Monday, July 11, 2011


Thunder claps, rattling my windows as flashes of eerie light play across the red velvet curtains of my four poster.

A single lonely candle struggles to bathe the room as darkness creeps, attempting to snuff its delicate life. What can it be?

Invisible icy fingers massage my lower spine slowly, ever so slowly, crawling toward the back of my neck. My breath catches in my throat. I swallow hard, trying to clear the passage way with warm saliva. The first attempt barely trickled through my lodged Adam's apple.

The second time worked.

Searching out the widow, I look for any sign of what's coming. Swirls of blackened mist suffocate each stone, window, and tower, pressing  inward like a giant's hug.

How much longer will we be safe? Hogwarts is not Hogwarts any longer. The new regime has almost destroyed her. But yet, her spirit hangs on by a fine thread. The strength of the students and teachers is the last hold out.

I'm thrown from my bed with such force my bones bruised from the fall.

"This is it!"

I jump to my feet and grab my wand ...

On Friday the battle to save the Wizarding World continues with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part ll. It will be the climax of over a decade of Jk Rowling's timeless masterpieces. I write these words humbled. What are all of us HP freaks going to do now? There is nothing more. Thankfully we still have seven glorious books and eight amazing movies to treasure.

But is it enough? It's NEVER enough.

Here are the names of  THE ULTIMATE HP fans who will be posting HP stories all week. Please hop over and read their amazing posts. 
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I am also sure that my buddy Hart Johnson will be posting HP this week as well. So don't forget to visit the TART! 



  1. It's not can't be'll NEVER be over...not as long as we have fanfiction. :)

    And hey your opening line is almost exactly how I was awakened this morning---except for the red velvet and the four poster.

  2. Interesting....Very Interesting! It is almost time to start the Harry Potter marathon for this Harry Potter virgin :)

  3. A very atmospheric introduction to our week of run-up to the final chapter!

  4. You guys are so goofy with your HP madness. I mean, you already know how it ends!!!

  5. Oh...I thought you were going to be blogging about George R.R. Martin.


  6. Wow. Yes!! Oh my, this is incredible! So glad we could all come together for the end! Awesome post, Michael!

  7. Excellent!

    I'm so excited because my daughter just expressed an interest in reading book one of Harry Potter.

    I stopped reading the books after book six so I could pick them back up when my kids were old enough to enjoy them. I'm rubbing my hands together in excitement. I even put off watching all the movies so I can watch them new with the kiddos.

    My day is coming soon. (It's a long wait but I think it will be worth it to enjoy with the family.)

  8. Everyone with be frothing by the end of the week!

  9. Wow. This Friday. I knew it was the 15th, but it didn't connect that it was this week . . . LOL.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. As long as JK Rowling still lives, it will never over ... for sure. She has hinted that there may be a future HP story in the works. Let us hope so, Roland

  11. I'm a fan, but I guess not that big of a fan. Oops, probably shouldn't have said that.Enjoy, Michael. Hubs and I will get to see it probably a few weeks after it opens.

  12. *shivers*

    Oh, man--my daughter has been talking all week about how lucky she was to grow up in the Harry Potter generation. I love that--that she loves them as much as I do again (the middle school years were a bit of a challenge) And yes... I am all Harry Potter all week... probably not stories, but analysis.

  13. Loved that intro and I'm so excited for the last movie in the series. At least I get to relive them all with my kids. They are on books 4 and 5 and have seen movies's a series that I have a feeling I may end up sharing with my grandchildren too....someday.....way, way in the future!!

  14. I was only five when HP came out, and no one hulled my toddler butt into an HP movie. Sadly, I wasn't raised on it. I wish I was though!

  15. Wonderfully written. I found you from another blog doing the Potter posts.

  16. Such fun! I'll be waiting to hear the buzz because I probably won't make it to the theater but it's very exciting!

  17. AHHHHHHHHH! I finished watching PT 1 while revising my novel. Needless to say the novel didn't get touched :)

    I'm sad and excited about the ending. I watched the Larry King special the other night and was choked up listening to them all talk about their last day. It's really happening. The end is near.

    At least I know I've met some super awesome people along the way! Harry Potter besties for life! November will be fun :)

  18. Can't believe its almost here! I'm with the others...I can't wait to see the final installment, but sad to see it all end.

    Great post Michael!

  19. Aw, nice perspective of a Hogwarts student Michael. Can't believe its actually here! I'm getting all teary again!