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Happy Friday everyone.

Once more I must apologize for posting my entry later than I should have. I wanted it to be something special, so I took my time and even added a hundred or so extra words. Since I am no longer in the competition and took creative license. Don't forget to read the other bloggers entries. There are some amazing stories in this blogfest. Drop by J. C. Martin's blog.

Also my dear friend, Denise (L'Aussie), had asked to write an entry for this week's Romantic Writers Friday Challenge. Theme ... HAUNTING. So drop by her blog for the more exciting entries to read.

If you would like to read the first three segments here are the links...

Part One: The Escape ... here.

Part Two: Renaissance ... here.

Part Three: Resurrected ... here.

And now for the conclusion. I hope you all enjoy it. "We meet again sonny boy."

Aidan joined Tanya in the early morning hours. He flashed a smile before taking a seat at the kitchen table. His eyes lingered a second longer than usual on her curves as she maneuvered between the stove and sink.
Tanya’s face flushed and matched the freckles that sprinkled across her nose and cheeks.
Aidan grinned. He tore his eyes away from Tanya’s tight butt, craned his neck around the room like a submarine periscope, and then cleared his throat. “Ah, where’s your dad?”
Still flushed, Tanya faced him. “He went into town to pick up supplies.” She moistened her lips, “He should be gone most of the morning.”
Aidan raised a brow and his eyes brightened.
A moment later, the lights flickered before blowing out. Only a faint stream illuminated through the window from the street lamp.
“What the hell just happened Tanya?” Aidan tensed and twitched like a nervous cat.
“Relax. A circuit must’ve blown.” She shook her head. “Do you always get this freaked when the lights go out?” She stepped around the table and over to the counter, opened a drawer, and pulled out a flashlight.
A few drops of sweat trickled down Aidan’s back, sending icy shivers up his spine. the memory of his dad locking him in a dark, mildewed cellar penetrated his mind. “For two days the sadistic bastard left me there,” he grumbled.
“What was that, you said?”
“Er, nothing.”
“i’ll be right back.” She stepped toward the cellar door, opened it, and disappeared. 
Aidan’s eyes stared at the beam of light glowing softer with each of Tanya’s steps. 
I really should go with her. Willing his foot to move, it remained glued to the same spot. Several more drops of sweat mingled with the first ones and saturated his t-shirt.
A muffled scream raised the hairs on the back of his neck. “Tanya!” he called out.
She didn’t answer.
Lead-like legs managed to reach the cellar door. “Tanya!” His voice cracked. 
A trace of a snicker echoed up the stairs and into the kitchen. 
“Cut the crap Tanya ... this isn’t funny.”
Once again, silence louder than gun fire assaulted his ears.
Aidan’s breath caught in his throat. His mouth dried to sawdust. Only one drop coated his throat as he tried to swallow.
He inched closer to the opening, straining his neck. Widened eyes searched the gaping dark hole.  
A lit flame from a candle caught his eye. “Tanya?” His raspy voice whispered into the chasm. 
Moving ever so slowly onto the landing, a deep voice vibrated the rickety wooden steps. “Join us, sonny boy.”
Aidan froze. Sweat poured down his face. “No? I-It can’t be? Y-you’re dead. I killed you.”
“Guess again.” His voice cut like a razor into a vein. “I’ve got a friend of yours. She’s quite a babe. Ah, to think what I can do with her? Care to watch?”
Aidan’s stomach churned. He sucked in a deep breath through gritted teeth. “Let her go, you bastard. It’s me you want.”  Racing down the stairs, he came to a halt on the last step. 
The captain’s right hand covered Tanya’s mouth, the other cupped her right breast. Tears streamed from terrified eyes and collected on the captain’s broad fingers.
Adrenaline pumped through Aidan’s veins. Think fast. 
His eyes set on the flickering candle just behind them. 
Tanya cried out. Aidan’s eyes darted, locking onto to his father’s.
“Let her go, Dad.”
“I don’t think so.” He ripped her blouse, exposing her breasts. “Nice. Very nice.” 
Tanya kicked and screamed. As his father tried to control her, Aidan grabbed a can of W-D 40 sitting on the side shelf. He ripped off the top and aimed the aerosol at the candle flame.
It ignited with a sizzle. The flame shot, setting his father’s jacket on fire. Cursing, he released Tanya, who ran behind Aidan. 
Aidan continued to douse his father. Within seconds the cursing turned to screams of torment. The captain desperately tried to put himself out, but the flames engulfed him. 
“Let’s get out of her before the place blows.” Aidan dropped the can, grasped Tanya’s hand, and sprinted up the stairs. 
He pulled off his shirt and handed it to her as they ran out the front door.  
Seconds later, the house exploded into flames.  
Tanya jumped into Aidan’s arms, trembling. 
“It’s over now. He’ll never hurt either one of us again.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *  
 And now for the Casting Call blogfest. This was is truly fun. Chose characters from your novel and show a picture of them either through photograph or illustration. Drop by our host's site Carrie Butler.

