Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Welcome Everyone!

I am so glad you all dropped by for my announcement. As you can see from this WONDERFUL badge to the left, created by the very talented Tara Tyler, I am now offering several services to all of you!

Most of you know I am NOT ONE to self promote. Today is just a simple announcement.

Many of you have known me for years and have read many an excerpt, Earthly Angels post, flash fiction piece, character interview, and most recently ... intros for cover reveals and novels.

With so many of you independently publishing, the need for such services are becoming much more in demand. Several of you had suggested I provide these services, and I thought it was a good idea.

On Monday I featured my first published cover in many a year! The amazing Siv Ottem had hired me to illustrate her front and back covers of her debut novel SECRETS of the ASH TREE, and I was thrilled to do it! An illustrated cover is so much more interesting and unusual. Don't you think? Why would you want your precious novel to look like everyone else's ... right? If you missed the reveal, just scroll up. I also wrote the introduction.... I seem to be gifted at writing these, which I hope will be useful to many of you.

I've also heard that many authors have difficulty with book blurbs... My intros are very much like blurbs and any help I give to make yours shine, I'd be more than happy to do. No project is too small. And I honestly mean that.

And lastly, if you need any creative editing, I'm your man. I could help you economize your sentences, help make your scenes sparkle with atmosphere, and give your dialogue some punch. Most of us have problems with our beginning chapters and a bit of creative ending can go a LONG way. Think about it.

At this time I would like to thank the very sweet Tara Tyler for creating my badge design. I had won it in Misha Gericke Pay it Forward contest. Tara has just published her newest book POP TRAVEL... Congrats Tara!

Tara Tyler writes action adventure stories in a variety of genres. Her latest release is Pop Travel - a tale of deception and teleportation. (Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble) On the side and not for profit, she creates blog headers, badges, and other graphics.

How sweet is she! Thanks again Tara! I really love my badge! And all the best with your book!!!!

Don't you guys just LOVE the cover. Man what a reveal I could have written for this baby.... LOL.

I decided that I'd like to leave you all with one of my ABSOLUTE favorite Cover reveals... It was also one of the first Intro's I had created.

Let's see if you can guess which author it is ... Here's a hint... It's someone we ALL know and love...

Another Monday ....

An usual storm rolls over the bright azure skies to a gun-metal gray. Winds kick to unregistered mph as thunder cracks. "Damn. Why does it ALWAYS happen? I'm always lulled into a false sense of security. Chicago weather is so frickin' unpredictable."

I continue my journey, skirting the lakefront. Ferocious winds rip through my face and my fingertips freeze and numb. As I reposition my scarf that unraveled and took flight, a flash sparks out of the corner of my eye.

My head snaps. "What the ...." With bulging eyes, my jaw drops and a massive shiny metal monster floats toward the shore. Fire kicks from the rear of the object, catapulting the vessel to eye level. My lids blink feverishly, not fully comprehending the situation.

A clear voice calls out "Hey, Michael. Need a lift?"

Thunderstruck, I see a flash of a smile. As my vision clears the face smiles again and a hand waves.

"It's me .... Come on board, I need your help."

I shake my head, and the letters etched into the side of the vessel register through my memory. "It can't be?" I muttered. I shout over the roaring jets, "ALEX?"

He nods, beaming brighter than the lights on the aircraft. "Let's go. We're needed elsewhere. I'll fill you in on all the details as we streak to our next destination."

A side door opens and a bridge floats towards me. "Yes, Ninja Captain Alex." The smile already carved into my face broadens. I leap onto the bridge and race inside  ...

The JOURNEY continues ...

I hope you all enjoyed this... It's not my usual intro, but it made me smile reading it over again. So if on your journey within our blogosphere ties you down and you need a lift, I hope you'll think of me. I have a page in my header that has all the A-Z intros and my illustrations if you'd like to see more of my work. Or just click onto the badge and you will be whisked away.

Thank you all for allowing me my bit of self promotion on this very special Wednesday. I wish you all an AMAZING day and upcoming weekend!

Your blogger buddy, Michael


  1. Good luck with your new venture, from what I've read I think you will fighting to find time to do everything everybody wants you to!

  2. Love the badge. Good luck with the new venture. Hope you get the recognition you deserve.

  3. Congratulations to your new venture! Here's wishing you tons of success :)

  4. I recommend YOU BRO to everyone, you are a delight to work with! I wish you all the success in the world. I for one am counting on you for my next novel! Not only did you help me by doing my cover illustrations, you also helped fine tune my first chapter! You have an eye for the art of words!

  5. Congrats on your new venture, Michael. I'm excited for you.

  6. Congratulations on the business venture, Michael! Hope you get a ton of business.
    Thanks for that intro! Sounds like we are off on another adventure...

  7. Congratulations Michael!
    Wow! There are some great services on offer here...
    I wish you everything of the best, as you embark on this particular facet of your creative journey.
    Writer In Transit

  8. Brilliant. Good luck with it. I'll keep you in mind.

  9. Congrats Michael on your new business venture. You will make a brilliant editor. I will keep you in mind when I complete my current book. I will also share this post on my FB Author page, and my other pages, so that people interested may approach you.

