Thursday, July 14, 2011


A hush more deafening than the battle itself seeps through every pore of the castle like a snake's poisonous venom seeps through it's victim's body.

 The air thick with pungent smells of sweat, blood, and bile assault my senses as the silence breaks with scurrying cloaked figures dashing through the remains of this once grand lady. 

Every nerve in my body screams out. What next? Searching for the answers, my eyes dart through the crumpled corridor, a fine veil of dust lingers, waiting to reach its final resting place.

A commanding female voice pierces through the air. "Everyone please gather into the great hall. We must take care of the wounded and our dearly departed friends." McGonagal's voice remained strong until the last three words which cracked from despair.

Placing my wand in my back pocket, I didn't head for the great hall. I had a more important destination. I retraced my steps, each one a stab to my already bleeding heart. 

In a fraction of the time it took me to return to the scene of the crime, I wasn't the first to arrive. The scene tore at me like a lion tears its prey. A tiny figure struggling to lift my dead mate. His hulking weight overpowering her slim one. It was Marla, my mate's girlfriend.

Never-ending tears streak her dirt smudged face. She gasps in frustration as she slips under him, crashing to the floor.

I rush to her, and gently lift my mate off her trembling body. Neither of us say a word. Her shiny black eyes wet with tears lock on mine. Her lower lip quivers desperate to speak, but the words never came. 

Helping her up, I squeeze her hand. Her pulse beating like an Indian's battle drum matches my own.
Without missing a beat, I release her hand and wrestle to pick up my mate. I manage to lace his arms across my shoulders and chest. After the first few steps, the weight lessons. Marla raised his legs off the floor.

Stepping in unison, we head toward the great hall as others make the same long and heart-wrenching trek.

Such a devastating end to a charming and delightful series. Stay tuned for tomorrow's climax! 


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  1. Such a touching tribute to the Battle of Hogwarts to write yourself in. Poor Marla. What a caring Gryffindor you are!

  2. beautiful! And I can't wait to see the movie--as I know you can't either! :D

  3. Can't wait!
    This was an amazing post...well done!

  4. You've woven a great tale this week.

  5. So sad! That battle scene and the aftermath will definitely be hard to watch... it was hard enough to read... You headed for a midnight showing? I have a whole box of tissues...

  6. You and and the other eight writers of the team have put a lot of work into this project. Wow!


  7. Aw, very vivid, Michael. I am going to be BAWLING at the end. Sigh...

  8. I'm catching the end of it, and it's most intriguing, Michael.

    Thanks for stopping by this week during various interviews in my behalf. And I still hope you're enjoying summer in Chicago (as you said you were in earlier posts).
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  9. This truly was a gribbing, wonderful post, Michael. A part of me cannot believe the saga is over, Roland

  10. Great post. Can't wait to see the movie. Two more days for me.

  11. Oh I love it! It's such a feeling of bittersweetness... just like the end of the DH. Such a strange feeling this weekend has--an ending of a phenomonon, tho it will never truly be over. But nothing more to wait for with bated breath. I think that all makes us a little sad. I love how so many bloggers keep the spirit of HP alive thru blogfests like these. This is so cool!