Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi, all.

In today's post I would like to catch up with all my wonderful blogging friends. First and foremost, I am inching my way to 500 followers and I couldn't be more excited especially since my one year blogaversary is coming up next month ... a definite cause for CELEBRATION!

I would also like to formally welcome my new friends to my blogging family. I have done this from the beginning and I don't intend to ever stop. It's important to me that all of you know how special you are to me.

Welcome ... Sarah P.. Mary, Brittany, Kathleen, Angelina,  Lady Gwen, K. M., Cat, Sommer, Jeigh, Claire, MG, Eve, Michele, Lola X, Maeve, Jennifer, Janice, Morgan, Li, Alleged Author, Gary, Coleen, Carol, WB, Michael, Jules, Dianne, Robert, and Amy... Phew! Man it has been a while. I can't wait to get to know all of you better and I will be visiting all of you the first chance I get. I know I have been to a few of your blogs already, but I will make the rest sometime this week.

So today I want to hear about what YOU are doing. It's all about YOU today. Tell me, amuse me, excite me, or if it's a bad day, I want to know that too. We are all here to cheer each other on in our writing endeavors as well as in our lives.

You can .... mischievous grin here, tell me about your summer vacation. Hint ... hint ... OR you can save it for my uber fun blogfest. You still have a few days to write your "What I did on my summer vacation essay. Let's have lots of fun with this. Be creative, write as your ten-year-old self... Or whatever your muse tells you.

I see lots of you have already entered, but I want MORE! lol. Sign up on the linky below. It's all for fun and I think we can use some fun before summer is officially over.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Here's something just for you!


  1. Hi Bro! Wow 1 year, how exciting and I bet you have a party to celebrate! I am looking forward to telling you about my strange summer but today is all about Gibberish :) You speak it and I want it so come over to my place and play with some words :)

  2. I needed the happy audience! I woke up to a rejection. Oh well... I picked myself up and sent another. Guess the clapping audience paid off :)

    YAY for being so close to your one year anniversary!!! How exciting!

  3. Congrats on almost 500 followers. That's awesome.

    I just did an awesome Ask the Expert interview with a recently graduated high school kid who also blogs and am giving away a copy of FOREVER. Have some awesome debut author interviews coming up too.

  4. Congrats on the followers and the one year Michael! My day if full of homework, mostly reading. Lets see, anything exciting? My daughter moved up in gymnastics which is super great, my other daughter brought home her cello(first time) and I'm going to a writers conference this weekend.
    Have a great day!

  5. How cool, almost one year for your blogoversary and almost 500 followers! Congrats. You've really made progress in a year, and made lots of writer bloggy friends. Nice to visit your blog again; sorry for my preoccupied silence lately. I've been busy, busy. :)

  6. hello! new follower here. Good luck reaching 500! you are so close anyway, you'll for sure get it.

  7. Congrats, Michael. I'd tell you what I did for my summer vacation, but around here, we take winter vacations because summers are PERFECT!

  8. a year?! Holy cow! Congratulations!

  9. Ok, well nearly 500 followers for you is no surprise to me! You're an awesome blogger friend! :) Congrats!

    And I'm totally pimping your blogfest on my blog today! This Friday, right? Sadly, nothing exciting to report just about me... guess I need to find some excitement - stat! Have a good one ~

  10. You've used that .gif before. You should find another.

  11. Hi Michael...what a great new picture of you. I'm back...not sure what theme music should go with that. My accent doesn't match the terminators, LOL. As for my summer vacation, I have no hair left. Just kidding. I won't participate this round, too much to catch up on.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  12. Your blogfest is this Friday, right?
    I'm just overwhelmed with the response to the Worst Movies Ever. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. And it was the second highest amount of comments I've received on a post. Whoa!
    Congratulations - so close to five hundred followers!

  13. Well, since you asked, I had a shitty morning. I have a couple of handfuls in my class this year and right now I feel like giving up and crying. Instead, I'm taking my kids to a cowboy-themed bday party. And I know tomorrow will be better. And I'll smile through it. And thanks for listening!!! We're excited for your blogfest! :0) christy

  14. I love it when you applaude for us. It always makes me happy :) Plus, I love seeing all those classy ladies and gents in their 50's garb. Can we please go back to the fifties? All the women looked beautiful--all the men so handsome. Sigh.

    Anyhoo ... I'm doing great. Writing's been like pulling teeth lately, but hey. Whatever. At least I'm sitting my butt down every day and writing SOMETHING.

    Annddd my book comes out in a couple months! Huzzah!

  15. congrats on being so close to 500. It IS exciting :)

    I won't be able to take part in the blogfest. I'm not usually around on your fridays (which is my Saturdays here in Oz).

  16. Congratulations on the followers and your blogaversary! :)

  17. Congrats on your follower numbers and your blogoversary. And we don't have a week for your blogfest, M, it's tomorrow from where I'm sitting! Got it all fired up, and there will be a photo essay from moi.

    Looking forward to it!

    Today I'm writing, writing, writing. School hols for 2 weeks, yay!


  18. So, apparently I have to come here to find out where christy is and why she isn't responding to my "is this okay for Michael's blogfest" emails! haha (and she swore. whoa, bad day)

    I did something EPIC this week. Meaning, holy crap, that was the absolutely stupidest thing I have ever done and let's hope no one noticed - whoops, EVERYONE noticed and now my career is on the line (okay, maybe not that bad, but OMG DID I DO SOMETHING DUMB). >:(

  19. Wow, 500 followers. That is awesome. I've been taking care of sick kids. I SO hope I get to write tomorrow. Also, I need to work on my upcoming blog tour. :)

  20. Methinks you need to get yourself a magic mirror w/ all those names. Approaching 500---spectacular!

    So, just checking - you said we have over a week to write our summer thing, but the blogfest is THIS Friday, right? In two days?

    P.S. 5 pounds. :) And btw, I like the obsessing over healthy stuff.

  21. Congratulations as you approach your 500 followers and your first year of blogging. You've done a great job. Here's to a second bigger and better year!

    Tossing It Out

  22. You're up to 450! :) Congratulations!

  23. Okay, confession time. I apparently wasn't technically 'following' your blog either. I just came to visit often. :) I'd love to stop here on my blog tour, if you'll still have me. I'll contact you.

  24. Hey big congrats on all the followers and for your blogoversary! Rock on, brother Michael. ;)

  25. I took the weekend off from pretty much everything and I'm still trying to catch up :-)

  26. Aw, thanks for the applause! I'm playing catch-up, too... I've got a zillion things I should be doing. Instead, I napped for an hour! I'm still trying to wake up. :)

  27. You're so close to 500 that I have no doubt you'll be there in no time at all! I wish I could participate in your blogfest, it sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately, I've already spread myself too thin with a few blogfests and hostings going on next month. But I'll send people your way!

  28. Congratulations! Times flies, doesn't it?!

    You are only the second or third man to visit and comment. Welcome.

    Your blog is fun and interesting.

    Happy Weekend....almost.

  29. yay! I love the clapping image! That made me feel better already!

    shew! this week is all messed up for me. The girls were off from school yesterday, and I still can't figure out what day it is.

    But congrats to you on all the new followers! whoot~ :D LB

  30. Congrads on almost reaching 500, my friend. Of course your blog is the place to be. It's always filled with happiness. I love it.

    Congrads on your blogoversary too.

    I bowed when I noticed the people clapping for moi. ;-) *waving and smiling*

    This is my second time trying to post a comment. *boohoo*

  31. Wow, I can only dream of visiting my bloggie friends! Lucky you! ;)

    Hey, I looked at your illustrated cover art--did you use pastels?