Friday, September 23, 2011


Hi everyone. Well today is the start of a fun weekend, starting with my blogfest.

How cool will this be to see how everyone in the blogosphere has spent their summer vacation. So don't forget to hop around to the other bloggers who signed up. 

There is still time if you wish to join in and share your summer with the rest of us. Simply write a 300-500 word essay on "What I did on my summer vacation. Just like we did in grade school. Add some pictures for a visual. 

This weekend is the last of summer let's keep it going. So sign up now.

As most of you know I've had quite the busy summer. It started with meeting some of my wonderful blogging friends. First, eighties enchantress Nicki Elston. Then a month later I met with Abby Minard, who visited Chicago for a fun weekend. 

After Abby, I took a drive to Wisconsin for the weekend to visit with Christy of erica and christy. And then finally the Watery Tart herself, Hart Johnson, for a fabulous lunch and tour of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Of course the highlight of my summer was visiting Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto, Canada. Hundreds of amazing scenes. Scroll down to my previous posts if you'd like to see some of them.

But I will never forget the wonderful time I spent with blogger friends. It's amazing how natural it is to jump into hugs and conversation as if we'd know each other for years. If you ever get the chance to meet a blogger friend it is worth the effort, so DO it!

I hope to meet a few more before the year is out. I already have plans to do so next month and in November. Blogging friends are THE BEST!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter into Brenda Drake's "Can You Hook a Teen" blogfest. Enter the first 250 words of you finished manuscript in Y/A or M/G. Some great prizes so don't miss out. You have until midnight tonight, MST.


  1. Blogging friends are the best! And sorry, I think my essay was a little short on words. I never liked writing essays...

  2. Well I think fall will be just as fabulous since we'll be meeting one another!!!

    I'm jealous of all the fabulous people you've met!! I wish all of us bloggers could meet in some wonderful place and just chill! Oh what fun it would be if we were all together!

  3. Wow Michael are you meeting Jen? I'm so jealous.

    You had a fabulous Summer it seems. I'm so glad you shared.

  4. Thanks for hosting this Michael! It was fun finding a theme for my summer and posting the pics even though I didn't technically go on a vacation. Can't wait to see what everyone else do... but wait where are your pics??? *twists head* does the teach get to opt out of the requirements? Did you meet the word limit? :) Thanks again!!!

  5. Michael, Thanks so much for hosting this blogfest! It was super fun to do. Meeting blogging friends would be awesome! If you ever want to come to Wyoming, do so during summer.

  6. I think you had a charmed summer, my friend. Getting to meet so many of us is great. I love meeting blogger friends. And then you got to GO some fun places, too!

  7. A vacation? What on earth is that?
    I've meet a couple blogging buddies in person. Looking forward to meeting Elizabeth Spann Craig next February at Book 'Em NC.

  8. Ah, Danette,

    I have about three or more posts of pics of my summer vacation. All you have to do is scroll down. AND, yes, I AM THE TEACHER... LOL.


    No problem... I know how busy you are. Thanks for joining us.


    My fairy friend, I would love to come out to Wyoming and meet you some day. I must do a western trip, I always seem to be heading east. I guess because that is where I was raised and I most comfortable on that side of the country.


    Fall will be F A B U L O U S and I can't wait until then...

    Great idea, Jen. We should try to organize something.


    It was my pleasure, I am always happy to see your pretty face. Hopefully you'll get to meet Jen some day.

    I promise to post lots of pics....


    I did have a wonderful summer and one of my favorite parts was meeting you!

    L. Diane,

    I hope you get to have that much needed vacation. Take it now if you can Fall is a beautiful time to get away.

  9. This looks like a lot of fun! I'm excited.

  10. You are drawing a huge circle, gathering friends from the wide country, making a this circle inclusive rather than exclusive. This is goodness, this is what we need, we are all the same.

    Blogging does bring true friendship. Some do not believe this, they are missing so much.

    I enjoy visiting the other writing blogs.

    Good job!

    Thank you, for all you share.

  11. Sounds like a great summer!! I live right near Niagara Falls, American side. I FINALLY got my enhanced license so I can go over the border again!!

  12. "80s enchantress" hehehe. You definitely had a busy summer. Loved the pictures from the blogposts on your trip and LOVED getting to extend our eFriendship into the real world. :)

    Thanks for organizing this superfun bloggfest!

  13. Welcome Mel,

    I'm so glad you can join in on the fun and thanks for forging a new friendship with me...

    Thanks you WM,

    I feel it's so important to put yourself out there and enjoy life and meeting new friends is the most wonderful part of living.


    Glad you hear you can make it back over to Canada. It's so worth the trip.

    Well, Ms. Nicki,

    You ARE the 80's enchantress!

    I can't wait to read all your entries. I will get to all of you within the next few days...

