Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello, everyone.

So nice to see that we have made it to the end of April in one piece. WE lived through another challenge. Alex and the gang did an amazing job of keeping us motivated. I know I certainly slipped a few times, grouping two posts into one.

But thankfully today I am on time and am thrilled to be able to go back to posting a few times a week. Now I will have the time to catch up with all of you, so please leave those posts handy... I am sure MANY of us will still be visiting the A-Zers we've missed. I know I will!

For the final challenge, I am back to a FF piece. The mystery is not of the host, but of the place that begins with the last letter of our alphabet ... the "Z." I actually love the look of this letter. It's graceful and balanced.

But before reading this last piece, I would like to reveal the answers from my last post. Yes, Rachel Morgan guessed my "X" person right away. Many of you knew it was Luna's father, but couldn't remember Xenophelius' name. Understandably so...

An all of you new "Y" was for youth. Ah, so many of you are young... enjoy it while you can, it will sweep by you in the blink of an eye. I still don't know where the last twenty years have gone. Thankfully all of you keep me young at heart and keeping the passion for life is something that will always keep a bright glint in my tired eyes.

One of my favorite lines in UNDER THE TUSCAN MOON, was told by a former beauty and actress. She referred to Fellini who stated "Always keep your childlike enthusiasm..." or something to that effect. I know I do, especially when visiting the theme parks here in Orlando... I am a bigger kid than the kids are. I run around like a maniac getting in as much as I can.

Once more, I would like to thank Alex and ALL the Ninjas and friends who have visited my blog throughout this challenge. You are the best! I hope to visit all my new friends and join your blogs. I have a quiet few days ahead after today, so catching up while sunny by the pool is my plan...

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.... See you tomorrow for the answer to today's post.

A soft growl escapes my lips as I alone hunt through this tropical splendor. Once, many of my kind enjoyed this intoxicating and lush group of islands. Now, I am the last; few know about my whereabouts. Although there are rumors. Always rumors.
Out of the corner of my eye, a glimpse a of black, red and white streaks within the tree tops. 
Ah, those monkeys are more trouble than they’re worth. Come to think of it they’re not that tasty either.
Cinnamon and clove perfumes the air as I continue to look for prey. So much has changed in the past century. I was a mere cub when my grandfather told stories of the richness of this land.
Many types of humans have ruled here. Many of the natives were slaves, bought and sold not so long ago. That’s when plantations dotted the landscape. We ate well then, but they are scarce now, replaced by huge manufacturing plants. 
So much beauty gone with the winds ...


  1. Zanzibar? And do I get bonus points for noting the zebra?
    Glad you had fun with the Challenge! I have some catching up to do as well.

  2. Congrats for making it through another Challenge. This one was harder for the both of us, what with life demands, right?

  3. A-Z ends on a high note! I've had fun reading your posts and *maybe* next year I'll do the challenge too.

  4. I'm going with Alex's guess. Congrats on finishing. And you're still young...but maybe not in the gay community. I guess that's what counts, eh? For what it's worth...the shallow and vain have the hardest time dealing with age.

  5. Congrats on making it to the finish line!

  6. Congratulations! You are much braver than I am because I didn't even attempt this challenge!

  7. Yes it was difficult Michael, fitting life in with posting every day. But visiting other blogs is so much a part of the challenge isn't it? I wouldn't knock yourself out trying to read what you've missed out on. You have a life!

    I'm wondering if any of your FF could be rejigged and posted for RFWer. You have such a lovely voice in these stories. I just posted the Welcome Back post today with details of the next two challenges. One is A-Z related, dreamt up by Donna (who is now co-hosting with me). Would provide another audience for you.