Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello everyone,

We have coasted through to mid week, so I decided that we need a positive pick-me-up to get us through the rest of the week.

First, I would like to welcome my new blogger friends. I have five new friends this week, so welcome, Encourage one another (LOVE your penn name!), Peaches, Crack You Whip, Gene Pool Dive, and Raquel.

Over the past six months I have become even more dedicated to appreciating my blogger buddies. Who else can understand the trials and tribulations of a writer's life better than one of our BBs? They are there to listen to our tales of whoa, sympathize with us, lend an encouraging word, or give us truly awesome advice.

Our BB's help us with our writing, spend HOURS critiquing our work, helping us find all the plot holes, bad punctuation, structural problems, etc. What do they ask for in return? Only our friendship.... In today's world, where people are only out for themselves and the almighty buck, isn't wonderful to visit a place where you can be yourself, enjoy the company of amazing people, and it costs nothing!

No Dorothy, you are NOT in Kansas anymore. Not only is our blogosphere, not the norm, it's not even Emerald City .... it is SOOOOO much more! A world where not even THE most creative writers could ever simulate in prose. It is an entity of such soul, passion, love, creativity, warmth, excitement, endless information, and just plain FUN!

So today, I have designated Aug, 8th to be BLOGGER BUDDY APPRECIATION DAY! I think we all deserve our own special day, don't you? SO, I want you all to visit your buddies and tell them how much you appreciate them. Send them a broad smile, a hug, virtual chocolate, cake, cookies, wine, champagne, or whatever you deem appropriate.

I am sending all of you my respect, admiration, and LOVE... PLUS a HUGE BEAR HUG. FEEL my heart pounding? Good, then I know I'm squeezing tight enough.

I would also like to send out a special thanks to Karen Gowen of Coming Down the Mountain. She and her friend, Shauna, were kind enough to do something very special for me this week. I will post more about it next week. Anyway, Karen is AWESOME, so if you don't know her, please drop by her blog. She is an amazing woman who is also co-founder of Celery Tree.... Don't know about Celery Tree? Then drop by for all the details of this cool and exciting on-line book store.

Well, that's all for today. Get busy and drop by your BBs now.. I know I will be!

Here a few pics of me and a few of my blogger buddies that I had met over the past six months.

 Although technically not a BB, I did meet Henry Winkler at the SCBWI conference in NYC and he is a children's book author. Seriously.

I met Marcy from Mainewords during my time in Orlando. She is a sweetheart and had fantastic energy! We toured the Morse Museum, featuring Tiffany art in Winter Park, Florida.

Here we are having a fantastic lunch and latte at a french bistro. Good times!

Pk Hrezo have met several times in Orlando. Here we are at Downtown Disney, hanging out and catching up.

Pk is amazing because she is in constant whirlwind, raising a family, working like mad, and writing too! She is a woman who balances life perfectly... I don't know how she does it.

What can I say about Nicki Elston? A fellow Chicagoan ... well the burbs, but close enough.

We met last week at the zoo, just blocks away from my place in Lincoln Park. She arrived with her two teenage kids and we had a BLAST!

Nicki is so much fun, I wish I could see more of her. Although we only live an hour a way from each other, it has been over a year since we last got together.

She give 80's cool an new meaning. Published author, mom, wife, and all over fantastic person, Nicki is one person you all need to know!

Here are a few more friends I had met along my adventures in Orlando...

These pals have inspired children's imaginations for decades.

Who doesn't love Winnie-the-Poo and Tigger too?!!!

The lovely lady below is non-other-than Marie from the Aristocats.

How many of you remember that charming movie from 1970?

I actually do! Scary. She is quite soft and squeezable though. LOL.


  1. Aww, I love Blogger Buddy Appreciation Day. I always appreciate the kind words you leave on my blog and look forward to visiting yours!

  2. What a great list of great folks, Michael! Super jealous you've got to hang with PK, btw. She's an all-time favorite of mine, and ridiculously talented, too.

    Karen totally rocks the block as well. :)

    And the Fonz?! Wow! I'd have been seriously starstruck. They didn't come any cooler when I was growing up.

  3. I remember when you posted most of those pictures. So cool to meet Henry Winkler.
    And I will start by thanking YOU as one of my best blogger buddies!

