Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi, everyone.

Before I begin with the main post, I'd like to welcome my new friends from the Rach's Campaign. I do apologize for not stopping by your blogs. As most of you know I am on vacation in Canada. Not much time to hop around, so I hope you can forgive me. I will be visiting soon. You can count on it.

As I promised, you will be experiencing Niagara Falls in this post. After a very long day of driving and partying with the TART, I finally arrived at the Falls around nine o'clock. Talk about bedlam. It seemed like a Saturday night in Las Vegas. A huge Casino dominated the strip as people everywhere filled the streets and sidewalks while cars honked. I pulled into my hotel and checked in.

Excited about the fact my room had a coveted Falls view, I took the elevator to the fourteenth floor, exited, and rolled endless luggage and computer crap down the long corridor. Entering, I ran to the wall to wall windows and looked for the falls. Within the darkness I could only see what looked like a trickle. Disappointed, I changed and ran to the casino next door and walked out to view the falls from the smoker's deck off the deli... My jaw dropped.

Before retiring, I left all the drapes open and crashed.

Filtered light woke me up the following morning. My eyes opened to a stunning view of Niagara lake and the side corner of the Falls.

But let me tell you friends, there is NOTHING more thrilling to be right in front of them as you will see from the pics.

Although a cloudy, overcast day, thanks to hurricane Irene, the Falls still stopped all its viewers in their tracks. By late afternoon the sun came out and I managed to capture a rainbow inside the FALLS. YAY! (Please remember friends to enjoy my pics, but please don't repost or use them without my permission. They are all originals.)

Are you now wanting me to clam up and show the pics? Okay.... HERE THEY ARE!

As if the Falls isn't awesome enough, lets add a bird in flight....  (No, there is nothing wrong with my camera... this was a very gray morning)

Can't you just fell the rage and the spray?

A little color on this gray morning.... These lovely gardens are adjacent to the Falls.

 A hint of green as the water thunders down the rocks.

A truly magnificent view...

You just can't take a bad picture....

MOI ...   This proves I was there.


A bit of light really brings the Falls to life.

And now...  RAINBOW FALLS....

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the tour... Stay tuned for more pics... Next stop Montreal.


  1. Beautiful pictures. My favorite times at the falls-dawn just after the lights go off; night with the lighting; and best of all Winter when he mst freezes in mid air.

    Uh, I spotted a little lunch there :)

  2. Oh, wow! Absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous pics Michael, thanks for sharing :)
    Enjoy the next stint
    Laura x

  3. These are fabulous, Michael. Thanks. The one with the rainbow is amazing. And you are adorable!

  4. Stunning pictures Michael! The last one of course is my favorite, but you took wonderful pictures. I'm glad you are enjoying your time so far.

  5. Fabulous photos. I have never been there. It is on my must visit list though. Sounds like you are enjoying the holiday.

  6. Those pictures are beautiful! What a special place!

  7. They really are great, but you're right--good lighting takes them from cool to AMAZING. I like the lighting in the one with you.

  8. One of my favorite TV show, WONDERFALLS, was filmed there. Fantasy with a bite and dry humor, of course. Enjoy your trip, Roland

  9. Fantastic photos, Michael. Truly stunning. Have a FAB time in my homeland!

  10. I absolutely felt the rage and the spray from that second picture, Michael. It gave me chills, like I was in danger! Great photos. I've never been to Niagara Falls, so this is great to see.

  11. Glad you got to see the Falls from the Canadian side, Michael. They are the most spectacular in Niagra. I've only been there once, but they were truly a wonder to see. Hope you enjoy Montreal, please take a carriage ride through old Montreal, it's awesome!

  12. Now that's a view! I saw it years ago. Pictures don't do it justice.

  13. Lovely pictures, Michael. I hope you're having a great time. I love the Falls except for the commercialism that surrounds it. A big sticking point for me that presents itself throughout my travel memoir. Unfortunately, Niagara Falls yielded to development in the days before the NPS.
    Happy Travels and Happy Campaigning!

  14. How beautiful. I love the rainbow. You can never go wrong with rainbows :-)

  15. You're quite the photographer. That rainbow's amazing!

    Now, the falls themselves...they look very...loud. And moist. But Montreal---now you're talkin'!

    Glad to see you're having lots of fun. :)

  16. Great pictures! Just introducing myself, I'm a fellow Campaigner!

  17. Beautiful pictures Michael! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!!

  18. Now that is what I call power and beauty. Not only the falls, but you my brother are gorgeous as well :) Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  19. Beautiful! I would love to see it some day. Add to my ever-growing list.