Friday, July 29, 2011


Another weekend is upon us and the Midwest is still rumbling. For days thunderstorms have swept through Chicago. Hopefully last night's thunder and light storm will be the last for a while.

With rain pelting the flooding streets, there is nothing like spending the day indoors and catching up on writing. I do my best work when the sky is gray and the sidewalks are puddled.

How about you? What weather is best for your writing?

It's amazing how our surroundings stimulate us.

Tomorrow I will be working on my two sentence pitch to enter into the pitch contest with agent, Victoria Marini. Chenelle from BEYOND WORDS is hosting the contest. Stop by her blog to enter. There are a few rules and there are about 90 spots left, so make sure get a move on this. You MUST have a completed manuscript to enter and it should be polished. The prize is a full request from Victoria. This could lead to a contract, so good luck everyone.

Lisa Potts is also hosting a wonderful contest for her first blogoversary. Click onto the badge on the left to enter. She is giving away some fantastic books.

My weekend will be full of revisions. With so many wonderful suggestions from my CP'S, The Blinded Gardner is getting another polishing. I hope to be ready to query soon. How exciting!

So what are you all doing this weekend? If you're like me you'll be pounding the keyboard. However, don't forget to give some time to yourself. Stretch, take a walk, or a quick jog on the treadmill. Exercising the body releases tension and opens the mind. The ideas will flood through you brain like water through a dam.

I have a fun HP article featured in the THESTRAL GAZETTE @ Laurel Garver's blog. So drop by to get your HP fix...



  1. Weather really effects my mood, so when I write, I prefer it to be sunny. However, the continuous rain or cold weather helps me write those scenes where a character is sad or depressed.

    Editing, I prefer the sun. It's a hard enough job as it is, I don't want to be in a bad mood.

    That being said, I love thunderstorms!

  2. If it rains, I can stay in and write rather than mow the lawn! Good luck with the pitch contest and your revisions.

  3. Been away a long while. Hope it's not to late to say I love your title.

  4. Oh, I love thunderstorms! Been such beautiful weather here that I can not stay away from the beach and the ocean spray. Not much good for writing, but good for the soul. Have a fantastic week-end brother dear :)

  5. I love rain. There is something magical about a thunderstorm. It's like it washes away all the crap and leaves you with magic in your hands. Suddenly the blank white page is filled with lovely poetic words!

    We're waiting for the tropical storm to hit near Corpus Christi and hoping for a little rain in Houston, we need it!

  6. I like cold and damp, with a steaming mug of coffee in my hand. That is when I find the ideas flow the quickest and easiest.

    The storms that rumbled Chicago the past two days are set to hit here tonight. I love a good thunderstorm, so I am quite excited.

  7. I like storms too well for them to be productive. I prefer to sit in our front window and watch them. Weather that doesn't make noise though, lack of sun is optimum. I write in my basement, and night it doesn't matter, but daytimes, the sun is inclined to draw me OUT. I can edit a hardcopy in the sun, but there are a lot of breaks. I can't really write.

  8. Best of luck on your pitch, I can't wait to read it! The best weather for me is rainy or stormy. Anything that forces me to stay inside and write is excellent!

  9. Sunny and warm, or cold and gray is the best for my writing. If it's raining I usually want to go outside. :P

    Good luck with your pitch!

  10. Michael- good luck with the pitch contest! I'm not sure what weather I write better in, but I do now my creativity comes at night. :)

    This weekend I'm taking a long midterm I'm not looking forward to and celebrating my daughters 10th birthday.

  11. I love thunderstorms and rain! There's nothing more invigorating than running outside when its pouring down and jumping in puddles.... and then sprinting inside and getting warm again. Thunderstorms make me restless! ;-)

    Good luck with your two sentence pitch, what an amazing opportunity!

    I'm hoping to work on edits this weekend and resting up, its been a hard week. Have a lovely one! ;-)

  12. Hi Michael. I just want the sound to go with the visual! Great stuff! I can imagine those storms in Chicago. Great that you like gray weather to write. I like the sun, but overcast weather is often a good time to write as you don't have to worry about missing all the rays.

    Good luck with the pitch! I have nothing polished yet. That is what I'll be concentrating on as soon as I'm well again.


  13. ooo... I find inclement weather very inspiring, too! But so far it hasn't rained her in a MONTH! You guys blow some of that stuff our way~ :o) <3

  14. Rock those revisions, Michael! Have a great weekend. :-)

  15. ...dark skies continue to pass overhead in the distance, then the sun returns, and with it, the heat. Michael, you must be receiving the blunt of nature's anger, as we sit and sweat ;)

    Will be hovering over my keyboard, A/C rumbling away.

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Good luck with the revisions. I love writing when it's raining! And good luck with the contest - you deserve to get that MS out there... and I can't wait to be able to buy a copy!!!
    Have a fab weekend

  17. I must admit I don't really notice the weather much when I'm writing! I do love a blue sky when I get up in the morning, though.

    Hope you get some sun this weekend!

  18. I love writing during stormy weather too! How did your work go on your MS this weekend? I kind of got distracted by some technical doohickies, but DID manage to get my new story outlined and lined up on my "beat board".

    Hope you get to query soon!