Friday, September 2, 2011


Happy Friday everyone...

Yesterday I left Montreal for Quebec City... but ... I took a part of it with me. I ADORE Montreal. I hadn't visited since I was a kid ... so who could remember all it's international charm?

Montreal has an incredible and diverse society. It's a true melting pot. Hearing French, English, Spanish, and different dialects of Middle Eastern adds to this amazing conglomeration of cultures within one culture.

And I can't begin to tell you how well organized the metro system is, allowing an inquisitive tourist easy access to Montreal greatest treasures.

What really makes this city special is the typography. Layered in different levels, it has a San Francisco feel without the cable cars. Walking/hiking up the many hills really keeps you in shape. SO eat those croissants and enjoy the cuisine, because YOU WILL work it off. I actually lost two pounds...YAY!

The most memorable trek was climbing up to Mont Royal Parc. My hotel was located just one tier lower than the park. Well, after twenty minutes on this insane incline and I was dripping wet, but it was SO worth it. You will find out why in just a moment.

Another thirty minute walk down the hills and Old Montreal greeted me with it historic charm and a world gone by. The Basilica of Notre Dame is one of THE most amazing churches I had ever visited. It certainly rivals many from Europe.

So friends sit back and relax and enjoy one of Canada's most beautiful cities... Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend everyone. What will you be doing this weekend while I'm exploring medieval Quebec City?

(Please remember friends, all my photos are original and I would appreciate you asking permission before using them.)

Let's start with the view after hiking up to Mont Royal Parc. At the entrance some of Montreal's most stately mansions perch at the entry to the park.

After another few staircases and an uphill hike on a serpentine road, I arrived at the lake ... so beautiful.

As I continued to stroll through the park, I had a deja vu feeling. Something about this park felt so comfortable and familiar. I later found out that the same landscape designer who created New York City's Central Park is also the designer of Mont Royal.... It's such a small world.

I found an empty picnic table and shared my lunch with a cute new friend ... he really liked my nuts.

As I strolled through the park toward the Chateau, fantastic free form sculptures dotted the landscape.

Finally, the Chateau ...

And now.... THE VIEW!

Perfect foliage to frame this amazing city-scape.

Gorgeous view of the city, river, and surrounding hills.

The Chateau ...

and Gardens.

After hopping on a bus for about a ten minute ride, I arrived at the Plateau .... For those of you who like a "village" feel,  you will love it here. Along the main thoroughfare you will find amazing clothing shops, cafes, and this incredible kitchen store, featuring some of the most unique items I've ever seen. I bought THE coolest dish draining board and porcelain teapot.

I hope you all enjoyed Mont Royal Parc... Drop back tomorrow for some of Montreal's most incredible architecture.

Have a great weekend.


  1. The food is great there, huh?? I could eat all day long. lol Beautiful pictures!

    Enjoy your weekend, Michael.

  2. What a beautiful place! I've never been but you make it sound marvelous. Also, there is nothing better then when you're on vacation to lose a few pounds!!! Yay for hiking! Hehe... worth every carb!

  3. Je parle francais aussi!

    That view is amazing! Have a terrific weekend Michael.

  4. oooo... woow...! How beautiful. I've never been to Canada. I'd love to go.

    Thanks for sharing! Have fun~ :o) <3

  5. Awesome photos! London has a great transportation system as well. You never need to drive there.
    And not many men are willing to admit squirrels like their nuts...

  6. You took me right back. Thinking about this amazing creperie in Old Town.

  7. Montreal is beautiful! I've never been, but looks like a must-see.

    And I couldn't resist dropping in with the French title. :)

  8. Those beautiful pictures had me feeling as if I were there with you -- but without the calories! Enjoy your trip. Roland

  9. Oh YAY! The Parc! The Plateau! My favourite hang-outs! I'm so glad you enjoyed Montreal. It ROCKS!

  10. I love Canada, it's so beautiful, as your pictures prove! I've never been to Montreal before though. I'll have to add it to my list of places to visit.

  11. So glad you enjoyed Montreal. Your pictures were really great.

  12. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  13. There were so many one liners you opened up but I decided the pictures were too beautiful to joke. Then I read Alex's comment and knew I couldn't top the nuts.

    (I've bookmarked your vacation posts.)

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Beautiful! You really have an artists eye, the pictures are wonderful. I am so glad that you are having such a splendid trip. What is a dish draining board? Sounds interesting.

  15. What a beautiful looking place. I love those sculptures. Can't wait to see where we're going next :-)

  16. Oh that view! and oh those pastries (!)
    Glad you're having fun...

    I'm starting my first ever round of revisions... quite excited to be breaking new ground

  17. Ooh, you make it all look so gorgeous, Michael! Thanks for sharing your photos.
    I took one of the city from the plane as we made our descent [g]