Friday, March 14, 2014


Hi, Everyone!

How are all of you?! I can't begin to say how much I've missed you guys. And HUGE HUGS to all of you for the kind words and prayers during my healing.

So far. So good. My sight not regressing so that is a really good sign. I still have another month to sweat out. There's still a chance the cells can come back. It takes a few months for them to show up. But I'm hopeful they won't!

As for A-Z, I'm still WANTING to feature your books, but I'm still a bit hesitant. Half the month of March is gone and I would need to start working on them now. SO, I've decided to ask for submissions! Send me your books. BUT...if the cells return, I may have to back out. I KNOW you'll all understand if I do. But let's go for it!!!! Positive thinking ALL THE WAY!

I haven't even told Alex or Lee yet, so you ALL are the first to know. LOL.

You all have a week to submit. Next Friday I will do a drawing a pick the entries. I'll notify you through your email... Really excited about featuring your fantastic new books!

Today was a lovely afternoon in Chicago. With temps in the 50's a renewed hope for spring has entered all our hearts. But the winds are furious and cold still and we do expect a drop to the 20's on Sunday.

Here's to hoping spring will SPRING forward as soon as possible. Come on Mother Nature, show us how beautiful this season can be!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


  1. We're going to pray they don't show up!!
    And only one I can submit - CassaStorm.
    Glad you're on for the Challenge.

  2. I stand in agreement with Alex.

  3. I sure hope the cells don't come back!

    I'm not doing the challenge. But if you're looking for books, I have Screwing Up Time.

  4. Glad you think you can manage it. Hope it goes well and the cells don't come back.

    The weather here is similar. Lots of snow melting today with brilliant sunshine but blowing a gale and knocking one over.

  5. Don't push yourself! I will pray that your eyes recover fully with no regress!

  6. Best wishes for a complete recovery, Michael, and be sure to allow yourself time to get up to speed.

    I'm sure many will want to send you their books. A special intro by Michael, who wouldn't want that? I remember reading them before, even when I wasn't participating.

  7. Prays for your eyes!!

    I have Fate Intended out if you need an F entry.

    If you have eye trouble, promise to back out...not worth any further injury to your eyes.

  8. I dearly hope the cells don't come back.

    My paranormal, Golden Dawn, shall be out on the 18th of April. But don't strain yourself if it gets too much.

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  10. March 15, 2014

    Dear Michael,

    I pray that your eyes will stay well. Please take care.
    I know it is tempting and you are so good at writing those intros. But think about your health.

    I have decided to not participate in the A to Z because I have to write a paper for the university. I need to do this in order to get a teaching job. I have to do it.

    So there will be no time for A to Z. I have so much to do for this paper. And I'm late getting started.

    Say no. Don't do the A to Z.

    Please take care of your health!!


  11. Hi Michael,

    All the very best for a complete recovery. And for the A-Z. Always great to see the positivity in your posts! Glad you are doing the challenge, what we enjoy doing can lift the spirit and heal us better, so... Take care.

    Best wishes,

  12. I do hope your cells don't return Michael, you will be in my prayers and thoughts.
    Have a great week-end.

  13. You've just had a tough run this last while, eh? I'm totally sending prayers your way and keeping two toes crossed for you--which means if I walk funny, it's all your fault. ;)

    I'm happy to send Moonless your way if you're still needing an "M."

  14. Oh Michael, that is good news about your vision. Praying it remains that way. I'm not doing the challenge this year, but I'll be watching and cheering from the sidelines.

  15. I've been away so long I didn't know about your situation! Glad things are looking up. I'm certainly sending positive vibes your way!

  16. Hi Michael .. so glad you're feeling positive about your eyes, the A-Z and then the condo .. good luck with it all. On top of that Spring is coming to Chicago ..

    Treat with care and take care - your health is the most important ... especially your eyes .. wishing you the best - cheers Hilary

  17. Michael, praying that the eyes get stronger and stronger... take care of them!

  18. Good news about your eyes, praying for equally good news next month :)
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  19. Nothing to submit, but wanted to echo the crowd. Praying the news about your eyes stays good.

  20. so nice to hear you're better, Mikey! Sending you tones of love and support and warm energy!