  4. You are so well traveled. If we ever meet, I'm totally getting a picture of me grabbing your ass. I'll post it everywhere.

  5. Blogger Appreciation Day! Yay! Surprised to see my name mentioned in your post, thank you! You're fortunate that you've been able to meet so many online friends in person.

  6. Great pictures, Michael! Karen is a wonderful person to recognize. Thanks for posting.

  7. Sending YOU my love and appreciation! You're like a big sunshiny smile in my inbox, and I think your one of the warmest, most loving BBs out there. Feel my heart pounding? Good- then I'm squeezing hard enough back :)
    Laura xxx

  8. Love the idea of Blogger Buddy Appreciation Day!

    Great pictures. Must have been neat to actually hang out with other bloggers.

  9. Hugs to you! A fellow Chicagoan, too. We rule! I lived in Lincoln Park for a bit, but I'm on the South Side where I grew up. Love the pics!

    Perhaps we shall meet one day. We've probably walked past each other. LOL

  10. You met the FONZ??? How cool is that! And look how cute you and PK are! I'm so jealous of you two getting to run off to Disney at a moment's notice.

    Yes, BBs are invaluable. I love you all and you're right, there's nobody else who understands! :o) ((LB hugs)) <3

  11. How fun that you've gotten to meet so many blogger buddies! And Henry Winkler. I had no idea he had written anything. My daughter loves Aristocats.

  12. Hugs back at you, Michael! How cool is it that you've met The Fonz? I'm jealous!

    Thank you for sharing your photos with us. It looks like you've had a lot of fun! :)

  13. Aww, this is such a great idea!! I know my blogger buddies have become some RL friends too. Without them we'd be talking to ourselves ;o)

    Great post!!

  14. Ha! That was so much fun! I loved having lunch with you!

    Someday maybe I'll make it out to Chicago and we can do it again :)

  15. We are so blessed to be in the company of great kindred spirits with giving hearts and open arms. I envy you meeting all of our friends in person! And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter three times!!!

    My world is better because you are in it ... along with all my other blogging freinds! Great idea, Roland

  16. Blogger Appreciation Day is a great idea. Loved seeing the picture of you and Marcy.

  17. Here is a big hug back! I love the idea of a special day for blogging buddies. Someday I hope to give you a real life hug :)

  18. Wonderful photos, Michael. Most of the writers and authors I meet don't blog, but I did get to meet the wonderful Elizabeth S. Craig last February.

  19. Blogger Buddy Appreciation Day - an awesome concept!
    There's nothing better than spreading some bloggy love around the blogiverse!

  20. I love the positivity you exude, Michael... it's fabulous ;)

  21. That's awesome Michael meeting all those blogger friends and Henry Winkler.
    Looks like you have such fun.

  22. Your work are truly great contribution for the blogosphere, that`s why I`m joining this site,and my pleasure if your joining us too my friend Thanks

  23. Yay for blog buddies! It is such an amazing, supportive community and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. I love that you've met so many in person!

  24. What an upbeat and positive post. I needed that today. I've been kinda negative over the past week.
    I like the idea of having a blogger buddy appreciation day.

    Love, love, love the photos. My friend Corinne met Henry Winkler and posted a pic of her with him on her FB page last week.

    I don't have much of anything planned for this release, but you're so awesome to offer to help with it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  25. This is a heart warming post Michael. It's lovely meeting BB.Those I've met are as awesome in person as online. Writer's Blogs are a wonderful community who care about each other. Our BBs get us through the self doubt and the odd depression. So while I'm at it I'd like to thank you for the uplifting posts you spend time creating and the critiquing you've done for me. Good one, BB!

  26. How awesome; blogger buddies and cool pictures and lovely sentiments.

    You do get around Michael; and so nice of you to share your experiences with us.

    Have a great weekend.


  27. Great pics Michael. You look great. Henry Winkler looks... old! (sorry but I was a little taken aback!) I think you should prepost about Blogger Buddy appreciation day next year-- maybe it will catch on and more people will post their appreciation. I know I will! Cheers, BB!

  28. That's great you've gotten to meet all these people!! I'm excited to be meeting PK in October, when she comes to Oregon for our writer's retreat. Rah!!!! :)

  29. Hey Michael!! I'm late to the party (as usual) but love all tthe blogger buddy love!! It was so great to see you again and your awesome smile!! :)