Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey everyone. Well, here I am back at Wizarding World.... It is just as fantastic as the first time. Many of my new friends missed my original post from November so now I get to share my new experiences with both my older and newer friends.

On this bright and sunny 90 degree day, the first breathtaking scene a visitor comes across is Hogwarts castle. Pretty impressive isn't it? Do you hear the theme music now ......da da da da da da da ... da da da da da... Where are the boats? I still want boats!

As you wind through Seuss-land and the Lost Continent you finally arrive at the gates of Hogsmeade.

Once again hundreds of people are still stepping through that gates. This time I several different languages are spoken all around me. The europeans must be on vacation.

(Click on pics to enlarge)

AMAZING the snow isn't melting! Notice the awesome details of the metal silhouette and assorted gables and chimneys.

Golden sunlight streams over the smokey steam engine of the Hogwarts' express.

One thing to remember it's tough to get a picture without another fan jumping into the frame. BUT, it's still an awesome experience.

Here's ZONKO'S!  Check out the cute little pigmy-puffs in their cages.

Honeydukes, does have all the different candies mentioned in the books. Real cockroach clusters, fizzy whizzbees, and of course, chocolate frogs.

Butterbeer is an unbelievable must while touring in the sun. It is beyond de-lish: creme soda mixed with real cream and mysterious yummies. Super thirst quenching.

Well, here's a taste of Wizarding World. I'll have more pics in tomorrow's post.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. Awesome! I'm torn between showing your pix to my kids or hiding the fact that I "know" someone who is there. They would be so jealous! Yet excited at the same time.

    Have fun!

  2. How fabulous. I am sooooo jealous. We went to Disney World when the kids were ten and twelve and they told us to come over Thanksgiving, almost no one there. I suspect the same would be true of Universal Studios. Oh, when I'm rich...I'll take my grandkids and kids back for an extended stay to see everything.

    P.S. That snow is funny as are the palm trees.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  3. Because of this post, I've convinced my husband to take me here. Love it!

  4. Okay, I'm officially jealous - how the heck did you get to go visit HP twice in less than five months? Did you forget you were taking me with you? Hmmmmm? Well, I hope you have a great time, Michael. I'm there with you in spirit! *wink wink* :D

  5. Fabulous photos! I love the snow and the 90 degree temps :-) Looking forward to seeing more of your pics and sharing in your hol.

  6. Sounds great. It looks like an awesome time.

    Don't forget on Friday March 4 you signed up for the gone but not forgotten blogest.

  7. This looks so fun! But what I like most of all are the beautiful, sunny photos. You so deserve some warmth and sun after the winter you've had.


    Hello fellow Remo Ninja!

    I appreciate your blog's mission statement because I also stress the importance of crossing the artistic worlds. I started in performance and that will always be an integral part of my writing life.

  9. Cool photos! That's all new since I've been there.

  10. Fantastic phoots - and how nice to see the SUN!

    I must try this butterbeer! Sounds like my kind of thing.

  11. Oh! We are going there this spring! I'm so excited to see your pics. Looks as good as I had hoped!

  12. You got to go AGAIN!? Lucky! And I want those things that make you float... what are they, Fizzing Wizbees? Butterbeer sounds fabulous (though honestly, I'd probably want rum in it--that's just me)

  13. Yes, Fizzing Wizbees are what I want to! Michael, you dog. Twice within 6 months. Not fair!

    I am happy for you. May this time in Florida be healing and productive for you, Roland

  14. I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go!
    And now I'm thirsty too, after all your butterbeer talk!

  15. Very, very jealous. *sighs* I want to go! Lucky, so lucky, you are. :P

  16. Michael - How fun!! So jealous. You've been there twice? The butterbeer does sound nummy, too. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. LOL =D

  17. I'm jealous! I want to visit Hogsmeade too. Thanks for sharing your photos :-)

  18. HAHA, you are back already. How great for you. You know, I just went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and they have a Harry Pottery exhibit. 3y/o and baby got crazy before we got to it, but we are going back to see it.

    the books have found their way to my TBR list for this year...now to get reading them so I can join in on the know/fun.

    It feels good to be back. missed you all terribly.


  19. Yumm I would love to try butterbear. Sounds delish.

  20. Michael you're such a lucky guy! These pics are tremendous, right out of the pages of a HP novel! Enjoy!


  21. