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I hope I made this on time. Just barely behind the wire. This the second installment in the RULE of 3 blogfest. By now must of you know what it's all about. I do have to reveal my prompt and for this segment I used, a character lies to another on an important matter.

If you'd like to read my first segment click here.

And know Welcome to Renaissance.

A three-story ramshackle house hid behind a peeling one pump gas station on the outskirts of the small town of Renaissance. A withered sign scrolled with population 333 creaked in the blustering October wind barely holding on by a single piece of trembling barbed wire. 
Fallen dried leaves stirred and broke the silence of early dawn as a paled hand opened the front door. 
The filtered light from a nearby streetlamp highlighted the golden flame tresses of a teenage girl. An off-white chemise clung to her curves as she swept away the fallen leaves and picked up the daily newspaper.
She glanced at the headline unimpressed. “Doesn’t anything exciting ever happen here?” she huffed. “I can’t wait til I turn eighteen and I can leave this sorry ass town.”
Stepping back through the arched doorway, the faint sound of a rumbling truck piqued her interest.
She turned. Dust kicked up in the distance as the truck sped down the Villein. As it approached, bright head lights temporarily blinded her until it skidded to a complete stop. Dirt and debris collected at her bare feet.
“What the ...?”
A moment later, the rusted door squeaked open as a white bloodstained trainer hit the pavement.
After he stood, he shook his shaved head and rolled his shoulders, releasing a pinned up moan.
As quiet as a whisper, she disappeared back into the house, raced up the stairs, and entered a small, dingy bedroom. She peered at the stranger through a dew-streaked window.
He paced like a caged animal from the pump to the truck. After furrowing his brow, he kicked the tires. 
Curious, she slipped on a pair of faded jeans and a tight-fitted t-shirt bedazzled with rhinestones, accentuating her ample chest.
The bathroom door slammed, startling her. “Dad’s up. I better get down there fast.”
In a flash, she darted down the stairs and out the front door. 
Leaves crunched under her feet. His neck snapped around and hazel green eyes locked on hers. The corners of his mouth curled.
Was it a smile? She wasn’t sure. It disappeared in an instant.
“Is there something I can help you with?” The girl asked, pulling her eyes away from his.
“Ah, yeah.” He ran a trembling hand over his stubble. “I can use some gas. And maybe if you know of a place I can crash for a few days.”
“Dad should be out in a minute. He’ll unlock the pump. As for a place, we rent out rooms.”
He raised his head and glanced at the sagging roof and warped front porch. “Ah, okay. I guess it will do for a day or two.” 
“It includes breakfast, too. I was just about to make some. After you fill up, drive around to the side and come into the kitchen and I’ll fix you something.”
“I’ll see what’s keeping Dad.” She smiled and took a step toward the house. “Oh, I’m Tanya, by the way.”
“I’m Aidan.”
Tanya padded down the drive.
“Hey, Tanya,” he called out. “Where am I?”
She giggled and then turned. “Renaissance, of course. If ever there was a place to hide a secret ... this is the place.”

Aidan’s jaw dropped.
Tanya’s eyes brightened. Finally a bit of excitement.
“So what’s your story Aidan? How come a kid like you is traveling by himself?”
Aidan’s face hardened. “Let’s just say my parents are fine and they gave me some time off for good behavior.”
“If you say so.” I know you’re hiding something Aidan. I’ll find out soon enough.

Well that is the second segment. I hope it peeked your interest. Drop by next week for Part Three.

Let me know what you thing... 

Now for other news. THE PAY IT FOWARD BLOGFEST.

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  1. I like what you are doing with this. Great setting and characters. Ready for what comes next.

    Tossing It Out

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    I follow all the blogs you mentioned. They're awesome!

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  18. Excellent excerpt Michael; I like the meeting, and the description is awesome. I can just imagine the next segment will be steamy :)

    Have a good weekend Michael.


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  21. I think Alex must be the king of blogfest. Sorry I haven't been around much, I'm a tad overwhelmed. I enjoyed your story. I was worried about the girl since it appeared this guy might be a danger from your description. But that keeps the reader interested. Lots of tension. Nice job.

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  24. The name of the town?! Brilliant! Love it. Has a very western feel to it.

  25. Sorry for the late commenting! Wow, Michael, I am SO enjoying these! Your atmoshere and descriptions are wonderful - gripping too. Looking forward to the next piece.


  26. It's really good. But I think you need the word "piqued" instead of "peeked".

  27. Hey, interesting to see Aiden and Tanya meeting in a while new way. Brilliant descriptions. In my hurry the other day I skipped right past this not realizing it contained two of my favorite characters.

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