Thursday, May 19, 2011


I specifically left up Tuesday's post for an extra day because amazing comments kept coming in. I feel quite humbled and happy that so many of you have been inspired by this post. Not forgetting to live life to the fullest is something we all need to remember. Life IS too short.

Today's post has a few announcements about three exciting events for tomorrow that I am very happy to inform you about. First, a good friend and fantastic writer, Wendy Tyler Ryan is launching her book blogging tour this week. Tomorrow I will be hosting and I hope you all can stop by to find out about FIRE'S DAUGHTER, Book One of the FIRE THROUGH TIME TRILOGY. If you'd like to find out about the book sooner click here and you will magically be transferred to her website.

I will also be featured at Michelle Merrill's blog, Perfecting the craft... If you are not familiar with this amazingly creative blogger you should definitely hop over and visit her. Michelle always has a kind word, and her enthusiastic and positive, upbeat personality flows through every one of her posts. I am thrilled to be featured on her blog tomorrow.

And finally for this week's life's surprise ... a fantastic author friend of mine, Nicki Elston, who just happens to live in the Chicago suburbs is trekking into the city to meet me for lunch at one of Chi-town's many fabulous eateries.

An 80's guru, Nicki's blog amuses anyone who wants a taste of the 80's. Her wit and charm captivate all who visit. So drop on by her blog and check out her fantastic book, THE THRE DAVES .... a romantic 80's comedy.

So as you can see tomorrow is really kicking up the start of what seems to be a very exciting weekend. 

I hope you all have one surprise this weekend. AND be sure to let me know what you have planned.


  1. Sounds fabulous, Michael. Thanks for the links. And have a blast this weekend. We've having friends over for dinner Friday and Sunday heading to Santa Fe for a concert and dessert.

  2. You never stop amazing me with your generosity, Michael. Always a kind word. You're a rare gem.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for the links. Looks like some exciting stuff you have to look forward to. Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary and the mystery of that day is still a surprise.

  4. Wow, Michael...loads to look forward to. Thank you for the all the links - what a great weekend coming up!

  5. I already have Wendy's book- just waitng for the opportunity to read it all.

    This weekend, well we have rain showers and thunderstorms threatening the sun, but I plan to try and see the new pirates of the Caribbean movie.

  6. Enjoy your meeting with Nicki, and I'm looking forward to your interview. And thanks for the supportive links, Roland

  7. Hi Michael. I'll look forward to seeing your posts over the weekend. Isn't it glorious when life throws good surprises at you!

    I'm not too sure what's coming up this weekend for us except that we've got tons to do and so little time to do it :-) Maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise and get everything done?

  8. Oh, yay! Please say hi to Nicki for me! Lots of good things in store.

  9. Awesome Michael- sounds like you've got a full plate! Have fun with your meetup!

  10. fun stuff! you're always there to spotlight fellow writers. the blog world is lucky to have you! enjoy meeting another blog buddy!!! christy

  11. Thanks for the links!

    I hope you enjoy your meeting with Nicki. :)

  12. ...nice of you to link up a couple of my faves and their accomplishments:)

    Well done, Michael.


  13. Sounds like a very exciting weekend! Hope you have a great time :)

  14. How fun, Michael! And wow such great blogging news. I love Wendy's cover. I'll be back to learn more about her book. And now I'm off to check out Tuesday's post. See ya later today on Michelle's blog! :)

  15. My sister lived through her plane flight from CA to TX :) Is that exciting enough?

    Wow, what a great line up you have. I know I've been scarce lately, but 10 hour days suck. Except the pay check.

    Wendy's cover and book trailer are awesome.

    Have a good weekend if I don't see ya around :)


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  17. That's so cool to meet a fellow writer - enjoy! My 2 yr olds friend is having a bbq birthday on Sunday spo that's what we're doing and going to check out a pool tomorrow, it's going to be hot this summer.

    Have a great weekend!