Monday, May 23, 2011


Well we all know about name tags in writing, but on Friday I got "Tagged" by two bloggers.... Summer Rose of My Inner Fairy and The Golden Eagle @ The Eagle's Aerial Perspective. They are two ladies with great blogs and great senses of humor. SO drop by and visit them if you haven't already.

What does it mean to be tagged? Well basically you have to answer a set of questions. What is curious is that I was tagged by the same tag!

So here are the questions.

Do you think you're hot?

At times, yes. But ...

Upload a picture or wall paper that you are using at the moment.

This is my blog wallpaper. I am and interior designer and I loved the homey feel of this background.

When was the last time you at chicken?

While shopping at Whole foods I got hungry and bought a rotisserie chicken to munch on.

The song/songs you listened to recently.

Caught in a bad romance. Lady Ga Ga

What were you thinking while doing this?

Will the cough medicine ever kick in.

Do you have a nicknames? What are they?

In the blog/twitter world I am known as Gideon or Dak. Through my life I had a ex who called me Miguel. My father called me Mickey. For a while in the fashion industry I was called Magic. And on occasion I am called M.

Tag eight blogger friends ...

Jen Daiker @ Unedited

Hart Johnson @ Confessions of a Watery Tart

Laura @The Daily Dodo

Erica and Christy @ erica and christy

Siv Marie @ Been There, Done That ...

Holly Ruggiero @ Holly Ruggiero's The Blog

Donea Lee @ The Queen of Procrastination

Who's listed as number one?

Jen Daiker... Jen and I have been good friends ever since my first Harry Potter blogfest. We are both INSANE about HP!

Say something about number five?

Siv is an amazingly funny and super positive influence in the blogosphere. Even though she has only been blogging for a short will she has captivated all of us! Not only that she is like my long, lost Norwegian sister.

How did you get to know number three?

Laura and I met during the A-Z challenge. Through her kind comments about my Flash Fiction, I wandered over to her blog an realized what a fun, sweet, and effervescent blogger she is.

How about number four?

Erica and Christy.... Well, Erica is my first true writer friend. We met on the threads in ABNA 2010. She saved me from multiple abuse from critiques AND other unkind writers on the threads. Since I was a total newbie and had SO much to learn, Erica helped me a lot. 

I met Christy through Erica and we became good friends through our similar learning experiences.

Leave a message for number six?

Holly, every time I visit your blog it reminds me of the wonders and magic of Christmas.

Leave a lovey- dovey message for number two?

Oh, Hart ... Queen of the Tarts,  how you manage to inspire global naked domination. Every time I look at my tub it reminds me of you scribbling away with just the bubbles barely covering your divine nakedness.

Do number seven and number eight have similarities?

At first glance they each have a D initial, but that's not all. Laura and Donea are both very talented and smart women. Each of their blogs offer a different pov, but both are charming, witty, and special.

What a way to start the week ... Right? Have a terrific Monday everyone and DO something special for yourself. I want to know what it is.... 

Today the sun is shining (for the moment) and I am going to enjoy another power-walk on the lake front before the mysterious fog/mist rolls in.


  1. How fun! And those are some great bloggers you've highlighted! I enjoy their blogs just as much. Yours too! And now I must call you Magic because it's too cute. ;)

  2. Inspirational post and so thoughtful of all your friends. I got this tag too. Today I'm taking my daughter to the dentist. I'll critique a chapter a friend sent me.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  3. Loved this Michael!! So sweet of you to include me on all the awesome! I feel so special!

    Is it so weird that Bad Romance is playing in the background. Guess Lady Gaga wanted us to bond even further ;)


  4. Enjoyed your answers Michael! Those are fab bloggers!

    Today I'm staying home with my sick 7 yr old.

  5. A whole chicken at Whole Foods?? You must have been really hungry! ;-)

  6. Haha! Love your answers, I especially like a Bad Romance ala Lady Gaga. She's FAB! ;-)

    Have a lovely week!
    T x

  7. This is a very cute tag. Yours is the second blog so far today to answer these question. Magic, hmmmmm?

  8. How wonderful! I have a magic brother and I can't wait to see him do some magic tricks :) Ha ha, I love playing tag so I am off and running from this great post in search of my victims....***Evil grin***

  9. Holy nicknames, batman. You have a lot! It was fun to read your answers. And congrats to the new tagged victims.

  10. You handled this tag expertly with fun and wit. It's great to learn even more about you. Hope your cold is getting some better. Roland

  11. So much fun! You tagged some of my favorite bloggers! Can't wait to see what they have to say.

  12. Ah, what a nice way to start the week, reading about these wonderful bloggers. They are terrific, and so are you, M!

  13. I'm IT! Ah, thanks for including me with those 7 other wonderful bloggers!! I'm taking your word for it on Siv and the Lauras - I have yet to meet them, but I'm headed there next.

    And the lovely things you said about me *blushes*

    I think the nickname "Magic" translates to you today perfectly. You have a special way of touching hearts with your words. :) Awesome.

    Thanks for checking out my interview, too! We'll definitely need to talk some magical realism.

  14. I've been tagged 3 times today - I must cyber-run really slowly!!! Thanks for your lovely loveliness as always.
    Tonight, as a special treat.... I ate a bowl full of merangue and choc-ices... ah, that's why I can't run away!

  15. LOL, this is fun! Thanks for tagging me. I was tagged with a different meme (will post that one Wednesday). I'll post yours next week. ;)

  16. I hope the cough medicine kcicked in! I'm so sorry that you're fighting a cold. Congrats on getting tagged. I'm off to check out these fabulous people you've tagged back!

  17. Oh, fun! Thanks for this! I will include it later this week! *giggles* And I'm glad I could change your image of your bathtub...

  18. At least this kind of tagging doesn't involve spray paint!

    I hope that cough medicine finally kicked in.

  19. These are great Michael! Sounds like you are sick :( Hope you feel better soon! All lovely people on your list!

  20. Love your replies to the tag questions especially all those nick names and that you are an interior designer :O)

  21. I loved reading all these! What a great idea :) I love all your different names. I only have one. Well, except for an embarrassing name my siblings gave to me. Let's just say they are the only ones who can call me that without getting hurt. Haha. Anyway, I love your background. Very peaceful.