, the sword has always fascinated her. She flicks the blade around as rays of light catch and reflect with a brilliant flash.

“You are destined my child,” Dantor says in a chilling, calm voice.

Icy tingles race along Clara’s spine, down her right arm, and into her fingers. She drops the blade with a loud clang. “Destined? For what?’

Dantor’s face freezes into a solemn expression. “Our next Champion.” 

Clara’s lower lip drops. “I may have the ability to become a master swordswoman, but ... a Champion?” 

“You know our fable, Clara. When in need a hero arises.” He unlocks his face and a smile fights to the surface. “Or, heroin in this case.”

*     *     *     *     *

Through cunning and manipulation, Kalidess snakes her way into the court of  Septily. 

The evil spreads throughout the lands and now Clara steps up to embrace her fate with the aid from her mentor Stelia, who’s knowledge is a blessing and a curse. With swords in hand they set out ... 

Will they have the strength to overcome their enemy? 

CHAMPION in the DARKNESS by Tyrean Martinson

I hope you all enjoyed the repeat intro. As you can see it is very intriguing. A fantastic book to curl up with this weekend, since we all have an extra day... Hint, hint ... lol. 

Have a GREAT one everyone and don't eat too many hotdogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. Don't forget to sign up for the GET HEALTHY blog hop on Wednesday, the 29th. For all the details click on the apple to the left.


  1. Tyrean is just the sweetest person and a great writer!
    Special surprise for you today at my site, Michael.

  2. I need to stop by Tyrean's blog and Randi Lee's blog. It's been awhile. Wishing Tyrean all the best with her new release!

  3. That was sweet to repost her intro. Both Tyrean and Randi are really nice.

  4. Thanks for reposting Tyrean's intro! Her book's on my TBR list.

  5. Awww Michael, thank you sooooo much! I really appreciate your kind words, you've just made my weekend :D

    And thanks again for joining the hop! Tyrean had the perfect person rooting for her :D

  6. Tyrean is so awesome. Glad you picked her. And a big congrats for winning Alex's award. Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. nice...thanks for the intro...and enjoyed the snippet of her writing....will check her out...popped over from alex's promo of you...

  8. An excellent post to read.


  9. That is so sweet. And I was so thrilled to see you on Alex's blog today!!!!

  10. Very cool, Michael, and Tyrean is awesome!

    Have a great holiday, as well :)

  11. Michael

    Thank you for this informative and mind-numbing post. I don't quite know why I'm surprised - A&F also destroy all the clothes which aren't sold in a season as they don't want their brand to be seen on 'poor' people. Their hubris will be their downfall. Please, Lord, make it soon.

    On another topic - I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award over at my blog. :)

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael! You are so sweet! I really appreciate this! Big Hugs!

  13. Congratulations on your award.

    How are you enjoying the, ah, very cool weather today? Chicago is windy at best and blowing all this very cool weather means a hoodie at least. Must be a bit of a shock from Florida. Lordie, last night I actually had to pile on blankets. Y'know, the blankets that I put away for the summer, lol!

    I have read Tyrean's blog but not Randi's. I'll have to check that out. Have a great weekend Sir!

  14. I totally did this hop all wrong! You did an excellent tribute!

  15. Tyrean is a wonderful blogger. I've been following her for a while now. Your intro and her book sound wonderful. Wishing you both every success and a wonderful weekend.

  16. Sweet! I'm going over to Tyrean's. I'm participating in Randi Lee's blog hop, too, on Monday.

  17. Loved Alex's tribute to you today, Michael! Well deserved! Hope you're surviving the chaos of everything!

  18. Ah yes, this one was a special favorite of mine. It's easy to appreciate Tyrean. :)

  19. I don't think I participated in any blog hops this month. Too much into my own stuff. But this is a really sweet blogfest and if I'd paid more attention I would have participated.

    Hello Tyrean. Have a great weekend Ty and Michael.


  20. Very nice.

    Tweeted and shared.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  21. What a lovely tribute and a nice tribute to you on Alex's blog!

  22. Ah, this brought back pleasant memories of your wonderful A to Z intros!
    Tyrean is awesome!

    Writer In Transit

  23. This is a really neat idea for a blog hop. I love the excerpt and the cover is great!

  24. Hi Michael - what a great blog hop - I hope I reach a few across the blogosphere ..

    Tyrean's story sounds so interesting - the fact Clara if she works hard will be champion and a heroine always rises -

    Love Randi's concept - and good to read about In the Darkness .. cheers Hilary