Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi, everyone,

Happy Thursday. As the week sweeps towards another end, our challenge goes along with it. We only have a few more days to reach our goal. YAY!

I am glad you all appreciated the intensity of my post yesterday. Child abuse is something that is very much apart of the world we live in ... sad really. But the more aware people are the more it can be stopped.

Alex, buddy... sorry to say you were incorrect with Vengeance, Donna Hole hit it correct with Violence. But I must admit Vengeance is quite appropriate as well.

Today's post is also an excerpt, but from my M/G novel. Magical, lyrical, and oh so full of fantasy. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks again everyone for sticking with me throughout this challenge. I really appreciate all your comments and friendship!

Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow.

On the outskirts of Helmsdale, a short distance away from NYC, a young girl  lay in a meadow edged by a sunlit tree grove. 
Her home, a little white house with evergreen shutters, was located not too far away from Helmsdale’s finest mansions.
Gazing at her beloved site, a wave of tranquility washed over her. The graceful curves of the cascading yellow-green tendrils stroked the earth. The arch that formed between them beckoned her.
Spring flowers soaked up the sun as she stepped toward the two largest trees. 
Streamer-like leaves tickled her as she passed through the entrance. The filtered light created dancing shadows across the path that lead deeper into the grove. Amber beamed. 
She strolled toward her usual spot and arrived just steps away from a quiet pond; her favorite place on earth. She picked a purple coneflower, one of thousands of wildflowers that blanketed the pond’s edge. Sitting down upon a flat rock, she noticed the subtle shades of lavender and purple surrounding the dark iridescent orangey-red center of the cone. 
The glistening pond looked just like emerald green glass. She gazed into the pond’s depths as several monarch butterflies landed on her shoulder. How beautiful! Even in the reflection she couldn’t help but notice the bright orange and black colors printed on their wings. 
Another joined their little group; its electric blue markings flashed brightly with each flutter of its wings. It inched its way closer to her before flying away. She sensed it wanted something, but couldn’t understand what it might be.     
The hummingbirds arrived a moment later, circled and landed on her outstretched arm. They twittered with delight as she spoke to them.
She waited for her favorite to arrive.  
As if by magic, a large, shiny, pitch-black rabbit with oversized ears appeared from the patch of wildflowers just to the left of the rock. This was no ordinary rabbit, not only because of his unusual size and color, but because of his eyes of black opalescence. 

This charming place has a name... It does begin with W, and it is part of the title... no peaking. lol. Here is a hint "The W-----s."


  1. Watercress?
    Hey, I was really close yesterday.

  2. It's not fair that I guess today's answer because I would be right, not for my sharpness of mind, but for knowing your work! Have a great end of week. Roland

  3. Brilliant excerpt! It seems like MG is picking up, which is great. Hoping to finish one soon myself. :)

  4. no clue on the title, but I enjoyed the snippet :)

  5. I will be good also and not guess correctly :) I almost feel as if I cheated yesterday too . .

    I will gush on about how magical the feel and voice is to this beginning. I am entranced. The setting and sense of place envelopes me with its tranquility.

    I may use your vivid imagery here to help me sleep at night when I'm too restless. A better place to meditate that any other I've learned.

    Very well done Michael.


  6. I love your writing. It evokes such intense imagery.

  7. Wales? Thanks for the snippet, I really enjoy it.