Saturday, September 3, 2011


Here's a special post for Saturday. One could never have too many picture of Montreal .... Today's post features the stunning architecture and historic beauty of this stunning city.

Located literally a few blocks from my hotel, The Musee Des Beaux Arts De Montreal houses some exquisite collections. Unfortunately it was under construction and only the annex featuring Gautier creations was open. However the stunning fluted columned limestone building could still be viewed.

Several cool free form sculptures of black onyx decorate the front facade.


LOVE the port-o-potty. It makes a tremendous artistic statement.

Talk about gorgeous ...

Another great sculpture.

Past and present living harmoniously together.

Architecture ... Architecture ... Architecture

And even more! 

How about just one more.? The most beautiful example of all ...


And now it's time for my afternoon iced latte.... Old Montreal is dotted with tons of charming cafe's so sit down, relax, and join me.

Thanks for dropping by. I do hope you enjoyed an architectural tour of Montreal. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Glad your having fun! Great pictures!

  2. More great photos! You're right, the Port-A-Potty makes the picture.

  3. Gorgeous. I'm considering grad school in Montreal... this defs helps! :)

  4. That's some impressive architecture!

  5. Great picts. I wouild love to see it in person and also to have an iced latte.

  6. Gorgeous pics - thanks for taking us with you! Love the port-a-potty... have fun

  7. They have such beautiful art and architecture! I'm a sucker for amazing architecture. It's definitely going on my list of places to visit!

  8. I'm an awful photographer, you did a wonderful job! Glad you enjoyed your trip and got to see so many beautiful things/buildings!

  9. What a beautiful cyber-tour you given us! And me not even being able to see over the hood of my blood van during this tropical storm! LOL. Roland

  10. You do have an eye for beauty Michael. Wow, all these were great.

    I read through your last several posts (glad you got to meet Hart, and I'm still laughing over that post; so funny) and I was struck by sweeping views, the dizzying heights of the buildings, and your stunning smile especially :)

    The falls were gorgeous, and wow, that was a spectacular view at just the right point through the trees.

    I'm enjoying your tour through these pictures. I hope the rest of your vacation is just as beautiful.

    See ya later Dude.


  11. My favourite is the third to last picture. Stunning.

  12. Hi Michael! Sheesh, where have I been?? Oh yeah... swimming among the neverending boxes in our new home. I did some catching up here on your blog and I'm so excited you got to meet Hart! She sounds just like I imagine her... fun and sweet!
    And wow Montreal is just gorgeous. I've always heard wonderful things about it and always wanted to visit. Plus all that yummy French cuisine is my fave. :p
    And Niagara is just awesome, isn't it? It has that cheesy stigma because of all the tourists, but it really is amazing. Maiden of the mist is a must do for everyone!
    Have a lovely vacation! I look forward to more pics!!

  13. C'est magnifique! Thanks for the pics. I'm so happy you're having fun---lookin' good w/ that latte. ;)

    Ah yes, potty blue goes with just about anything, doesn't it?

    P.S. 3 pounds. :D

  14. Don't you just love that cow? And hey, look - that photo of past and present is right near my work!

  15. gorgeous! glad you're having a fab time meeting all your blogging buddies! i'm back in the blogosphere and will be around more often so i can keep up with you and your busy life! christy

  16. ahh! I would love a good coffee right about now. And that old-meets-new is very Boston, yes?

    But those onyx pieces! How GORGEOUS! I love the art museum best~ <3

  17. Wonderful pics! I love architecture and of the reasons I travel so much. (=

  18. Beautiful pictures, Michael! Thanks for sharing them. :)

  19. Great pictures Bro! You would just love the building here :) Think I will join you and have a cafe late. Hope you are having nice weather.

  20. What great photos! I need to go there. After seeing your post I am realizing that I've never been to Montreal in my adult life. I've been missing out.

    Tossing It Out

  21. Missed you posting for the group today, Michael!

  22. Fantastic pics, Michael. Especially the last one. Love to see that smiling face.

    What a beautiful city! I had no idea. :-)