Friday, April 20, 2012


Better late than never I always say. I had all the best intentions to have my "Q" FF posted for late afternoon yesterday, but as we all know things happen, right?

At some point I wanted to have a special post for our best and most loyal blogger buddy, Alex Cavanaugh. Finally an opportunity arose through this challenge for me to write a SCI/FI F/F riddle especially for Alex and ALL my friends who write SCI/FI. THIS is my first attempt at this genre, so I hope you all like it .

I must admit it was a bit easier than I thought. Of course, I trembled slightly as I wrote the first sentence. Then, thankfully it all flowed.

Thanks again, Alex for all your support and FRIENDSHIP. What would our community do without you ...

As you all know, I ask for the answers in the comments. For you SCI/FI writers it should be pretty easy. Remember, it does begin with "Q."

Have a wonderful day everyone. At some point, I hope to add the "R" post that is due for today.... Wish me luck!

Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh, turned toward his reluctant crew; deep frown lines etched in his face. “We have no choice. We must continue on this path.”
“But Captain, you do realize how dangerously close we are coming to it. Death is certain,” said a man whose eyes widened to twice their original size.
“We will continue lieutenant. That is an order.”
“If you are sure, sir.”
The captain nodded with certainty. The lieutenant paled and returned to the controls, pushing multi-colored buttons in a complex sequence. 
Pacing, the captain glanced through the curved window and into the starry galaxy. In the distance, just barely visible, a bright fiery light edged the horizon.
He shook his head. “There is no other alternative,’ he whispered, and then swallowed hard.
A memory of the most astonishing natural phenomenon flashed through his mind like a rocket cutting through the atmosphere.
Could this one be anything like that? What little color drained from his face. God help us if it is ...


  1. Michael, thank you so much! I am very honored. You are an awesome friend. Enjoyed the piece - I think you could write science fiction. As for the answer... reflection nebula? Radiation? Red giant exploding?

  2. Alex rocks the block for sure! : )

  3. If it's science fiction and starts with Q, then, all Star Trek fans would be tempted to say the mischeivous Q. Just a guess, Roland

    And Alex is a blogging icon and friend to all, isn't he?

  4. YAY for sci-fi and YAAAY for Alex J.! :) The writer blogging world would not be what it is without him!

  5. What a nice post. Truly enjoyed it.

  6. Quasar :-) I hope I spelled that right. Great scene, as well.

    Alex is awesome, as is the Cassa series. And I'm not normally a scifi reader.

  7. Alex is awesome and such a supportive blogger friend. Great that you're shouting out about him.

  8. Awesome, Michael! You know that reminds me I've been thinking we should all give ALex a new alias: The Blogfather. lol Seriously, he's like the den leader of the blogging world. Pretty cool!

  9. Just come over from Alex's blog.
    Alex is everything you say. He is a great friend to his bloggers and I had the honour of him writing a bit on the blurb of my book.
    Your blog said it all.


  10. Great post - and I totally agree. Alex is amazing :)

  11. Dropping in from Alex's site! Bonne chance A to Z-ing!

  12. That was awesome. Very well done! New follower now. :)

  13. How could we not like a flash fiction piece on a favourite blogger? And Alex sent us here to have a look!

    Very nice. Had to become a follower after that!

  14. Alex is the biggest supporter out there.

  15. Alex is the best thing since sliced bread.And I love me some sliced bread...