Wednesday, February 9, 2011


When I first posted the Earthly Angel series, I only wanted to share a few heartwarming stories with all of you. The response bowled me over. Not only did you share with me your stories, but you also sent me wave after wave of blog love and hugs for the loss of my most precious Earthly Angel who is now among the heavenly ones.

You know I must share with you the people that touched me most. Thank you all for you kindness, sympathy, and love.

Summer said...

My mom, well she died 8 years ago in a carwreck from drinking and driving. My mom was everything to me despite her drinking habits. And her most important lesson to give me was her death. I don't drink and drive because of her, and I instill not drinking and driving into my children because of her. She proabably saved my life with hers. Thats the silver lining of it. I respect her, I love her, and her loss was my most traumatic experience. This was a nice post. Thank you for reminding me that people appreciate what mothers do.

Patricia said...
I can feel the closeness you had with your mom. Why can't our moms be around forever? I wish mine could be. My mom is the rock in my family. Who else can I call when I'm mad at my sister, frustrated over my children, get that one recipe again, ask how to make gravy just once more? 

Ali said...
I'm so sorry Michael. I lost my own mom 23 years ago and my MIL two years ago. I miss them both terribly. Best thing about my mom: singing our lungs out to fifty's music on the 8-track in her Cordoba (with real Corinthian leather!), with the windows down and the wind whipping around us. My mom could be the silliest woman, and I loved that about her.

Best thing about my MIL was that she accepted me and loved me, even though I was so different from her. Actually, scratch that. The best thing about her was the amazing son she raised--and who married me. 

Karlene said...
Michael, You made me cry. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother, but a mother's love is never lost. In my novel I touch on this theme. Touch, heck... it's woven throughout. My protagonist lost her mother when she was young. But even beyond the grave she taught her daughter the lessons of life. And as a mother, our kids teach us too. Your Mom is so proud of you, and you thought of her all day because she was with you all day. 

Donea Lee said...
This is such a wonderful message, Michael. Thank you. I lost my mom unexpectedly back in 2006 and I've missed her every single day since. She was such a champion of my dream to be a published author - one of my biggest fans! Not to mention, the anchor and the life to our little family. She made everything fun. She was the keeper of our traditions and a wonderful friend. I'm tearing up just typing this... but, I agree. A FABULOUS mom is such an important influence for a child and I can only applaud the women out there that rise to the challenge! :) 

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your stories with us. It is comforting to know that we have friends in our community who understand out personal sorrows. More bear hugs ....

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I would also like to welcome all my new follower and fellow CRUSADERS! 

Heather, Dempsey, Len, Corrine, Anica, Jennifer, Cathye, Ben, Kavrik, T C, and Amanda. Thank you all for joining my wonderful friends. I hope to learn more about all of you on you.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!               


  1. The blogging community is big-hearted entity, isn't it, Michael? The comments of our friends' own pain reminds us that those we pass have wounds that do not show. You, too, have a great Wednesday, Roland

  2. woo hoo a crusadin' we will go high ho the merry "o" ....uh yeah sorry about that...

    Have a terrific day.

  3. Michael, the blogging community is amazing in caring. I know when I lost my brother Roland(it's been just over a year), it was crushing. He was so young, one month from 40. A couple of bloggers friends knew the battle he faced the last year of his life and there was such an outpouring of caring from the community. I got artwork, cards, poetry, and there were those who would drop me a line just to see how I was doing. Means a lot.

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. We never can fill that hole in the fabric of our lives. But the memories are rich, aren't they? In our family we shared tales we all remembered with each other. Mom started a family book of those stories so we wouldn't ever forget...

    You do some fabulous work, btw. :-)

    May you have a good week!

  4. Thank you Michael for sharing such amazing inspiration with us. You're one of the special ones.

  5. I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you and your blog better. Hypnotized by the fish....

  6. Yes, I love the bloggy community. Such lovely support and caring! Have a good week, Michael.

  7. Michael, I did not realize you'd just lost your mom. I am so sorry. It must be one of the hardest deaths to come to terms with.
    So awesome your fellow bloggers are supporting you. This is such a wonderful community. Writers are just special peeps.
    Prayers for you. I'm so sorry for your loss. ((Hugs))

  8. What great friends we have in the bloggosphere! Glad they could share their stories too.

  9. Hi Michael, I lost my Mom over six years ago. She and I had our misunderstandings but it is so true, you only have one mother and we loved each other. I often find myself thinking even yet, "Oh, I must tell Mom about that," or "I must show this to Mom," and then realize that can never happen again. Lost my Dad two years later - he and I had always been very close so
    as a 65year old orphan I still miss my parents. Sending you a big hug! Yes, the bloggers I have met in the past year have amazed me with their sensitivity and caring.

  10. Michael, thanks again for including me with these other touching stories. To Karlene, Ali, Patricia and Summer - thanks for sharing them. :) This wonderfully supportive blogging community never ceases to amaze. Hugs and well wishes to all of you!

  11. The blogging community is awesome. :)

  12. I missed the post about your mom; I'll have to go back and read it. I do understand, though. My mom died in 1994. She used to sing with us in the car, back before seat belts were required. Now, kids watch dvds. She taught me to respect people, no matter what, and always to give, even if it was only a little bit. You never know when you're gonna need, she'd tell us. She also instilled in me my passion for reading and creativity.

    I'm so sorry your mom isn't here with you now, but I know she'd have to be proud of you. {{{Hugs}}} to you.

  13. Hi Michael,
    Bless you, it must have been hard losing a mum you were so close to and I can imagine the anniversaries must bring back some lovely memories of her as well as the sadness of her passing. I have a Dad with Alzheimers and it's like he has gone and yet he's still there and I often think I wish I could ask him this or that and I can't anymore even though he's living in a nursing home he is no longer coherent. I'm sending thoughts and hugs to you. Madeleine x

  14. Hi Michael- I missed the post about losing your mom--I'm so sorry. You inspired some amazing sharing from others. It really is a fabulous, supporting bunch out here in the blogosphere. i don't think you ever get over losing someone so close (I am coming up on 35 years without my dad) but the nature of it changes. I wish you healing and peace.

  15. Your posts are so inspiring, Michael. You are so inspiring. I missed your tribute, but went back and read it. I could feel the love through your words. You are a very special person. I will be praying for you. Sending many prayers for you (written in my prayer journal) and lots of hugs, too.

  16. Thank you for posting my comment above and for sharing the other comments. That was really nice.

    You're great! Always supportive and kind. I hope all of us are offering you the same in return.

  17. Aw, sweet stories. I could especially relate to what Summer said. ((hugs to all))

    and Michael, I love how you welcome your new followers by name. That's really, really cool of you. :)

  18. Hi Michael - I've definitely seen you around the place for a while. I'm your newest follower!

    Hope you enjoy the Crusade.