Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi, everyone...

I hope you are all ready for a fun and FURIOUS weekend. If your are LOOKING to chill and escape to the past while living in the present may I suggest RUMER HAVEN'S debut novel, SEVEN for a SECRET!

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AND to give you a taste of this racy novel, I have the pleasure of featuring the secondary characters... A picture speaks a thousand words and having Hollywood's best at our disposal is nothing more than AMAZING...

So let's start with my FAVORITE codgers from yesteryear... Picture it, Lincoln Park, Chicago...1925...


VERA & LEO: She's a feisty lifetime bachelorette and he's a humble widower and war vet. Bring this stubborn spirit and gentle giant together, and they've met their match. Physically, these two could be represented by LOIS KIBBEE & CHARLEY GRAPEWIN (a.k.a., Judge Smails's wife in Caddyshack and Uncle Henry in The Wizard of Oz). Their interpersonal dynamic, though, is perfectly captured by KATHERINE HEPBURN & HENRY FONDA in On Golden Pond.

DAVID: A brawny, beautiful brunet, he's not your average boy-next-door. With wavy brown hair, square jaw, and a dazzling smile, give him hazel eyes and HENRY CAVILL is our "date with destiny."

VICKI: Buxom, bubbly, and the office bicycle, this flirty (skanky) redhead knows no bounds. Without doubt, ISLA FISHER's got this one.

BLAIR: Manicured to perfection and bit patronizing, she's still a good friend and smart-ass. Add amber eyes to the long brown hair, and New Girl's HANNAH SIMONE is our token BFF.

AUNT ESTELLA: Healthy, wealthy, and wise, she's very down-to-earth for the matriarch of a family empire and a steady beacon for Lonnie. Regal, insightful, and aging gracefully, VANESSA REDGRAVE would be perfect as the story's sage and savior.

FINLAY: A debonair businessman, he worries too much about appearances, which makes him come off a bit stiff and repressed. But for all his arrogance, he's a good guy at heart. Handsome but not hunky, kind but cold when need be, ED NORTON would play the cuckold well, as he's already proven in The Painted Veil.

EFFIE: Rich and educated, she's also a spoiled spitfire. She doesn't go to Lon's lengths to stoop beneath her class, but she does fancy being a flapper and speaks the lingo accordingly. With her petite frame and Chicago accent and blond bob, RENEE ZELLWEGER would play this good-time gal just swell.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Rumer's exciting world. Rumer is also offering a chance to win one of five ebooks or a cool keychain. Click here to enter.

Stay tuned next week for my review! Have an AWESOME weekend everyone!!


  1. That is quite the cast of characters, Rumer!

  2. Edward Norton sounds like the perfect fit for that character.

  3. Hi Michael .. love the cover of Rumer's book .. and then the characters you've devised for us .. and particularly the crusty duo leads ... enjoy the weekend and its happy read .. cheers Hilary

  4. Ha ha ha, I love the way you did this post. Henry Cavill? Ooohhhh, thank you, Michael... I didn't realize how well you knew me.

    Have a great weekend, and the book sounds great!

  5. Those sound like great choices for the characters! Sounds like a great ensemble! :)

  6. A fascinating set of characters. I am super curious to read the book, Michael.

  7. This is a clever way to introduce Rumer's book! The best of luck to Seven for a Secret!

  8. What a great cast of characters. Now I'll be thinking about Henry Cavill all day.

  9. Excellent casting! It'd make a great ensemble.

  10. Huzzah! Thank you, Michael, for hosting the auditions for Seven for a Secret's secondary characters! I think they did quite a stellar job remembering their lines. :) If anyone's curious, the casting call for MAIN CHARACTERS was held earlier this week over at the Mystical Lit Lounge.

    In combination, I'm sure this seems like an awful lot of characters, which it is, but that's because this book is essentiallly two stories in two time periods--a twofer! More bang for the buck! ;)

  11. Great casting job there, Michael! I like the simple elegance of the cover, as well.

  12. Love Rumer's Cover and you picked a fantastic cast of characters!!

  13. Mmmm… Henry Cavill… I could stare at that face for a while… LOL… ;-)

    I'm curious if you've ever done casting for YOUR books. If so, I'd love to see who you chose. I'm also curious if YOU'VE ever been asked to model for a book. Cuz you totally could. Obviously. :)

  14. This is quite a cast you've assembled for the book. Who could resist buying a ticket to read this one?

  15. I love the little black number & pearls...
    The story sounds fab...

  16. This is quite an enticing cover with a very appealing cast! Love your clever introduction, Michael! Congrats to Rumer!


  17. Terrific story and I love the casting. Very intriguing choices.