Wednesday, October 7, 2020



Hi All!

I hope everyone is doing well. This time of year is certainly my favorite, even though allergies for me are at their highest. But, this does not damper my love for this time of year.

As the year closes, I tend to reflect on what had happened in my life during this time. Sadly, for most of us, Covid has taken a heavy toll. In 2008, I had to reinvent myself by looking for alternative income because my design business had closed for several years. That is when I picked up writing. Now, I find myself back in the same situation. Writing saved my sanity once, I am hopeful it will do it again. 

Shortly after my first novel, I had joined the blogger community and THIS community. I had met some of the most AMAZING people I had ever known and to this day, I still feel that way. Alex, is one of them. Without him, we would have the IWSG. Astonishing. To think, I was in the community when Alex first created this group. I am honored to be apart of it. Thank you, Alex, and all the countless others who have given so much of their love and time to help others in our community. IF you have not signed up yet, do so at his site.

Although this year has certainly been taxing, I am thankful for many things. I finally found the home of my dreams, and although it is a nightmare trying to pull it together, I have never been more happy with my residence. I did have to give up my Florida condo because of lack of business, but I am fine with that. I can now breathe again financially. And once again, I managed to use my time well, including getting back to my writing. After another readthrough and edit of my second novel, I have submitted it into the mentee program of PitMad. So, I am hoping one of the talented people who are giving their time to mentor, will find my novel intersting enough to take me on. For sure, it is a LONG SHOT, but you just never know. This may finally be my time. I had a lot of interest in this novel in the past, but I never managed to get signed by an agent. So, with a mentor's help, I may get over the next hurdle. 

As for my current WIP,  I hope to finish it by the end of the year. There are a few snaffu's with the person who's life I am writing about. We have a few areas that need to be ironed out before I complete the last few chapters. This has been a GRULING project and has taken me three times as long as my other two novels to write. But, with a bit more time and PATIENCE, I hope to get through it. Like my second novel, this one has great potential and I NEED to get it right.

Most writers know how difficult our journeys are, and I hope that we all get there in the end. It has been ten LONG years since I completed my first novel and I believe that this year will end well. Hope and prayers are our most powerful allies. 

Take care everyone, and stay safe!


  1. I created it for writers just like you - thanks for the kind words!
    Glad you finally found the perfect home.
    Good luck with PitMad - you never know!

  2. I hope you get a good mentor. How long before you can move into your new place?

  3. Glad you are living where you really want to now. Good luck with PitMad. I hope you get a mentor through it.

  4. I'm so glad you've found a good place to live.
    Cheers and hope for each day!

  5. Being financially stable takes so much weight off the soul. I love pretty things, but not enough to worry about paying for them.

    I agree. Alex is the bomb.

    Best of luck with your books. I've had several that seemed to get a lot of interest, but just couldn't get over the large publishing hump.

  6. Best wishes with PitMad. I've been with IWSG since the beginning too. It's such a support. Happy writing.

  7. Agreed. Alex is amazing for creating this platform. Great post and congrats on your new spot! My living situation directly effects my productivity level. Happy IWSG!

  8. Hi Michael - glad you feel more settled ... blogging does help in so many ways and Alex's creation of IWSG has helped so many. Good luck with PitMad ... but excellent you're writing again - stay safe and all the best - Hilary

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  10. Finding your "perfect" home is such a wonderful feeling. After several moves because of Hubs' jobs, we're finally in our forever home (I hope). Life is so crazy, I try not to be too definite. I hope your writing continues strongly.