For this blogfest I chose my first novel: Amber and the Whispering Willows. This middle grade fantasy was a pleasure to illustrate. As I wrote about each character, I had a visual, so all I had to do was create them visually. Most of you know I illustrate as well as write, but for those who don't here is an introduction I hope you enjoy the visuals.

These images are from the cover that I created. And please remember this is an original work of art, so please don't reproduce it without my permission.

The full cover.
Click to enlarge.... Center is Amber. To the right, Nina, her best friend, Jasper the rabbit, Uncle Paul, and Justin.

To the left of the tree: Dak, Commander-in-chief of the fairies. The blue fairy is Liah, princess of the fairies.

For more fun illustrations check out the top of my blog. In the banner click onto My Illustrations.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! What fun plans do you have?  I plan on catching up with my blog friends and reading lots of Rule of 3 segments and checking out some other fun characters.


  1. I'm glad he's dead, finally . . . though I have to wonder what will happen to Tanya and Aidan afterwards. Great conclusion!

    That's a beautiful illustration. :)

  2. really love your trees and the grass and flowers - so pretty!

  3. You did your own illustrations? Very cool!

  4. What a great, dark entry, it's a shame you aren't in the competition any more! And wow, I love your illustration!!!

  5. Hey Michael, I got so caught up in the enlarged view of your fantastic artwork that I just about forget the story, just kidding, but both are so very, very good. I think you could expand your complete story even more for publication.

    I have a bit of 'butt' in my Haunting story this week for Halloween. I hope you can take a few minutes to drop by and read. I'd value your comment.


  6. What a beautiful face Amber has. And I love it when the villain gets his comeuppance :-)

  7. Your Ren3 could also double as a RFW Haunting excerpt :) Very scary. I love a good basement/celler story.

    I didn't get to see the back cover before. It is beautiful. I've enjoyed all your illustrations. This was a lovely entry to the casting call blogfest.

    My plans look a lot like yours; but I do need to finish a critique. I plan to be lazy and sit at home all weekend :)

    I was glad to hear the visit with your friend went so well. It is important not to forget a real life outside of the blogs. I'm glad you still treated us with your R3 ending though. It was worth the wait :)

    Have a great weekend Michael.


  8. Lots of powerful description, tension and angst in this piece.

    Might I humbly suggest that feet rather than foot (as in he willed his foot to move) would work better unless he's a one legged protagonist.

    Glad they escaped their tormentor.

  9. This was riveting and chilling. Your book will be the same. I see nothing but high sales for you and this book! Roland

  10. Hi Michael (again). Thanks for linking this to Romantic Friday Writers and for joining us. You'll have lots of fun and readers will give you feedback as well. All good. We usually try to keep our extracts/stories under 400 words as we all go round reading everyone's, but this week others broke our 400-word limit as it's such a special occasion!

    Ooh, so lovely and creepy! As our good mate Roland says, you've got a winner here!


  11. Michael, you're so talented! I love it. :)

    Thank you for participating!

  12. Hi Michael-Thanks so much for the heads-up - what a great ending... I was biting my lip as I read that :) This was really awesome writing.
    I love your illustration too - you're one talented guy!!!

    I'm off to a NaNo kickoff part in a while - but first I have to figure out who belongs to the chicken I found in my garden and get her home- she's in a box in the living room at the mo!

  13. Hi,

    Talented snippet of thriller material and lovely artwork! ;)


  14. I had to go back and get caught up, Michael. It seems I'm always having to do that. I love reading your words. I need to be a better blogging pal.

    You are unbelievably talented. These illustrations are excellent. You kept me on the edge of my seat. Isn't that what it's all about? I am proud to call you my friend.

  15. What an ending. So brave of Aiden to light his father on fire. Scary to be sure. Cool how you gathered the characters in the picture together.

    Tomorrow I will post on back story. Hope to see you.
    N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author

  16. What an intriguing snippet. You had my attention all the way.

  17. Brilliant way to use the ending for both blogfests. Poor Aidan, always haunted by his father. Love the painful imagery of her tears collecting on her captor's hand. I'm glad it had a happy ending :-)

  18. Wow! That was an ... explosive ending! Very well done and loaded with tension. I'm amazed how well you pulled that off so well.

    Your whole story is great. I'm glad to have found your writing in the middle of all of this. :)