  10. I think it's great you're doing this and your blurbs are truly special :)

  11. Congratulations Michael on your new venture!! What a perfect fit for you. I think this is very exciting!

  12. Pop the champagne! This is wonderful news for authors all around the world. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go tell a few hundred people about it. ;)

  13. Whoops! Forgot to say how extra cool it is that Tara designed the button for you. Very, very nice job, Tara.

  14. So, so cool :)
    Congrats and much success with your new ventures helping writers!

  15. Good luck Michael with your venture! I'll place the badge on my sidebar this morning.

  16. Congratulations, Michael! I'll share this post on a writers' Facebook group I belong to.

    Speaking of which, do you have a Facebook page for yourself, or for this new venture?

  17. If you get the recognition and business your prose and skill deserves, you won't have time to sleep! May this turn out as you wish. :-)

  18. Very interesting, Michael. I love how you are so willing to reach out to those who want to tap into your talents.

  19. Wonderful Michael! You have many gifts and I love that you are sharing this passion, with us~

    I hope this venture takes you on many beautiful paths!



  20. Exciting new enterprise. Good luck with it!


  21. Squee!! That's such exciting news Michael!
    i wish you the best of luck!
    Darn, I also wish I had an indie book coming out so I could have you as my cover designer!

  22. Good Luck to you!!!

    I think I overfed your fish...

  23. Hey Michael, I think your new business venture sounds like a winner and best of luck to you!

  24. Yay! :D Congratulations on your new venture, Michael!

  25. Awesome venture!! Just let me know if you'd like to borrow my blog for a little cross-promotional ring-dang! :)

  26. Hey Michael,

    Stopping by to also wish you only the VERY best as you move forward with your new business.

    I think you are making a great decision and if I ever need any of your writing services (or interior design) I'll have my people call your people :)

    GOOD LUCK !!!

  27. Congrats on your new venture. If I do any more self publishing I'll know who to call for help.

  28. This is a post overflowing with so much awesomesauce.

    Love your announcement, Michael.

    Yes, Tara is more than a great blogger and author, she's a fantastic person with a heart of gold.

    And you couldn't have ended things with anyone better than the Ninja Captain :-)

  29. Hey, blogger buddy. Sorry I've been tardy, but you know what it's like to be INSANELY BUSY!

    I'm so thrilled for you Michael. I may indeed pay you to write my syonpsis/book blurb as I just absolutely suck at it. I'm still thrashing through the editing of Fijian Princess, but I will get it finished, then edited, then...published!

  30. What a great idea! Will have to keep you in mind...

  31. That's such a terrific idea for services. You'll be great.

  32. About time, my friend. :)

    This is so exciting, Michael. Congratulations! With your talent, creativity, and drive, success is assured, but I'm going to wish you luck anyway.

    Thrilled for you and for us!

    VR Barkowski

  33. Best wishes to you on launching this for other writers! This is a great service to offer, since so many writers are going indie and self-publishing. I think word of mouth will get around, and you won't have to do much further advertising. :)

  34. Ohmygosh, what a great idea, Michael! Best of lick. I'm sure this will be a fabulous venture for you!

  35. Sounds like your new business is perfect for you!!! Good luck, Michael!!!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  36. Michael this is great! I'm really so very glad for you. I know you'll succeed because you're perfect for the job and you are amazing in all that you do. Congratulations and my best!

  37. Awesome Michael!! SO glad you're doing this! I meant to get over here and congratulate you sooner but I've just had my head in a hole trying to edit my story.
    Anyway, I'm super proud of you and I'll post a badge on my blog. ((hugs))

  38. Great Cover reveals! And Michael much success in your future ventures! Sounds clearly exciting.

  39. Congratulations!!! You are a man of many talents and this seems to be one of your strengths. I love reading your intros and the Ash Tree was gorgeous. A fun intro for Alex, btw!

    Good luck! Hopefully, one day I will need your services :)

  40. I'm sure you'll get a lot of requests for your talents Michael! And another great intro.

  41. This needs a tweet ;)

    Best of luck Michael!

  42. Hi Michael .. I love the cover you designed for Siv .. and I agree I'm sure many of us could use your services ... help and advice along our journeys ..

    Great button too - Tara certainly has a talent for these, let alone her Pop Travel novel ..

    I love the way you've brought your Chicago setting into Alex's novel as you both set out on new adventures ..

    Now - you're very lucky - you've experienced Alex's bright smile!! The rest of us make do with the Ninja ..

    Cheers and good luck to everyone with all their adventures ... Hilary

  43. Way to branch out Michael. I'm so happy you are finding multiple outlets for your creative ideas.

    Go gettem' Dude :)


  44. Congratulations on your new venture. I'm sure it'll be a successful one!

  45. Very cool! With your eagle eye, you'll be able to do amazing things! Awesome intros to books I look forward to reading. :)

  46. Congrats and best of luck on your new venture, Michael. I love the logo! I know this will be a huge success for you. :)

  47. Oh my gosh... I REMEMBER your Alex adventure series! Hahahaha... I enjoyed those pieces SO MUCH... I remember dying to read the next segments...

    And Michael, LOVE your new venture! I really do think it's brilliant. Your so talented and you'll be able to help so many people! :-)

  48. Ahhh! This post is from a year ago! How did time pass that quickly? Congrats on your business venture. Hope you've been well! Miss you! Christy