Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday a wonderful blogger friend of mine, Donna Hole left a comment about how much she loved how I completely live my life. Well this statement really got me thinking. Do I? For me there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I would like to do. So much fails in my quest to accomplish everything I set out to do in a given day.

Lately, over the past few months I obsessed about becoming fit again. Writing took first, second, and third, place in my life for over two years. Well as many of us have experienced, this is not very good for the waistline. I wish I was one of those people who could eat boxes of Godiva and not gain an ounce. As a model for half my life, I always had to workout like a madman to keep in shape. But as we get older it's not so easy. LIFE takes over. More responsibilities are loaded onto us and we have other priorities that take precedence.

For two years I learned to hone my craft and become a more accomplished writer. I've enjoyed every second of it, but it came at a price as all good things do. But I also learned something else very valuable these past few years. A writer can't give up living. We must get out into the world to seek material for our writing.  LIVING is our best and most accurate research. People and life's situations are so fascinating. When I was globe trotting in my former career I met THE most incredible people. Not always nice and sincere, BUT colorful, thought provoking, and they certainly kept you on your guard 24/7.  I must admit, It do miss that in my life. BUT at least I have those experiences to draw from and use in my writing.

Travel is probably the best to clear your mind and let your muse soar. GET out of the house. Take a weekend and go ANYWHERE to recharge. IT's the best to sweep away the cobwebs in our brains. I managed to write some of my best posts during the A-Z challenge because I was in a different surrounding. Now that summer is approaching, yes it is still in the 50's in May here in Chicago, but we know that summer should be arriving at some point, make the time and leave your desk for the blue skies and sunshine.

So friends, I am going to try to live up to my pal Donna's comment. Try to live life in a new and exciting way each day. Tell me how you manage it all and what fascinating plans you have to excite your muse.


  1. Well said, Michael. It's easy to find yourself stuck at home, beavering away at the one thing and end up just wearing yourself down. A change is as good as a rest.

  2. Today I blogged about needing a retreat and realized I could have little mini-retreats each day if I want. So today I am going to make sure I shut everything down, make a cup of tea,light a candle and allow my muse or whatever, to come through.

  3. Michael, I'm going to have to stay away from blogging for a while because life will get in the way. I'm hanging an art show all over the elementary school today for the 350 children I teach. I have judges coming at noon, then a meeting after school before going to my step aerobics class. I know what you mean about exercise. That's essential if we want to stay creative. And there aren't enough hours in the day.

    Thank you!

  4. Very well said, Michael. Writing is wonderful but there's no point in doing it if it's at the expense of a rich and full life.

  5. A very good point. When I take time out I adore people watching, making up a story for them, naming them etc.
    Sigh...I also have to watch for too much nibbling while writing!

  6. I agree. Living your life to the fullest extent is so important. My kindergartner and 3rd grader keep me fully occupied and grounded in the present moment. I'm so glad you're taking time for fitness...it's so important for the life marathon!

  7. And I plan to get away Memorial Day weekend and live a little!

  8. Is this the day for awesome posts or what? Love this one!! I can identify with so much of what you say here, I just want to copy and paste it to my mirror. I need to read it daily and get inspired to live life fully, get more balance and keep the promises I've made to myself.

  9. I agree. And travel really works for me. (=
    Yoga and Taekwondo, plus not eating sugar or refined carbs-- keep me in shape and clears my mind.

  10. I totally agree. I wrote a post about this last week. I went on vacation and didn't realize how much I needed it.
    It's hard to balance things, but the main thing to remember is you must live too.

  11. I never would have thought you struggled with weight management, Michael. You make looking good so effortless. In fact, seeing that you were a model on your webpage I actually would show people your blog and say "this guy's one of those ppl that has it easy. Probably can eat whatever he wants..."

  12. Being fully in the moment, no matter what it may be, works for me. For many of us, part of our hearts are mired in the past. For others, things will be so much better in the weekend, or when they are published, or when they meet that special someone.

    But they lose that precious moment they find themselves in as their heart beats for yesterday, for tomorrow, or for dreams unfulfilled.

    There is a radio evangelist who claims that this May 21st is Judgement Day. (Now, I believe no man knows the day or the hour but ...)

    Say he is right. This is the last Tuesday you will ever experience. (And should some driver run a red light, such might be the case.)

    Dreaming of tomorrow or yearning for a lost yesterday will rob you of this precious, last Tuesday.

    This thinking has led me to really see the people around me, to appreciate all they give to me whether in bad example or good -- to taste each flavor life is bringing to me -- for soon the flavors, the people, and the miracle of life stops (sooner than we expect or want -- for whatever reason.)

    Whew! I got long-winded, didn't I? Have a great day today, Roland

  13. I wish I could say I live in the moment, but that's not possible for me most of the time.

    I too, long to be fit after a long winter of sitting in a chair - alas my foot problems have kept me from my treadmill.

    I agree, there aren't enough hours in the day, my head is swimming right now with the release of my book and with new clients for my book trailer services. Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos, albeit good chaos, I have to finish my second book in the series. Sheesh!

    Have a wonderful week, Michael. It's nice to stop by and visit a friend as I have been much of a hermit lately.

  14. I agree with Donna. I think you do live life to the fullest. For me, simply being grateful helps. Since there are a lot of things each day I have to do, I try to be grateful for the 5 reasons I'm doing all of them (my husband and four children). I also like the mini-retreat idea, but I need something besides chocolate to treat myself with!

