Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hi, All~

As promised, I have pics of my 1880's loft. The Donohue was build in 1883 for the Donohue brothers. A children's book publisher. For almost a century this publishing house cranked out millions of editions. Then in 1979, loft space was sold as residential space and shorty after, Apollo thirteen landed and took up residence in the middle of my loft, along with an Egyptian tomb build in the back hall, leading to the bathroom...

No, I am not exaggerating. Wait until you see the pics... LOL... You will be AMAZED.

The wait is over... here they are...

The Introduction

Apollo 13... LOL 
You can see the front door just behind this thing.... and beside that a ceiling to floor mirror which was installed in two pieces, not exactly flush with one another....

ACKKK... Inside the module, 80's cabinets!!!

This is my favorite... the space BETWEEN the fridge and wall.. behind this is the entrance... could anyone tell me why?

This pic shows some of the COOL features and beauty... the exposed brick, AND that very cool iron door that was the original elevator shaft... PAINTED GOLD... again... WHY? What I really love are the oil stains on the vintage floor. Even after sanding and refinishing those stains will remain...YAY! Also notice the extra EXPOSED storage space on top of the kitchen... WHY? The ceiling height in there is only like 6.5 feet. UGH...

I particularly love how they added storage space INSIDE the metal beams... White laminate particle board... such a nice touch. Don't you think? But look past all the UGLY, and focus on the stunning lintel over the window and the SIZE of the widow.. 4'x7'... there are four of these windows within the space. This bedroom is also elevated... up three steps, which I originally loved, but...

In this pic you will see King Tut's tomb down the corridor. LOL. Again... WHY? l could easily touch that too.... but LOOK at the stunning beam with iron brace. SOOOO COOOL! What's under all this hideous carpeting? Stay tuned for more info later...

SO friends, this gives you a pretty good idea what the loft looked like when I first saw it. Granted, there was no "charming" furnishings to view when I did see it for the first time. Thankfully.

Now here are some pics of the first part of demoing that I had to do myself. My contractor had become very ill for a while and I needed to get things rolling, SO, I began to demo myself....

In this pic, you will see part of Apollo 13's destruction...Also look at the awful repair on the floor. Have to have all those floorboards pulled out and restaggered the correct way. But overall these floors are in AMAZING shape and they are ORIGINAL from 1883...  And, a terrific closeup of the iron door... Yup... still gold. I get the pleasure of painting that AFTER the remodel and tuck pointing of the bricks...

Another section of Apollo 13...GOODBYE....

As you can see another small set of steps by the window.. No more bedroom wall... bye-bye!

Here you can see three out of the four windows. I needed to open up this space for more light and to give it a softer look. All these massive structures takes away from the beauty of the space.

Here's another part of Apollo 13 before it's removal...

This was the first stage. I took these pics a few weeks ago. Since then my contractor is better and started working last Tuesday. As of now ALL the demoing is complete AND almost all the framing is done. YIPPEE! Only a month left to finish. All should be done by then... Let's keep our fingers crossed and the positive vibes flowing..... And a little prayer can't hurt.  Believe me, I've been praying a lot. Mostly that I don't run out of funds before this space is finished....

And just so you see what I'm leaving... sniff, sniff... It will be VERY DIFFICULT to tear myself away from this...but I must...life goes on and another adventure awaits...

Sigh.... really love this view! I sit at that table for hours on end.

My living/dining/working space... has to be multifunctional when it comes to city living...

In a couple of weeks the colors will be breathtaking... And this is a cloudy day...

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and I will most likely post more on Friday! See you then!


  1. That was one weird kitchen. But it's looking great and coming together. You're right - a ton of personality.

  2. Hi Michael - thank goodness you could see beyond Apollo 13 and the tomb ... what a disaster conversion ... so pleased it's all happening. As you say - I love your present place - but needs must ... and a new life ahead. I'm so looking forward to seeing the progression ... fun! Dirty, hard work - but so rewarding ... all the very best - cheers Hilary

  3. Ooh LOVE the pics!!! I cannot wait to see the transformation and good bye Apollo 13! Good Lord what a monstrosity! I can also see why you'll miss your old place. That is definitely a view to die for.

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see the finished pictures. I know you'll make something amazing there. While you'll miss your old place and view, the new one will be spectacular too.

  5. Wow. I have to say that again. Wow. To both your current living space (why on Earth are you leaving it) to the new space (I understand why). Can't wait to see the finished loft. Good luck with everything, Michael. It's very exciting.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Wow. That "kitchen"... what an ugly massive thing. Looking forward to seeing the changes. From the looks of your old place I've no doubt the new place will look just as nice, or BETTER!

