Tuesday, August 5, 2014


As the ides of March roll into the new millennium, Kate finishes packing. Taping up the last box, her lips curl into a smile; she’s ready for a new adventure.

Images of her two year relationship with Dexter whirl through her mind, mirroring the flurry of snow dancing outside the window.

A loud knock jets her into the present. “Who is it?”


“Just a sec.” Placing the last box onto the smallest stack, she maneuvers through the living room, takes a deep breath, and opens the door.

“Come on in.” She flourishes her hand toward the mass of boxes and meager furniture. “There you are. After your finished packing the truck, we’ll head over to Camden Court in Lincoln Park.” 

The mover furrows his brow. “Where?”

“Camden Court. It’s a block east of Clark, between Deming and Wrightwood.” She eyes him curiously. “You do know where Clark is…right?"

“Yup.” He shrugs and barks out his orders to his two workers.

“I’ll be in the bedroom if you need me.”

*     *     *     *     *

Entering the arched limestone and brick building, Kate’s heart races as her excitement builds. She dashes to the elevator at the far end of the marble foyer and drops the two heavy bags she is carrying. Eighty years had past, yet time stood still as Kate observes each and every detail etched into the ceiling and walls.

The elevator dings and the door glides open. A young guy nearly knocks her off her feet as he rushes out.

Kate stumbles back and he grabs her arm, steadying her.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay? I’m in a bit of a rush.” He glances at her luggage. “Moving in, eh? Welcome. Gotta go, but I’ll catch you later.” He smiles and leaves. 

Kate’s stomach flip-flops as he exits through the front door. Her knees wobble like a new born colt’s.

What killer eyes. And that smile. I hope he lives on my floor. 

*     *     *     *     *

Kate gathers the remaining empty boxes and heads down the hall to the trash room. She hears keys jingling and spots the hot guy from earlier entering through the door next to hers. She grins. 

Yes! What a way to start my new life… 

Kate expects to hook up with the hottie next door, she’ll make sure of it. But inside her apartment another awaits.

A previous resident decided to stay…


A ninety-year-old woman named, Olive, who died decades ago.

What does she want to tell Kate? And does Kate want to listen?



Rumer Haven

Kate finds herself in two paralleled universes. Modern day,
Chicago and it’s 1920’s counterpart. 

What a way to start the new millennium…

With the past.

Such an intriguing premise. I really like the use of modern day and 1920's Chicago... Such fun!

I hope you all enjoyed yet another one of my interpretive intros. It's always fun for me to create these from just a short blurb and photo.

Here's wishing Rumor all the best with her debut novel.

Release date is  8/12/14. So look forward for it next week! I'll be hopefully doing a review soon. And I will have a post about it next week.

For all of you who have missed my previous post about Melissa Bradley and her courageous fight with cancer, please scroll up to the previous post.

Thanks Everyone an have a great week!


  1. Another great intro! And cool it's set in your Chicago. Congratulations, Rumer!

  2. Sounds like an intriguing mystery to be solved in her death. Wonderful introduction to Rumer's book, Michael.

  3. A wonderful intro Michael. You always make me want to read the books you talk about. I guess that's the idea.

  4. Hi Michael - that is some introduction to a book set in two eras - sounds really interesting ... and then the history .. and oh what secrets and horrors will be revealed ...

    I must check out about Melissa - cheers Hilary

  5. I'm pulled in!


  6. Great intro, Michael. Sounds like a fun and interesting premise. Congrats Rumer!

  7. *clap* *clap* *clap*! Marvelous intro Michael. It's amazing what you can do with just a blub & a cover. I love this premise too and can't wait for your review!

  8. I'm hooked! I'm hooked! What an intro! :D

    Congratulations to Rumer. Her book sounds awesome!

  9. Great job on this Intro, Michael. I was full of so many questions and had to keep reading to try to find my answers.


  10. "What a way to start the new millennium…
    With the past."

    Brilliant, Michael! What a creative intro to the book! Thank you for putting so much thought into this and being game to do a review. I appreciate your and everyone else's well wishes. :)

  11. Great that it is set in the town you know so well. A great intro. And best of luck to Rumer!!

  12. What a great premise! And your intro was killer, too ;)

  13. That's a great cover. I would like a pearl necklace with multiple strands.


  14. I love the idea of the 2 Chicago eras in this novel. All the females will be drooling over the pearl necklace!

    Picturesque into as always Michael.


  15. Very nice intro Michael. Good luck Rummer.

  16. Oh, this sounds like a good one. Thanks for sharing about this book. Nice cover.