  15. I also agree with Donna- You are always doing something! My next plan for living involves being able to go out swimming and camping with my girls this summer. I can't wait for the smell of campfire and Hot cocoa then for the sun shinning down on me and the girls as we romp in the water.

  16. This post has inspired me to get up and do something interesting this week. :D

    I would agree--from your blog, it seems like you really live life!

  17. Thanks everyone....

    I appreciate all of you so much. I'm glad was able to give back to you for all the wonderful support and friendship you've given me.

  18. I was nodding throughout your post, and to some of the comments you got. I did a similar post about not having enough time when 'T' was for time on the A-Z challenge.

    And do you know something Michael, I don't even know if all this effort I'm putting in is even worth it - ie, will I ever get that book published?

    It's easy to see how people give up along the way.

    Something has to give. I desperately need to get fit. I miss playing my piano, baking, sitting without thinking, inanely watching Tv with the kids...

    Life is too short.

  19. "Living is our best and most accurate research." This is exactly what I was chatting about the other day. I, too, have given up 'others' to write; whether it be working-out, friends, or time with my family, it's a sacrifice. But that sacrifice eventually must be balanced or everything else seems out of whack. I totally understand. :)

  20. Such great insight. You really hit a note with me. I was in shape my entire life but the last few years I've been spending more time on my writing and letting the fitness thing lag. I'm working on it again but it's a long road back.

  21. I completely agree with you, Michael. You inspire me. If it's raining tomorrow when I get home, I'm going out and walking around in it!

    Hope you have a great week and I'll see you on the weekend. (I'm cheating :)

  22. Life: The begining is the hardest, what happens next is much harder.
    However, while we are here we might as well dance.

  23. I agree: we've got to get OUT. I live a few minutes from the beach, so that's where I go every week to clear out the cobwebs between my ears.

  24. "People and life's situations are so fascinating." Again, this is how you inspire me.


  25. I went through something similar last week. I was forced to go out to take care of something with a friend of mine. We had such a great time. I hadn't realized how much I'd isolated myself in order to write. I've made a promise to myself to get out of the house more.
    Chicago? You'll have to let me know some great places to eat/see while I'm there next year for RT. :)

  26. I can't say too much, just that I've been in a slump, not sure what would happen in the future and fearing the absolute worst. That puts the muse in a bad mood and he or she won't talk to me. Now, my daughter and her boy friend just got a job, that means they can rent an apartment, and they're going to let mom in for free. I am so relaxed for the first time in months.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  27. Getting out is a great way to recharge!

  28. Hi Brother, Love your post as usual. Me? I could use a little unchange for a bit. Getting to used to weirdness in my life...If you only knew :) My Muse has had to take on extra help...ha ha

  29. This is a very important reminder. And I'm aware of the fact that I'm really not LIVING that much at all - it's a worry. I just go from school work to writing work and back again. I visit my boyfriend on weekends, and even then he complains that I spend the time working and not "with" him!
    I look forward to every spare moment in my life as a moment to write, when I should be LIVING some moments too!

  30. It's so exciting to break out of your habits and forge a new path... even if it is just to get out and about a bit and feed the muse.

    Mine seems to like dressing up at the moment in dresses and heels (I'm more of a jeans and wellyboots girl) But what the muse wants... she gets. And I've re-discovered my cycling machine - that's gotta help too huh

    Have an amazingly fully mad day tomorrow

  31. that is a very cool comment... And I love your rising to the challenge. I don't feel like I do this very well--esp. right now. I recently told hubs I had too many balls in the air and as they kept dropping, I kept cashing in on all the years when I WAS so terribly together. Wonder how long THAT'll last. :D

    kudos, and here's to me tryin to do better as well~

  32. I think I'll try and follow your lead. I haven't been living my life to its fullest since we left St. Louis. My trip to Vegas helped me to remember to have fun and enjoy life...I'm going to try hard to keep that feeling in my life.

    Great post, Michael. :)

  33. Wonderfully put, Michael! I've been on the 'get fit' cycle for several years now, and it's absolutely changed my life.

    Wish you the best, and if you attack it with the patience and perspective of a writer, you're bound to be successful.


  34. Too funny, I was just thinking about this! I seem to be doing everything all at once all the time, but I enjoy every minute of it! The one thing I wish I had more time for is playing with other writing besides my main MS. I'd like to doodle poems more often, and explore some short stories ideas.

  35. Here here, Michael! I couldn't agree more. It really does refresh and inspire the muse. I never would've had the nerve to start writing if I hadn't traveled so much during my 20s and met so many interesting peeps. The world offers so much to be dazzled by.
    I'm behind you 100% of the way! Get out there and live, writing will come with it, along with mucho inspiration!!

  36. You rock, Michael. I can relate to your post on so many levels. I agree that getting out and enjoying life (even having a life!) is one of the most important things a writer can do to stay sane. After all, how can you write about the world if you never experience it?? :-)

  37. Thanks for stopping by my blog at "The Precocious Scribe"

    You are right! not much male representation on that list. I hadn't even noticed it.

    I agree there are some fantastic people out and about in the blogging world and i wanted to show some of my "daily readers" some blogging support.

    anyway to reply to your post, i just have to make time.

    It's amazing how you can get all the house work done (well) in an hour when your Mother in law tells you she is coming over and the previous weekend it took you all day. Funny how we can condense things to fit in what we need.

    have a fantastic day,

    Sarah Ketley