  8. It's amazing you could see the potential around so of the weird stuff. The floors are amazing!

    The view you are leaving is spectacular. I can see how that would be tough.

  9. Your new space is wonderful, but YES a ton of LOLs and WTFs about 80s decision making--I will back you up there. I think you can make it amazing though. (and your old space is gorgeous, too)

  10. I don't think I would like to have taken on that job. At least the kitchen was reasonably large, you want to see what I have. I love all those windows and the view, how gorgeous. We are lucky with windows, but nothing like that.

  11. Loved the finished look. Beautiful!

  12. Wow, you weren't kidding about that '80's timewarp, Michael! What fun to turn ugliness into beauty, although some collectors would die for '80's vintage kitchen cupboards, but I'm with you--urk! Love the exposed brick. That's its best feature IMHO. And I can see why you'll miss your current view-to-die-for. It's lovely, although that grey sky would depress me if it hung around too long. Blue skies for me all the way, spoilt as I am!

    Thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to more! I might even steal some design elements, lol!

    Denise :-)

  13. Can you feel the envy radiating from my brain as I look at the pictures - both sets. I love the current spot and I get practically tingly at the thought of remodeling the new place. There's nothing like a blank canvas.

    Sorry I have been absent this past month but my son's accident re-focused my schedule and I'm trying to slowing get my footing again.

    Can't wait to see the next set of pictures - a month is too long to wait for the big reveal but I guess I have to...boo hoo.

  14. Apollo13 indeed, what were they thinking??? The floors and view make it all worthwhile, absolutely breathtaking!

  15. Yay, photos! I love staring at before and after pics, especially when it's all about renovating a beautiful space. What the heck were people thinking back in the 1980s? How could they destroy a beautiful space by planting King Tut's tomb and Apollo 13 in the middle of it? Ha ha, love your commentary :-) It's so exciting to see it all come together!

  16. The space between the refrigerator and the wall is my favorite too LOL. What a fun post, I can't wait to see the results when you are done working your magic. The loft is going to be amazing!!

    Good luck with the renovations!! :)

  17. Wow! You are an amazing interior decorator! Nice job, Michael! I love your commentary on the original - Apollo 13. snicker. :)

    Best wishes with finishing the job and writing and life!

  18. Great pics. I could live there staring at that view like forever and slip sliding in my stocking feet on that awesome floor.

  19. We lived in a 1800's house in NY, and the servants quarters had been converted to a modern bathroom with laundry facilities, but the basement still had Frankenstein wiring and an honest to goodness meet hook dangling from the ceiling. It's amazing how a place to take you to the past, eh?

  20. I love renovating and remodeling! It's so much fun to see the vision come to fruition. Can't wait to see the finished product. You are leaving a beautiful place. What a view!!! Wow! I hope you're just as happy in your new place.
    Michele at Angels Bark

  21. Amazing! Just amazing - and what a job ahead, but wow, what a beautiful place it will be. You've got good bones - can't wait to see the after pictures!

  22. Oh, you have so much work to do yet. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. The place you're leaving is so lovely. That kitchen set up was just weird.

  23. Wow! I thought the nine-sided island with pepto-pink tile (improperly installed) that was in my kitchen when we moved in was bad, but your Apollo 13 takes the cake! And what's with the hole next to the refrigerator that goes right through to the front door? That's gotta be bad feng shui!!!

  24. OMGoodness!!!! You really have your work cut out for you!!!!! And you're making it Gorgeous!!!! Love that View!!!!! Congrats, glad things are finally coming together for you.

  25. How did I miss all this? And I've been waiting forever and ever for them. Such beauty, even with Apollo 13, lol. You are an awesome decorator - and demolisher. Wow, I'd not be able to pull myself away from that view either. What a great place to work.

  26. Michael, you have a beautiful space here to work with and make your own. It will be 'home' in no time at all. I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  27. It looks like it's coming along great! I'm looking forward to pictures of the finished home. :)

  28. The current view is AMAZING, Michael! *sigh* But as you mentioned: "life goes on and another adventure awaits..."
    I love the new space - the exposed brick and vintage floor - lots of character!
    You have such an amazing eye for design... I can imagine what it will look like when you've stamped your mark on it!!

  29. First of all - I can't believe it's been THIS long since I've been to your blog!

    I skipped past today's pictures as soon as I read you'd posted "befores" - had to do it properly and look at these first. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine for when I scroll back up to the big reveal!

    You are cracking me UP with the Apollo 13! Oh man, that thing is...sorry, laughing to hard to finish that sentence. Be back in a bit after I scour the rest of your construction photos.