Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today's post has two very exciting features. The first is another installment of The Insecure Writers Support Group. Alex Cavanaugh's brain child is helping so many writers through the daily dilemmas of our treasured craft.

A week or so ago a good friend and fellow writer/blogger was climbing the walls while waiting to hear from her agent about her present project. Her lack of PATIENCE was taking over. She couldn't focus and her mind spiraled in so many different directions.

I'd like to share with you what I had told her. For those of you who have difficulty waiting and are not patient, try to focus your attention on your craft, your family, you life ...

I know that sounds lame, but stressing over the "waiting game" is not healthy. Life is stressful enough, why add to it?

I learned early in life that nothing came easy for me. I had to work hard and long at whatever I wanted. I leaned to be patient. It took time, but it could be done. I also learned timing was EVERYTHING...

I even named my blog In Time ... because it takes time to achieve our goals.

So please don't lose heart if you lose your patience. Storm, rant, rage! Get it out of your system and then keep at it. Your patience WILL pay off In Time ...

Please check out the other posts here. We are all here to help each other get through the ups and downs on our long journey.

Today is also the first installment of the RULE OF 3 month long blogfest hosted by J. C. Martin Fighter Writer, Damyanti Biswas @ AmlokiblogsLisa Vooght @ Flash Fiction, and Stuart Nager @ Tale Spinning!

Drop by any of these blogs to find out all the details and to read the other entries. It's a fun, yet complicated Flash Fiction blogfest. It takes place in the Town of Renaissance and all who are involved will be creating a continued story with three main characters. Each week we write an entry based on a prompt given by our hosts. So PLEASE drop back each Wednesday/Thursday in October to find out what happens next.

I am still working on my entry, but I should have it up later tonight or the first thing in the morning. I do have until tomorrow to post. 

Have a great day everyone! 


  1. Beautiful post Michael. You are an incredible person and continuously inspire me. I think it's the positive energy. I have never once seen you down or feeling blue and I just really admire that.

  2. Sound advice my friend. I wonder if I'll be able to put it into practice when the time comes :-)

  3. Patience is golden. I'm generally better about it once my fate is out of my hands - then all there is to do is pray and trust that whatever the outcome, it's going to be okay.

    Taking off tomorrow. :) Rain predicted for every single day we're there. :( I'll just have to wait to soak up the vitamin D at LP Zoo. ;)

  4. Great advice. It's funny because I can be patient about so many things but when it comes to writing, I want the instant gratification. Thank you for the reminder that good things do come IN Time.

  5. Patience is a virtue...right! Great post and reminder to slow down, take big breaths and be patient.

  6. Patience is important! Besides, once it all comes together it eventually passes by and then - it's gone! So why wish away time that should be spent enjoying the ride?

  7. Wise words, Michael, and it applies to so many things people wait for, thinking "if only this happens then I'll be happy."

  8. Wise words, and something I should know, but I forget in my impatience with myself. Thank you for the sweetly written reminder.

  9. You know, sometimes I need a reminder to just let things go and focus on something other than stress. Thanks for this! Great post. :D

  10. I completely agree that patience is key! But so is determination, strength of character, resilience, etc.

  11. My half-Lakota mother kept telling me (since the words seemed to bounce off my hard head!) that I must learn to be patient or become one.

    Trisha is right. There are other keys to wisdom, but patience is the one key we seem to keep losing, along with our tempers. LOL.

    Great post, Roland

  12. Excellent advice; but so hard to take at the time of most pressure. There is value in good friends that listen to you rant and rage and get it all out.

    But of course I'm "impatient" to read your R3 entry. *taps fingers*



  13. ...well said, Michael. And like yourself, this explains why I named my blog, "So close, but..."

    Patience is the necessary monster that leads to success ;)


  14. I love the sentiment you convey with this post. The thing is, it's often easier said than done. But it's nice to be reminded we should have patience every now and again.

    Thank you.

  15. Alex is a great guy. Patience is not one of my better virtues. I hate waiting. Being a writer has taught me more of it, at least where writing is concerned. It takes time. Lots of time and lots of work.

  16. I'd kill for some waiting time - I can think of a million things I'd get done during that process.