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Hi, all,

Today I am posting for a hilarious blogfest sponsored by Mark Koopmans of Hawaii fame. Mark has a delicious sense of humor and plays host to the comedy aspect along with three lovely ladies (Morgan Shamy- who is not only sweet, but super talented and hosting the love story angle. I've know her for a while and she is a total delight. Leigh Covington, don't you just love her name? I haven't met Leigh yet, but I am certainly looking forward to getting to know her. She is hosting the tragedy part of the blogfest. And finally, Cassie Mae, another new blogger I am looking forward to getting to know. She is hosting the plot twists. This fun and amazing blogfest is featured all this week until Aug. 17th and all hosts are giving away amazing prizes, so there is still time to post yours!

All you have to do is take a classic fairy tale and ask What if? Then change the story to make it your own. It's that simple. Why not have Cinderella run away with the coachman instead of Prince Charming...  or

Make sleeping beauty an insomniac, freaking out the evil witch by NOT falling asleep. The possibilities are endless.

My tale is slightly risque, so be prepared for a shocking twist to this classic fairy tale. I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to visit the other entries. There are some amazing imaginations in the blogosphere today.

Journeying through the woods, Red riding hood snagged her fishnet stockings on a bramble along side the path. The wolf, following closely behind stopped to watch.

“Damn, this is my last pair!" She raised her already short skirt and glanced down her long, supple leg.

Now that's a tasty looking drumstick, thought the wolf, salivating.

"What do I do now?” uttered Red, as she placed her basket down, bending over to search through it. The wolf lunged and flew over her, crashing into a solid oak tree.

"Oh, my! What on earth?" She gaped at the wolf. Her eyes washed over his fine chiseled features. A mass of thick, wavy, light-brown hair crowned his head. His ripped, muscular chest, arms, and legs were blanketed in a finer version, but in a slightly darker hue. Only A narrow sash hung low on his hips barely concealing his privates. 

Stepping closer to the beast, Red’s breathing grew heavy and her full breast heaved.

A low guttural moan escaped from the wolf.

Red moved in closer. She caressed the side of his face and then planted a big juicy one on his unsuspecting snout. His eyes blinked open. "What the hell are you doing?" he growled.

She laughed, licking her lips. "You're hot, Wolfie! Let's have another!" Red threw her arms around his neck.

He pushed her away. "Are you unhinged? I want to eat you."

"Oooo, I would love that." She stood up and raised her skirt, revealing black lace panties.

The wolf shook his head. "You are kidding, right?"

Red moaned, running her hand along her thigh. "I’m so turned on." With her other hand, she grabbed the back of his head.

"You're frickin' psycho?" The wolf sprang up and ran into the forest.

"WAIT! I thought you were going to eat me?" 

I hoped you enjoyed my little tale. But there is more. The blogfest limited our entries to 300 words, so, if you'd like to read the rest, here is  .... enjoy. 

Red sprinted after him.

The wolf careened through the forest and saw a little cabin. "I need to hide. That dame's dangerous," he muttered.

He made it to the front porch and opened the door. All seemed quiet. He scoped the living room, looking for a place to hide. Nothing. He heard a soft snore in the bedroom. Hmmmm. Perhaps I'll have lunch after all. He padded into the room. Not much meat on this one, but I like to eat light for lunch. 

The front door slammed shut. "Granny, it me, Red riding hood."

It's that freak. Hide! The wolf dove under the bed, just as Granny stirred.

Red stepped into the bedroom and gave her granny a hug. "I brought you a nice lunch, Granny."

"Thank you, sweetie. I am a bit hungry.”

Red sat next to her Granny and told her all about the hunky wolf in the forest. Granny raised an eyebrow.

"That beast didn't even service you? The nerve. You're the hottest tart in the village."

"I know. I just don't get it."

Underneath the bed, the wolf shook his head. Are these two broads for real?

"Damn. I Really wanted him, too. I didn't even get the chance to peek under his sash. I bet he was fully packed."
"Oh, honey. I had a wolfman once. It was about fifty years ago. Ummm, Ummm. I wasn't disappointed either." She smiled. "Maybe he was gay. It would explain it."
"That must’ve been it. No hetero would pass this up." Red stroked her legs.
GAY? ME? I'LL SHOW THEM! The wolf burst out from under the bed, growling.
"Look, Granny! That's him. Isn't he gorgeous?"
"Well dear, let's get him for you then."
In a flash, they tied him to the bed spread eagled and gagged. The wolf, shocked by the old lady’s strength and Red's agility, laid there paralyzed.
"Well dear, have fun." Before she left,  Granny stepped over to the wolf and lifted the blue sash.
He jerked out of his temporary stupor. “Leave me with some dignity please,” he spouted through Red’s kerchief.
Granny sniggered. "Oh, yes. I remember so well." A grin crossed her lips. "Yes indeedy."

The wolf couldn't help but feel proud. Yeah, I'm the wolf!

Red escorted Granny into the living room. "Later, Granny."

She entered the bedroom with a gleam in her eye.

I'm in big trouble now ....


  1. LOL! Now that is an excellent twist, very inventive.

  2. How very tawdry of you Michael... and awesome! :) Silly little wolf.

  3. Now we know what you're thinking about when you get bored at work. . .

    An entertaining read, a little saucy, but suggestive, and turning the tables around is fair game.

  4. what a lovely naughty tale :)

    but poor wolfie!

  5. Very delightful twist on Red, Granny and the Wolf. Thanks for a great laugh you naughty little brother! Looks like I will have to check out some more of these posts on this blogfest. Wish I had more time to join :)

  6. That was very funny (and saucy).

    Loved it.


  7. Holy crap... I shouldn't be laughing but I AM... Hahahaha!!!!! I sooooooo was not expecting that... LOL!

  8. Hey Michael,

    Dude, you're not messing around :)

    You had me at "tasty-looking drumstick" :)

    And, then when Wolf said he wanted to eat her, I was like, "he is soooo not going there... is he?

    (Reads the next line)

    Ohhhh, he went there!!!

    That was a fine, romping read :)

    Thanks for participating and for finishing the story... stopping at 300 would have left me a little blue :)

  9. I loved how the table was turned and the humor in this short story. Great job!

  10. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

    Anna @ rental mobil

  11. Sexy, sensual, mysterious. Who are these women? Awesome Michael. I'm so glad you participated in this :)


  12. LOL.. absolutely delicious twist. :) Oh Wolfie. He's in big trouble now..:D

  13. Great fun Michael. I love the voice here. Perfectly done. What a twist!

  14. Great twist on a classic tale.

  15. Oh my heck! I can NOT stop laughing!
    I'm with Mark - totally had me hooked at the "drumstick" part and it just got better from there!

    Great to get to have to opportunity to get to know you Mike. (Can I call you Mike?)

    Thanks for being part of the blogfest!

  16. ...Came back just to read other people's comments, LOL... I'm with Leigh and Mark--the drumstick was the best! I think you've found your new niche in writing, Michael...

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    I loved Red's response when the wolf said he wanted to eat her. Classic! ^_^

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    Tossing It Out

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