Thursday, July 28, 2011


Throughout the night major storms hit the midwest once more. Hours of thunder and lightning shook the rafters of my building in Chicago. Could it be Dementors?

The lack of early morning light and the midst covering half the city certainly warrants this question. Over the past week this phenomenon has shown it's ugly face. With trees down all over beautiful Lincoln Park and thousands of homes without power, not to mention the flash flooding, why couldn't it be Dementors?

They are known to breed in the summer mists. What a horrible thought. One sight shocked me more than anything else over the past few days. As I followed the harbor back to my house and viewed south, I gasped.

"Where's the skyline?" Only the North pond and the surrounding trees etched the horizon. I gasped, sucking in the mists as their chilly fingers grabbed a hold of my throat. Had I been kissed by a Dementor?

I caught my breathe as my eyes searched desperately for any sign of a skyscraper. The billion dollar view disappeared, threatening never to return. Devastated, I returned home.

Why have the Dementors left their home in England to mate hear in the US, especially in the Midwest?

Does anyone out there in the blogosphere have a clue? Please let me in on it!

If you would like to read more HP related fun, I have another exciting article at the Thestral Gazette featured at Laurel's Leaves. Please drop in and find your special invitation....

For all you Umbridge fans, I found this and I had to share it with all of you.


  1. This made me laugh, but oh how I wish we'd get some of those storms in the Southwest. We're drying up here.

  2. LOL. Nice. It was scary here with all that thunder and lightening.

  3. Personally, I think they hire dementors to work at the DMV. I always feel all hope disappear as soon as I go in there thinking I'll be able to renew my license quickly. Instead, it's a soul-sucking hour wait every time.

    And thanks again for the fun guest post! Always a pleasure to have you as a guest. :-)

  4. Wow Laurel has me freaked out. If they're at the DMV they could be elsewhere... this is not a good thing to have me thinking about. Sour pusses all around.

  5. We woke up to thunder, lightning, and rain yesterday, but were lucky to send them your (and christy's) way quickly. Today just fog and dreariness. And yes, for those of you in droughts, we WISH we could send you some of this rain!

  6. Yikes. Nice description of the eeriness of the city. ;)

  7. Loved this! It took me right back to the book, and the movie I just saw (loved it!). Perhaps dementors are visiting Chicago... Maybe you should stay inside. ;)

  8. Good one, Michael! Thankfully they missed us (so far) this year. I think they spent too much time with us last summer...

  9. LMAO! Ahh...poor dementor... :)

    Wow - has it really been that stormy in Chicago? (I'm awful about watching the news...) Here's wishing you sunny skies soon!

  10. Don't be too concerned, Michael. The Dementors are just on vacation. Umbridge will soon have them back. It's been so long since I've read the last book -- whatever happened to Umbridge? Roland

  11. I saw the flooding on TV. That was pretty wild. I never liked it much when the power went off, but I will admit to experiencing a bit of a thrill when those scary storms hit when I lived back east. There is just something about the awesome amount of power they contain.

    Tossing It Out

  12. I am fairly certain they are breeding here in Colorado, as well! It's usually very clear and dry here, but we've had daily storms come in and hide the mountains for hours at a time. I didn't realize how much I got out of seeing the mountains each day as I went about my business! Of course, a lot of it has been wildfire smoke, as well.

    Love the Umbridge badge!

  13. First Deceptacons, now Dementors. Chicago isn't on my list of tourist spots right now Michael. You'll have to come out to CA. Nobody is interested in the rice fields here. Even the aliens leave the corn and alfalfa fields untouched :)

    Loved that Umbridge flyer. LOL.