Saturday, January 15, 2011


Thanks all for the cheers yesterday. Joanna you made me laugh so hard visualizing you shaking your floral pompoms.

Yesterday was a crazy day and I only wrote a thousand words. I plan to spend all day to finish. I did stop on a few blogs earlier and left comments, but for the weekend I really need to concentrate on finishing up the end. I'm almost there ... I think.

I know you all understand and you've been great with all the cheers and words of support.

This weekend Misty Waters is holding a fantastic Show and Tell blogfest which I am so bummed I can't do.... just not enough time! I've skimmed over a few entries and they look awesome, so go check it out on her blog for the list of entries.... I wish I could!

I hope everyone has wonderful weekend... Enjoy. I will try to drop by when I need a break or some air.


  1. Go for it and when you get a chance stop by my blog and find my awards post after you are done writing, I have an award for you at my blog. happy writing!

  2. Go for the gold, Michael. You can do it. I'm called in to work early ... and sick from the cold. Sigh. At least the coughing will keep me awake! LOL.

  3. Good Luck Michael.

    Thanks for the pompoms and flowers. What a lovely touch on your blog.


  4. The flowers are beautiful! Flower arrangements are a great antidote to winter aren't they! I can't believe you left Florida to live in Chicago!!!

    Best wishes on the writing this weekend-- lots of productivity and creativity!

  5. Focus on your work! I've editing to do, but the lure of playoff games will probably be too strong.

  6. I'm going to get a few blogs ready for the next week and then I'm going to do some writing on the WIP. And maybe fix dinner somewhere in there.

  7. Hey, 1000 words isn't that bad! As busy as I've been lately, I'd take 1000. :) Aw, the blogfest does sound fun, but I have other stuff to do too. Have a great weekend!

  8. Dig in and go for it! I know you can do it. Just remember to eat at some point, your brain will need the energy.

    Happy editing!!!

  9. I had time to write this weekend, too. I didn't write, but I did have the time...

    Hope you're more motivated than I am this weekend (next weekend, Packers vs. Bears - you'll have to watch!).

  10. ...Michael, you're a friend of the same aspirations...and forever have my support. Hoping you made it...and confident you did:)