  14. Sounds like you had a lot of fun this summer. I was lucky to meet two blogging buddies this summer too! I wish I could've joined in on this blogfest, I had a lot to brag about this summer. But, with my blogfest/contest going on, I just couldn't. :( I did tweet it, though. Maybe I'll get to join the next one. <3

  15. Sounds like you had a terrific summer. What fun to have met all of those bloggers. I spent most of my summer at home. Not to say I didn't have a nice summer, I just didn't do much besides do things on the computer and around the house. If anyone wants to meet me I guess for now they'll have to come to my house until I'm able to get out and about more. Looking forward to all of the summer essays.

    Tossing It Out

  16. I did get to meet my "sister from another mister" Donna Weaver at a writing bootcamp a few weeks ago. Oh! And of course I got to meet Ali Cross and Elana Johnson at Elana's "Possession" launch in June. That was awesome!!

    And I'm still jealous you get to hang with Jen D. in November... :P I know you two will have a great time. Your summer vacations sound amazing! Thanks for hosting, Michael!

  17. Totally agree! Gotta meet our blogging buddies if the opportunity rises, its always fun.

    And you've been mighty busy, young man - look at all the travelling! I love discovering new places and friends!

    Have a fab weekend! xx

  18. Wonderful, Michael, that you could connect with blogger friends during your trips!

    I've posted a vacation blog and will check out posts as I get a chance.


  19. It sounds like you had a great summer! :)

    My post for the blogfest is up. Thank you for hosting this event!

  20. Great idea for a blogfest. I think I may have bored all my readers with my summer fun already though.
    Your summer sounded great!

  21. Thanks for the link to the YA blog. I've enjoyed reading everyone's summer stories. Mine is boring. Disney with kids was the highlight. I'm jealous of your travels and meeting up with blogger friends. If you are in Chicago for RT, I'd love to meet you.

  22. Brenda,

    Thanks for stopping by. I wish you could've entered too, but I know your awesome blogfest/contest will keep you super busy.


    Thanks for stopping by. Meeting blogging friends is an amazing experience. I hope some drop in on you soon.

    Thanks, Monti,

    I will be over to read it soon.


    Well that makes us even, because I was uber jealous of you and the time you had at the POSSESSION launch.


    I couldn't agree more. I LOVE discovering interesting new places to visit.


    I will be over soon to read yours. Thanks for joining in on the fun.

    Hi, Heather,

    IT's nice to see you. It's been ages.


    You're welcome. I hope to be here and I would love to meet you TOO!

  23. Sounds like a great summer. How fun to meet bloggy friends.

  24. I got to meet a blogger friend, too! I met Draven Ames, and let me tell you that was one heck of a lunchtime we had. It was so awesome just to hang out with a friend and chat about writing related stuff. I really need to do more of that.

  25. I'm so glad you came to visit! And I'm jealous of your travels in Canada. Our "essay" is posted, erica style! :0) christy

  26. I would love to go to Canada some day- one of my crit partners Melissa Wideen (of through the looking glass) lives up there. So glad you had fun, Michael, and I had such a blast meeting you too!

  27. omg I love this blogfest!!

    In fact, in my Summer Vacay post, 2 of my blogger-real life friends came to my bday. And my co-bday is shared with someone I met blogging...oh gawd I live online. :P

  28. Blogger friends ARE the best. So awesome this network of writing friends here.
    You had such a full summer of fun.... how every summer should be. Can't wait to see where you end up in November!!

  29. Hi, M Pax,

    It was great. It's amazing how quickly you bond with a person you've known for months...


    I'm glad you had such a great experience. it is awesome when we get to chat one-on-one with another writer about our craft.


    I'm glad I visited too! I had such a great time hanging with you, Nathan, and the kids.


    I hope you get to Canada, it's beautiful. I know Melissa, she's on the western coast. You'll meet and it will be awesome.

    I enjoyed meeting you too. And I LOVED your entry.


    How great to be able to spend your bday with blogger friends. I can't think of nothing more fun.


    Well, November is Florida again. I hope to meet up with Leigh Moore in Indy and Lisa Potts in Kentucky. Then, Jen Daiker in Wizarding World ORLANDO... Ah, we hope you can join us, Tampa is only an hour a way. If not, I just might have to come to see you.

  30. So nice that you've gotten to meet people in person! Fun blogfest, Michael. Thanks for sponsoring it!

  31. fun blog fest. Sounds like you had a fun summer too. hmm, what did I do this summer???

  32. A great idea for a blogfest! And yay for Montreal :-)
    I hope to play, but might be a little late...
    Got an award for you tomorrow!

  33. Thanks Liz,

    Glad you could be a part of the fun. I hope to meet all my blogger friends some day.

    I don't know Saba .... I think we'd all like to know.


    Whenever you can post would be great! Thanks in advance for the award.... and I LOVE Montreal!

  34. Michael, I'd love to meet some of my blogging buddies! Someday--

    P.S. I left a couple of blog awards for you on my site, whenever you feel like stopping by!

  35. Do get out west some time Michael; I'd love to meet you :)

    Your vacations sounded great, and I enjoyed browsing the pictures and getting to take a virtual vacation with you. Hopefully, you're all rested and refreshed and can get cracking on those 2 stories of your's :) And I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Blogfest of 3.