Thursday, February 24, 2011


 Well, friends,

Today is the day we find out if we made it through the pitch round of ABNA. I would sincerely like to wish all my blogger friends good luck. I'd like to throw a CELEBRATORY BASH for the writer's who have made it to the next round. E-mail me and let me know or leave a comment if it posts early.

Today is also the day I finally finished my entry for the first Crusader Challenge. By know everyone should know the rules, so I will spare you having to read them again. If you're not familiar with it hop over to the main Crusader's site at Rach writes. Click on emblem left.

I decided to try my hand at poetry. I hadn't written a poem since grade school. I hope I've improved. lol

Without further ado:

                             How could one reveal so much to the world?

                             With so many fulguline facts to unfurl.
                             An interesting quirk, oh what can it be?
                             I sleep in a large bed on the edge with just me.
                             An annoying habit my friends do endure,
                             to bloviate occasionally is one I am sure.
                             Kindness of heart is my most admirable trait,
                             for those who know me, it must be my fate.
                             A decade has passed, but I still look the same,
                             most people guess younger yet I still play the game.
                             A black, long-eared rabbit named Jasper I favor,
                             for he is my novel’s and the Willows’ grand savior.
                             One more fun fact has to do with a blade,
                             No, you must wait, until my next serenade.
                             I may have revealed something that is untrue, 
                             Can you guess the right one? I guarantee but a few.

I hope you enjoyed my entry. Tomorrow I will reveal the untruth.
I would also like to welcome my new friends:

Her highness, Alberta, Geof, Liz, Sandra, Deborah, Tangynt, Lady Jai, Yves, Ibdiamond, Kari, AKoss, and Bess.



  1. Oh that really made me smile, Michael! No idea of the lie, though!

  2. Hope your name is among those moving to the next round!

  3. Very fun! I'm going to guess the 'bed'. Perhaps it is small, or maybe you share it?

    Good stuff,


  4. Good luck with your ABNA entry! You did very well on the poem. And since I know you look fantastic and are one of the kindest people I've "met", I'm guessing your not sleeping in that big bed alone.

  5. Love the poem! Well done! Hmmm... not sure what your lie could be ... maybe the rabbit? I'm sure you're kindness of heart is true. ;)

  6. Great poem! well done and very creative- I'm guessing there is no rabbit named Jasper?

  7. I love how you even put the instructions in the poem! I have no idea what is the lie. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.


  8. That was really cool! I'll guess the fictional rabbit is a fictional fictional rabbit.

    Also, good luck with ABNA. I've already been to the sight three times, knowing full well they won't be posted yet.


  9. I am doing a shout out for you to make the next round!

    And I'm happy to meet you. I came over from L'Aussie's where you commented on her guest post about me and my memoir soon to be published that is about my gay ex-husband and others in my life's journey. I do hope, as you said, to reach other women in the same situation; to let them know they're not alone. This has happened to a great many women, and to some men too.

    I see you're in Chicago. My beloved younger sister who recently died, a year and a half after her husband also passed on, lived in Naperville. My daughter and I in the past made many, many cross country journeys, always staying at their house. Where in Chicago do you live?

    Have a great Thursday! And thanks again for your supportive comment. I am now going to browse through your stunning blog that definitely highlights your interior designing and obviously other talents. I'll also check out your book!

  10. omg, love the poem, and EEEP!!! I'm so holding my breath for you ABNA-ers!!! You and Tami-Hart are the only two I know about...

    I saw your pacing post, and that's something I struggle with also--being too fast. And I'm a girl! ;p What's worked for me is just read read reading other YA books, noting in particular how they do it. But that's just how I do it...

    GOOD LUCK!!! :o) <3

  11. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! :D

    could the rabbit be the lie?

  12. I'm going to guess it's the rabbit. Good luck, I've got my fingers crossed for you.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  13. Hi Michael! Good luck!!!Can't wait to hear how things go for you on ABNA! As for you lie... I agree with the others, too good looking to sleep alone in the big bed even if you are sleeping on the edge. ;)

  14. I love how you made that a poem! I'm going with N.R. and guessing the rabbit too! Best of luck on ABNA. I'm going crazy waiting for them to announce it. :-/

  15. Judgine from all the scoundrels I end up voting for, I am lousy at guessing when folks fib! I will just say your poem was a delightful way to answer the challenge. May you and all we know have made it through this phase of ABNA. If not, we got the muscles in our muse that only striving for our dreams can give, Roland

  16. Who would know you were such a good poet? Very well done!

    Not sure of your fib. Looking forward to finding out.

    Again, very proud of your ABNA results!

  17. You are definitely kind-hearted. Ummm...I'll guess you have no fun facts about blades? Already read about your ABNA success - yay!

  18. Congrats on moving to the next round, Michael! What fabulous news!

    Speaking of fabulous, love your poem! Challenge well met. I'm guessing the rabbit is fictional, but Jasper is such a superb name, I'm not sure…

  19. Kindness of heart is an admirable trait - I hope that's not 'the lie' Michael.

    In March I'm running a collective writing experiment which you might enjoy:

  20. What a great poem! What is the lie? Oh, I don't know I suspect it has to do with the names of the characters - Willow or Jasper? I hope you do well with ABNA

  21. When I have the bed to myself I still sleep to one side:) Even if I get excited to have it to myself I still do it. Lol! I will guess you don't sleep alone or, out of bitterness and possible jealousy I will say you don't look the same age you did ten years ago;)Of course if you modeled I'm sure you learned to take care of yourself & I'm obviously reaping the past ten years of no skin care regime! Haha!

  22. Oh I hope I'm not too late for the party! I didn't want some of those nibbles and more champagne lovely! ;-)

    Congrats on you ABNA entry, how exciting and wonderful, I shall be cheering you on, very loudly!!