Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Yesterday's topic really brought out some fantastic advise. I want to thank all who posted comments on this topic.

The general consensus is that pacing should be smooth and fast, BUT, the scene should be rich in details. So as I always say BALANCE is the key in everything we write. Works for me..... Now keeping that balance in our writing is another story. This is what we all need to strive for with every short story, novella, and novel.

This has been quite a busy week. The first crusader challenge, my entry for Madeleine's Flowing fonts contest (look above for my entry), and more awards..... Phew!

I'd like to thank Sheri at Writer's Alley for the Beautiful Blogger award. Try and stop by the "alley," you won't be disappointed.

I would also like to that my new friend and fellow crusader Alison Pearce Stevens for the the Stylish Blogger award. Try and stop by to visit Alison on you daily blog hop.

As I am sure many of you are aware, tomorrow the results of the pitch round in the ABNA contest will be posted. Last year they kept us waiting until five o'clock EST. So let's hope the results are posted in the morning.... don't hold your breath!

I would love to know who of my wonderful blog friends have entered. I WANT to know so that I can celebrate or commiserate with you. I know of just a few who have. So PLEASE leave a comment today an let me know.

I plan to announce those of us who move onto the next round in Friday's post. I am also hoping/praying that we all get in so that I can through ONE HELL OF A PARTY ON FRIDAY!

Keep sending out those positive vibes to each other!

Crusaders .... don't forget Friday is the deadline to post the first challenge. I'm off the write mine....



  1. Congratulations on all the pretty awards, and welcome to all your new friends ^_^ I agree with your above summary of balance being key.

    I keep trying to forget that tomorrow is the next big day for ABNA entrants. I'd love to see my name on the list of people making it to the next round, but will need to find a better way to calm myself during the next round if it happens.

    I wish you and all the other entrants the very best of luck tomorrow - hopefully all of us will be moving into the next round together ^_^

  2. I entered ABNA. I'm eagerly awaiting (dreading) the results tomorrow. I don't have any delusions; It'd be a shocker if I made it the finals. Mainly, I'm testing my query. If I get past the first round, then it's at least somewhat effective. If I don't, then it's probably time to overhaul it, or to consider that maybe the concept doesn't work.

  3. No matter if we get through the pitch stage or not, those of us who entered ABNA are winners in that we dusted off our muse, energized our dreams, and dared to scale that mountain. All who refuse to quit are the real winners.

    May we all receive great news tomorrow, Roland

  4. I'm crossing my fingers for you for the ABNA. All these crusaders around are making me kick myself. I was so busy with my contest, that I didn't sign up for it. :(

    Anyway, I gave you an award over on my blog - go check it out!

    Miss hopping the blog - been sick and very busy with work stuff. Can't wait to read your progress with ABNA. Let me know if you need me to read anything. :D

  5. We're sending out those positive vibes and hoping that all of our friends who entered make it into the next round of ABNA! Fingers crossed!

  6. Crossing my figers for you with ABNA- I didn't enter this year. Congrats on the award- looks like you've been busy too!

  7. I didn't enter- boot I am rooting for everyone who did! Best of luck to you!

  8. I entered the ABNA merry-go-round. Here to both of us making it to the next round. See ya on the other side.

  9. I'm so nervous to hear the results tomorrow!!! Here's hoping we both made the first cut, as well as the rest of our friends!

  10. As you know, I entered. I'm a bit pessimistic about contest, having entered them in the past. But here's hoping this one is different. I'm holding out for you, Michael.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  11. Yay, good luck with your ABNA entry!(nope, I didn't try it; wasn't ready or done with my WIP--but now I've finished my WIP, woo!)

  12. Thanks so much for the link to my blogfest, Michael! You rock!

  13. Oh yikes! I don't think I wanna know... I don't want any buzzkills. *shakes head furiously* lol
    Time to tighten up that thick skin, right? For me, anyway... have to give myself little pep talks, ya know.
    But I'm wishing you the best of luck. And now I'm off to check out your post from yesterday... sounds interesting!

  14. I entered last year and was a nervous wreck, this year, I totally forgot about it until yesterday. I don't expect to make it through, so if I am I will have a smiley day. Good luck to you, though. :)

  15. All waiting with bated breath for the ABNA pitch results. I'm barracking for you all. I'm not in it so that'll give you all a better chance, ha ha...:)

    Can't wait to hear Michael!

  16. Good luck with your ABNA pitch, Michael! I send positive thoughts your way!

  17. Congrats on the awards! And good luck with ABNA! I entered as well... we'll see.

    New follower and fellow crusader! Nice to meet you!

  18. Awards are great! Congrats on that!

    Hoping the best for you with ABNA. And good luck to all who entered.