Friday, October 23, 2015


Hi, All,

Thanks for all the positive comments and your support during this most stressful time in my life. For those of you who have lived through rehabbing your home know the trials, tribulations, and EXPENSE when updating an tired, old space.

With only three plus weeks left before I move into my loft there is still SOOOO much to accomplish in such a short period of time. As it is now, mostly all the rough work is complete (plumbing, electrical, framing.) Today my carpenter installed the new commercial steel door and began to drywall. It certainly is coming along. A far cry from Apollo Thirteen and the Egyptian tomb.

In the excavation of the "tomb" we unearthed and amazing structural find..... You will see in the preceding pics what I am talking about.

Pictures in many cases speak louder than words, so I will let them "do the talking..."

Shall we start with the new front door? Why not... WELCOME!


This is from the outside hall... still needs to be painted forest green to match the rest/ I personally love the galvanized steel. I may keep that on the inside. Still deciding. I may want to match the freight elevator iron door which I will be painting gun metal grey.

The space for the new kitchen on the left... the right, the new walk in closet. I wish I had five more of these!

The rough for the kitchen and walk in closet behind.

The new bedroom wall which will have glass side panels. The center will be for the fireplace and TV on the living room side and an antique armoire with the TV inside on the other. Next to the front wall, to the left will be a huge glass panel to give the bedroom a light and atrium feel but with some privacy from the living area. That corner will house a living 10ft. tree. One must have green space living in the city, since I will no longer be facing the park.

This is the living room side of the future fireplace wall and glass inlays ... you can see where the cross bar is located on the right of the center wall. That and the opposite will be glass.

Another view of the bedroom. It will have the feeling of several windows in the room with that glass panel. As you can see the bedroom will be sunken. (one step down.) The back hall to the bathrom/dressing area, formally The Egyptian tomb, is elevated up a few steps.

Here's the step up and entry to the 'TOMB" from the bedroom. LOL

And here is the "Tomb" revealed... LOOK at the stunning beam across the whole back area. It runs from the bedroom through the dressing area to the bathroom! Almost 30ft. So cool!

So here it is... another update on the remodel. As you can see, there is MUCH to do! Will it be done by my target Nov. 13th date?... it better be! My lease is up, and I can't afford to keep both anymore. So lots of positive vibes and prayers will be GREATLY appreciated.

For those of you who were a bit confused about the view, this breathtaking view is of my current rental apartment... Stunning as the leaves are turning even brighter...

This will be my NEW view... a charming vintage building which is currently used as a dorm for Columbia University.... Not even close to the view from above, but the 4'x7' windows definitely frame a cool urban view and charm. This building has some amazing details.

Well everyone, that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this segment of my current project. It is QUITE the task as you can see. I won't post any more construction pics. You'll just have to wait for the BIG REVEAL sometime in late December. In the meantime, stay tuned for some wonderful new books coming out that I will be featuring in the next few weeks!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. With autumn definitely in the air, spend some remaining quality time outdoors before it gets wickedly cold... for us up north that is...

Happy Halloween everyone! 

I get to escape for a few, much needed days to Orlando next week. YAY! Yes.... still hoping to find my winter getaway...  If not, I will certainly get some much needed relaxation time before I have to come back to finish up the loft and MOVE... AGAIN.  And, I get to PAINT it after all the construction is done. FUN... I'll be working until Spring. LOL.

I'll be by to visit this weekend!  HUGS everyone!


  1. You're giving up. Great view for a great interior. Fair trade.
    Coming along great though. Ow, the finished product will be amazing. And what a discovery in Tut's tomb.

  2. Oh what fun seeing this place slowly transformed. Can't wait for me pics! Have fun in sunny Florida :)

  3. I'm sure it's hard to see it now, but the place will look amazing when it's done. Even your view could be kind of fun.

  4. Such different views, but the architecture on the new view is pretty cool. Have a great few days off!

  5. A different view, but still intriguing, and I love that you're bringing the outdoors in. I can't wait to see the final result! Wishing you luck on your search for a winter place in Florida!

  6. Michael, I'm excited for you! Your plans are all falling in to place and the results are wonderful. I can't wait till the final reveal. It will be so beautiful!

  7. What a project!!! I love your new ideas, and can't wait to see the finished project after you've Michael'd it all up. :D

  8. I'm so impressed with anyone who can design a space. I can design cloth, but would love to be handy with carpentry! Love the ideas and definitely want to see the results! I like it, and say bravo to you for sharing your project and showing us what talent you have.

  9. You're doing a lot more work than we did with ours. My sis-in-law lived in what became our kitchen while we redid all the bedrooms and flooring upstairs. We didn't have to break down any walls, thankfully. :)

  10. I think the architectural view is fabulous too! And exciting to remind you that you LIVE in CHICAGO.

  11. Thanks for the update Michael. I like the stainless steel door. Might go well leaving it. I'd be sorry to wave bye to that view too. But you have plenty of compensation at your new loft. Exciting times but it must be exhausting! Can't wait for the reveal in December. And do enjoy chilling in Florida.

    Denise :-)

  12. You see your interior much more than the exterior view. You certainly have your work cut out for you. I wish you the best of luck with this -- the skill and artistic flair you already have! :-)

  13. I am happy to see the formerly ugly stuff gutted and removed, although I am not very good at envisioning the final product from the barebones structure of the remodeling. I look forward to seeing the walls in place and the new look!

  14. Remodeling is such a blast! Frustrating at times, but so much fun! Can't wait for the big reveal. Enjoy your Sunday
    Michele at Angels Bark

  15. It seems like everything is coming together quite nicely... after all the worry...
    Looking forward to the December reveal!
    Knowing your artistic flair, I have NO DOUBT that the final product will be spectacular!

  16. Wow, how cool looking....even in the remodel stage. I've always wanted to live in a cool loft. I guess I'll now have to live vicariously through you! :)

  17. You'll get done by the 13th, I've no doubt! This place is going to be so amazing when you are done. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  18. Wow, brave soul-so much to reveal and so beautiful are the bones~ I love the color of the floors, the steel door and all you are doing~ I can't wait to see the reveal-what a venture you are on~ I love the outside windows and view~ This place has so much charm-I know you will be happy here! Congrats, Michael~

  19. Hi Michael ... I do look forward to see the final result - you're being very creative. Yes your present view does look amazing, but you'll have fun with the building opposite - it looks architecturally interesting ... enjoy Orlando for your few days respite! Cheers and good luck - Hilary