Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi all,

After yet another 16 hour grueling day of edits, I finally finished my novel. YAY!  One more quick run through and I will be ready to post for ABNA tomorrow.

I still need to put together the PITCH. Anyone that has ever written a query should be getting nauseous right about now. I know I am.

This is the all important round. No matter how fantastic your novel is, it will never be read unless you can sell the pitch/query.

There are so many philosophies on the perfect pitch/query. If I had the magic formula for it I'd be a multi-billionaire. But since I don't "curses," I have to sweat it out just like everyone else.

One piece of advice:

Sell your story.

Make your pitch/query all about your mc and plot. Don't bog it down with useless words. Keep it crisp and concise. Make the reader WANT more. Let them lose sleep over it. Let them wonder. Let them want to give you that coveted contract.

Well friends, I'm off to format, fine tune, and write my pitch. Have a great Sunday.

AND as always, thank you for the cheers and support. You're the best!


  1. Congratuations Michael. Best of luck to you.

    I'm going to be spending today working on my pitch and query. My first novel is a polished as I can get it, so I'm not worried about that. Just getting past the first rounds will be enough for me.

    All your work and enthusiasm has inspired me to make the attempt.

    Thanks for posting your journey towards this event. It has been inspiring.

    Now, if I can figure out the forums and registering, whatever happens, happens . .


  2. I wish us all luck, Michael. Good points about the pitch. May all of us make it past the pitch without throwing out our arm or muse. LOL. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Well done finishing your editing, and good luck with getting the pitch together. I've never done a pitch, and the prospect terrifies me.

    I wish you great success.

  4. Wishing you the best of luck. Great points about the pitch!