Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi, All!

Hope everyone enjoyed one of the first weekends of summer! I did. We actually had a lovely weekend weather wise. Of course it didn't last. Once again the rain returned....

Today I have the pleasure of announcing that the WRITE... EDIT... PUBLISH Bloghop is now returning. YAY!

For all of you who love Flash Fiction, photography, art work, poetry, non-fiction, or play scripts created to a specific word count to keep is fast and FUN!

Open to ALL Genres: MG, YA, ROMANCE, and ADULT.

So why not get those creative juices flowing now that summer is here and we are all in happier spirits. LET'S CREAT TOGETHER, by starting with a fun and exciting HOP...

Your hosts are my close blogger buddies, DENISE COVEY and YOLANDA RENEE! I know many of you know these amazing ladies, so you know you are in for a fun and quality HOP! I"m certainly looking forward to the first Prompt!

Why not drop by Denise's blog... here is the LINK to her intro... Happy HOPPING everyone. 

I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Monday and be sure to drop by here on Wednesday for yet another IWSG POST....


  1. Was excited to hear it was back!
    Sorry about your rain. Take rain over our hundred degrees anytime though.

  2. Yes, we've been having a ton of rain too. But it's been lovely on the days it's not raining.

  3. We had a lot of rain this weekend but it watered my garden for me.

  4. Good stuff, no rain here yet just lots of sunshine. Best wishes!

  5. Wonderful Michael, thank you so much for the post about the WEP, we are so excited to get the word out, and your help is invaluable!
    Seems that high temperatures and then a cold rain is the agenda this year!
    And I'm still love'n the magic!

  6. Hi Michael .. good news re the WEP blog hop - seems like it's taking off.

    We've thankfully moved into a heat wave - have had enough of the cold wind ... and need some summer ... and we'll get some thunderstorms thrown in for luck I guess.

    Cheers Hilary

  7. We're having your nice day today. Rain later. I wish I had time for the blog hop.
    Susan Says

  8. We could still use more rain here. The week-end was lovely as is today.

  9. I am so happy that WEP is back! I didn't think it would ever come back so that announcement on the WEP blog was a nice surprise. :)

  10. I read this too fast. But glad to see you back again. Hope all is smoothing out for you.

  11. Thanks Michael! Hope you can drag out your Chicago noir! Missing it!
    Greetings from New Caledonia! Amazing place.

    Denise :-)

  12. It's nice you had one sunny weekend to enjoy, Michael, soon you'll be in the middle of heat and humidity. Ah, how I remember Illinois summers!

  13. I had a fabulous weekend, too, Michael. Today and tomorrow in Missouri is supposed to be clear and then another round of thunderstorms into the 4th. We had rain this weekend but it was mostly in the afternoons so we got out and did some day trips and then watched movies in the afternoon and evenings.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  14. What a cool idea! I'm not sure I have what it takes but I'll be here to support everyone else, ha ha.


    You have been given an award on my blog today! Stop by and check it out when you can and congrats!

  15. I was just thinking there weren't as many blog hops anymore. So glad there's one coming up.

  16. This is GREAT news!
    Being on the flash fiction!!

  17. We could actually use a little rain. It's getting dry around here. But at least it's been warm!