Sunday, February 27, 2011


Super short post today. I just wanted to let all of you know, that after five hours of "gray" traveling through Indiana, I found the sun in central Kentucky: 50 degrees, peaks of blue, and wispy white clouds.

Somewhere in the Tennessee mountains, the sun set in gold, crimson, and indigo..... Awesome is all I can say.

By 8:30 downtown Atlanta's brightest buildings greeted me along with a balmy 65 degree breeze. SO all in all a long but wonderful drive. Only the ever-present left-lane-creepers drove me to swear.

                                                            Downtown Atlanta at night.

Tomorrow by late afternoon, I should arrive at my first destination Orlando....

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE, and thanks for your friendship and concern.



  1. Atlanta's great, apart from in the summer ;)

  2. Lovely hearing about your journey - have a wonderful time in Florida. Safe travels.

  3. Wow. Beautiful. Rich colors. Stay safe and get plenty of rest or caffeine or something.

  4. That's the best way to view Atlanta - in a picture! I've done multiple book signings in Atlanta, as two of my books take place in Atlanta, but I really don't want to experience 16 lanes of traffic at a dead standstill for hours ever again.

  5. I somehow feel guilty that my state didn't produce any sunshine for you. Have a great trip!

  6. Since you aren't going to be in Kentucky would you mind sending the sun to Ohio?
    Please take care.

  7. Left. Lane. Creepers. Bring out my road rage. Be safe and have a wonderful trip!

  8. May you reach your destination safely and with sanity still intact.

  9. We have sunshine yesterday and today and the weatherman predicted snow. The wind is enough to freeze anything, but the sun is nice.

    Be safe and watch those slow-lane drivers.


  10. If you look closely, Michael, you'll see horns on the heads of those left lane creepers -- see, they're really imps let loose from Hell to steal the joy of the ride from you!

    Stay safe. Stay alert. And mind your surroundings. Just think what would be the most stupid, dangerous thing the drivers ahead could do and prepare for it -- for they usually do it!

    Enjoy today as much as possible, Roland