  21. Wonderful news, Michael!

    Any of my book series would be fine. The series would come under C for The Circle of Friends, or we could focus on the subtitles. I'd say Book IV - Mike.

  22. I wish you the absolute best!

  23. Hey Michael, glad things are still humming along. Look after yourself. It's a pretty picture thinking of Spring in Chicago.Keep well.


  24. Hey Michael... I am so happy that it is so far, so good with your eyes. Will keep praying and sending positive energy your way.

    So glad to see that you are A to Zing.

  25. I'm happy that all is going well so far. I'll keep you in my prayers, friend.

  26. We've had a couple of warm days here, too. Well, the 50s, that's comparatively warm. :) yesterday I spent the afternoon on the Custom House steps watching the crowds stroll by—my first people watching in months. Very fun!

    I won't be participating in the A to Z this year, but I'm looking forward to visiting the participants and your blog especially. Wish I had a book. Maybe next year?

    So glad everything is going well with your surgery. The wait must be torturous, but every day you're closer to a clean bill of health. Sending you healing energies and thinking of you, Michael.

    VR Barkowski

  27. It alternates warm and cold here. I like both types of weather, but I sure wish it'd stick to one for a season.

    I'm glad your eyes are healing and all better. Someday maybe I'll have a book to submit to you for spotlighting.


  28. Don't have a book to get you through A-Z, just wanted to wave hello and say I'm happy to hear things are going well. :)

  29. So glad things are still going well, Michael. Thinking of you and sending all kinds of good thoughts to keep those cells away!

  30. Yay! Great news!!!
    I'll have a good thought for your continued recovery.

    Hey, maybe we can enlist Father Dragon to vanquish those cells. :D

  31. I'm glad you are on the mend! Praying for your continued recovery.

    The only book I have is an Ebook (compiled from a past A-Z) that has just been uploaded to Smashwords. I'm hoping it will get distributed soon to all the venues.

    Get well!

  32. Sending you LOTS of healing thoughts and prayers that those mean old cells stay out of sight.

  33. I just heard about your site via Alex's post this morning. I'm glad you're healing up, and I wish I'd met you earlier to help contribute to the prayers. But I'll add mine now. May the cells stay gone.

    I'd like to submit my book to your A to Z challenge. The title is Thanmir War.

    Hope you get well soon!

    Loni Townsend

  34. Keeping only positive thoughts for the complete and persistent recovery of healthy eyesight, Michael.

    This theme is very generous of you. If you need a J, and a very short, non-novela (poetry), I've Just the Right Time.


  35. Will keep you in my prayers, Michael. My latest book isn't new but I'd love for you to feature it. The title is SOLOMON'S COMPASS. It came out this time last year. I totally understand if you have a newer "S" book.

  36. Hope your eyes stay strong and you're able to do the A-Z. Good luck!

  37. Here is hoping for your continued good health and vision, Michael!

  38. keep those eye balls strong because I'm entering my erotica book under my pen name short shorts. okay, so none of that was true, but I liked the smile you gave while reading this!

  39. Here's to continuing to heal and fast!

    Wish I had a new book to offer for your A to Z Blog Challenge. Mine are all previously published and after last year's hell, I'm way behind in getting my next one out. I'll enjoy seeing what you post.

  40. Dyyyying. Holy epic challenge!!!! Michael, so amazing. Your version of the A-Z seems so impossible in my eyes. But you'll do it--and you'll be amazing!

    And yay for healing eyes... you've been through SO MUCH in this past year!!!!

  41. I'll be praying you continue to heal, my friend! *hugs*

  42. Hi human, Michael,

    May your healing process become even clearer, my dear human friend.

    Wishing you much thoughtful interaction in the ethos of a sharing, caring A to Z Challenge.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  43. I'm sorry to hear you've not been well, and I'm praying that you are fully healed.
    All the best with the A-Z.

  44. Hope the healing continues smoothly! And hope Spring comes to the Midwest soon! :)

  45. Michael, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have read Bilberry supplements are great for vision-ask your Dr first. I hope you heal quickly~ @>---------------------

  46. Could people also recommend a book not written by them? Don't push yourself too hard and remember A-Z Challenge is also about fun.