Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi, Friends,

Well it's time for another post on eating right and staying healthy for those hours of focused writing. As I am waiting for my steel-cut oats to cook, BTW a GREAT way to start the day, I am planning out my day.

As we all know exercise is just as important as eating well. I can't impress upon you enough to give yourself at least a half an hour a day of leaving your desk to take a yoga class, walk, jog, or tread mill. Not only will it help you physically but it will clean out the cobwebs in your mind.

I do realize that many of you have jobs and families that steal SO much of your time, BUT you will be a better parent, employee, and writer if you take care of YOU.

Making the decision to take by my life this spring was THE best decision I have ever made. I feel so much better, I am much more productive, and I am happier.

Just imagine how much happier the people you love will be to see a happier you. This does not only effect your life, but it effects the people around you.

I know you can squeeze in thirty minutes into your schedule. Actually shoot for an hour. You can do it. You still have time to get fit. With winter approaching at record speed, it will be next to impossible to start a fitness program then. Plus with the holidays a short THREE months away you don't want to add extra weight on top of what you already have. Think about this.... seriously, everyone puts on weight in the winter. By getting fit now and eating properly you will be ready with a plan of attack by the holidays.

I have some wonderful healthy baked goods waiting to be posted in the months ahead so you will never be deprived. Remember the less processed food you eat the healthier you will be.

In previous posts I have talked about the evils of processed foods and MSG. The benefits of organic foods, and healthy alternatives.

Here are a few more suggestions when you are craving the 'wrong' kinds of foods. I have already mentioned the wonders of almonds or walnuts if you prefer. Today I'd like to take about healthy starches and fats. Yes, these can be healthy and are needed for a balanced diet.

For those Mexican craving, I have some great and DELICIOUS ways to still enjoy your favorites. Who doesn't like chips and salsa or guacamole? Believe it or not, it's not the salsa or guacamole that packs on the pounds .... it the salty chips! They are the devil incarnate. Who could each just one? I know I can't.

So instead of chips here are two great substitutes. First celery or fennel. Dip away. Celery and fennel are so healthy for you. I recently discovered jicama... this is amazing. Crunchy, delicious and a perfect way to scoop up that salsa and guacamole.

Next, enjoy those black beans.... there is no better way to get protein. Forget the rice though... this is an evil starch. Make sure to eat your food with no additional salt. Many foods have sodium naturally in them you don't need to add more. Remember salt retains water.... why bloat? It's not necessary.

Top this off with chicken, beef, or vegetable fajitas and you have a terrific healthy meal. And you can do this when eating out too. You don't have to feel deprived when friends and family are ordering those fattening cheezy items. You can enjoy going out and eating well.

Next week I'll talk more about beans... a starchy vegetable, but packed with protein. As a final note if you are a potato lover, switch to sweet potatoes or yams. I bought organic yams last week and just boiled them. The five pound bag featured smaller yams and THE perfect portion for a meal or snack. They are sweet and delicious. So forget the white potatoes and go for sweet or yams. You'll find them a wonderful alternative and you will NEVER feel deprived.

Have a happy and healthy Monday. I am off for my power walk on the lakefront. It's time for my hour!


  1. If you are what you eat, then I'm fast, easy, and cheap! Have a great new week, Roland

  2. First I have to snort at Roland...

    I am good about the exersize... not great, but good. Walking to and from work is more than 90 minutes a day of walking. It is the intake I have trouble with... salty snacks and alcohol are my main empty calorie weaknesses, though I also have volume control issues for just the regular stuff. When I am doing it RIGHT, the way I trick myself is bulking the veggies... plan the meals I am SUPPOSED to have, then add a freebie (a home made soup that's all veggies or a big salad)--I do love black beans--and there are some chili recipes that are really good--either all bean or with ground turkey.

    Good for you for having such success!

  3. I work out five times a week. If someone really wants to exercise, then that person will find the time.

  4. I'm definitely more focused when I'm healthy. After working out my writing just flows, as if the action opened up the floodgates. Love it! Speaking of which, time to get off my bum.

  5. Can't do the celery! We get low fat chips instead. Someone gave me a recipe for guacamole using asparagus instead, since avacados are so fatty. And it really tastes like guacamole.
    Beans are the best source of protein because they aren't animal protein. (And animal protein leeches calcium from your body, which means milk really doesn't do a body good.)

  6. You've finally got me! I dragged Himself out for a walk on the moors this evening - it was lovely. I've just pledged to drop all naughty snacks for a week to break my cycle of stuffing my face. And I've dusted off the exercise bike. It's a start... now where'd I put that chocolate bar?!(kidding!)

  7. Love these posts, Michael. I have two vegetarian black bean recipes on the horizon. I love substituting beans (black, chickpeas, etc) for meats.
    LOL about chips being the devil incarnate! I love chips, but your idea of substituting celery with the guac sounds great!!!

  8. Reading this I figured out how I lost the weight without doing the diet thing. Everything I eat is fresh and grown within a few miles of my home.
    I'll be here on Tuesdays, especially if you're givig me something to replace my Sunday COOKIES :o)

  9. I totally agree with you on these points. If I spend an hour exercising, it's just like I spent it writing, because the exercise makes my writing THAT much more productive. Thanks for getting the word out!

  10. You certainly sound energised. I came across The No Diet Diet: Do Something Different by Ben Fletcher, Karen Pine and Danny Penman which I think is a must for everyone to read.:O)

  11. I'm looking forward to those baked goods recipes. And I love jicama!

  12. Your right, your right. I need to be more dedicated to my body. I'll be a better -everything- if I do. Thanks for the kind kick in the pants :)

  13. Hi Michael, I bounce back and forth between a healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy one, so I appreciate the motivation. Also thanks for the follow and entering Molly's giveaway. Please see my site when you have time. I made a mistake on the gift options, because of that, there are now three books to choose from instead of two. Doralynn

  14. Yummy, now I'm in the mood for Mexican. And it's almost midnight!
    I try to walk everywhere I can, and I find it helps my writing not only because I feel better, but also because I think through plot problems as I walk!