Friday, March 28, 2014


I watch the storm closely as it approaches, drumming my fingers as they tap out a sporadic nonexistent code.

Many thoughts of peace, war, and life as it once was, flash like a meteor shower through my mind. 

My perfect world…What’s to become of it? 

How will we survive? Time is so fleeting…

As a missile hits its target a child screams. My child. I rush to his side, pulling him close to my chest. My heart racing faster than any galactic ship.

I rock him, praying this will be the last nightmare. If he has another, he may lose his mind for good. 

I cannot let this happen! 

His tearing eyes close once more and he settles into a restless sleep. After placing him back down, I step out, holding my breath.

A surge of pain cleaves through my head as I rush back to my quarters. 

There must be something to stop this storm and my son’s nightmares…but what?”

With each throb, only images of the war and an ancient ship manifests so clearly, it renders me helpless. Then it hits me. Harder than any physical pain I’ve ever known.

My body trembles. Sweat collects on my forehead. 

A connection. There’s a connection between our world crumbling and that ship!

But the storm is about to break us apart.

Is it too late to put together a plan?

We live on borrowed time.

“I’ll have to try…” The words slip out like a shooting star jetting across the midnight sky.

I clasp my hands to my head squeezing off the tension.

“Tomorrow then…”

Will Byron be able to save his planet and his child?

To find out, one must enter the STORM…

CASSA STORM by Alex J. Cavanaugh

Happy Friday all! 

I hope you enjoyed my intro, my THEME for the A-Z Challenge! 

Yes, they're back! I'm repeating my theme by creating intros for this year's amazing books!

AND, I still have a few letters left. If you guys have a book or know of a new book or release coming out soon in these letters, PLEASE let me know...

 I, K, O, P, U, V, Y, and Z

I'd really appreciate your help in this. Everyone this year seems to be so much busier than last year so many probably haven't heard. Thanks to all of you who posted, tweeted, and Facebooked... it did help a lot!

I know many of you have already written and scheduled your posts...lucky you! I hope to begin writing the first few this weekend. Time is just slipping away from me these days.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! See you on the first of April....


  1. That's a wonderful intro for Alex's book.

    I don't know if you know author Terry Lynn Johnson, but her Ice Dogs just came out last month. That would give you an I.

    1. Thanks Diane... I'll drop by her site later....

  2. Great intro - cool theme, Michael.

  3. Thanks, Karen...

    Glad you liked it!

  4. I was going to suggest Ice Dogs, too. I read it and it was really good! Lovely cover, too.

  5. Hi Michael .. that's fantastic you're doing the same as last year - I'm stuck with book offers though .. but Cassa Storm is definitely a goer .. and I need to read it a.s.a.p.

    Hope you find those missing letters .. I have not got very far .. but my time starts now! Cheers Hilary

  6. Love the intro!

    I don't have ideas for your letters, but I hope that you find everything you need to round out your alphabet posts!

  7. I knew you were talking about CassaStorm! An excellent way to announce your theme. Of course I'll be by to read your posts, it's a great way for us to hear about books we may have missed. You might be interested in my theme this year. It relates to your background as well as mine.

  8. Beautifully written, Michael! Wish I had a book with one of those initials! Good luck.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  9. I know of two great books but neither of them fit in your vacant letters one is The Lascar's Dagger and the other is The Dagger of Dresnia. Different authors. But no good to you anyway.

    Have got Cassa Storm already, and read it. Great book.

  10. Thanks, Michael! I think your introduction might be better than what I actually wrote. Appreciate the honor of being the first sample and kicking off the Challenge for you. Your intros always rock!

  11. I'll pass the word around.

    So glad you're going to be able to do this again. :)

  12. This intro was AWESOME! What a tribute to a great writer.

  13. Loved your version!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  14. One of the big pubs should hire you to write blurbs and promos for them. I love your intros. I knew what this books was before I scrolled down.

  15. Greetings Michael,

    Yes, I know, you've been wondering where I've been. Well, I've been all over the place and now I finally um, grace you with one of my high collectable comments.

    Such a captivating blurb for the ninja dude. Your unique ability is admired. Your altruism is truly acknowledged.

    As for the A to Z., your theme is most thoughtful. Have much satisfaction with the challenge that makes me want to take April completely off.

    A good weekend to you, kind sir.

    Gary :)

  16. You're great at writing blurbs. I want to see the one you write for THE BLINDED GARDENER! :-)

  17. I'm having a trailer done for M M L - I can't wait to see it. I love your A to Z idea. Have you ever considered writing bio's for authors? Just wondering because I really hate mine! LOL

  18. Now this was an awesome intro, Michael! Can't wait to follow your A to Z posts, always great to hear/read about new books :D

  19. Awesome intro for Alex, Michael. I hope you get all your posts lined up. I remember the excitement, but also remember the amount of time it took to read posts.

    Don't forget there are other bloggers out there not participating in the A - Z. You still need them as readers.

    Have fun!


  20. Loved it Michael!
    I'm looking forward to your A to Z posts again this year!