Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As each sunrise sprinkles diamonds of light on the shimmering waves, I wake to another glorious day in sunny Florida.

Alas. I shall be leaving in just a few short days to return north to the remnants of winter still lingering. I hope to see perfusions of flowers outlining the exquisite Lincoln Park in Chicago on my return. As mother nature sets forth her most dazzling creations, the city becomes alive. I hope to arrive at it's awakening.

It will be a sad day to say good-bye to the roar of the waves and the sandpipers skittering across the dampened sand, but all amazing things must come to an end. Saturday will be mine.

March and April have brought a warm and welcoming world to me from these sunny shores. Spring flowers are still bursting in vibrant pinks, corals, and reds mixed between swaying palm trees. Soon I will get to experience it all over again in the north.

Life has been such a blessing these past few months. I am thankful to have had them. I hope spring has been rejuvenating to you as well.

Please let me know what wonders this spring has brought to you. Life is so precious we must appreciate every moment.

Have a wonderful day everyone. May it be truly special.

Here's a sample of one of the gorgeous floral displays at Epcot I was fortunate to see. 


  1. The floral displays are stunning! Have a great day. :-)

  2. Spring? Ha ha ha, still waiting! Boy would I love a nice hot beach about now. Hey, I would settle for a bathtup with hot water.

  3. The weather is attempting to warm up here in Wyoming- but snow still has a grip.

  4. Hi, Michael - I'm making my way round the A-Z challenge and catching up with everyone! Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment :-)

    Right, having read this post on the delights and anitcipations of Spring, well, over here in the UK the weather has gone completely nutty! We've had just about the warmest and driest March/April on record and endless days of blue skies and sun!

    So, Spring came all in a rush and has now morphed into early Summer - the garden is a riot of spring florals bursting out of their sheaths of greenery. I've been working all day trying to tidy up and get new stuff planted before it goes over!

    Have had great fun watching blackbirds building nests in the hedge and attacking last year's old fibre liners, which I'd knocked out of the planters, for nesting materials! :-)

    So, that's what Spring has brought me so far!

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

    (PS - you comented on the 'wallpaper' on my blog - it's an 'in' joke with one of my other regular blog-readers, because I write a fair bit of crime flash-fiction and I'm partial to red wine - so that background is either blood-stains, or wine dribbles - take your pick! ;-p)

  5. Are you a snowbird, Michael? My parents moved to Florida from NY permanently, but there were lots of folks who just wintered there. I live in the desert of NM so I miss ocean so much. This was a lovely post. Good luck with your move.

  6. It's almost winter here, but - being Durban (known for its balmy weather) - it still gets pretty warm!

    Those flower displays in the image are quite something!

  7. Though its May spring has really just started where I live. It lasts a few weeks then we jump into the 90's. It is a short lived, windy time with very few nice days. I wish I had spent it in Florida like you!

  8. Savor the moments, Michael. You have been so fortunate to have spent as much time in beauty as you have. Of course there are always price tags. But I think yours were well worth the purchase of your time of healing there, Roland

  9. I'd fell bad you're leaving, but then again, you just spent two months in Florida and I didn't! Of course, I like the cold. Maybe I can house-sit for you next year?

  10. Lovely flowers and I loved the way you described the sunlight on the waves. I wish I could visit Florida! I'm thankful for a warm sunny, non rainy, day here in Oregon! My kids get out and the flowers seem to soak in th sun and put out more beauty than they normally would.

  11. I'm with Alex, I'll house sit for you! Glad you've enjoyed your time in Florida, though and be careful on the trip home :)

  12. Because I live in the Caribbean, I tend not to notice these things all the time. Your post reminds me how good it is to stop, take a breather and appreciate the beauty around me.

  13. aww! It's so hard to leave the happiest place on Earth! :o\ We had the Disney glow for months after we took the girls for the first time a few years ago. And then I kept fighting thoughts like, "it's not that far... we could drive over for a 4-day weekend..." LOL!!!

    You're right, though. The topiaries in Epcot are GORGEOUS. All the floral displays are gorgeous there.

    *sigh* :o)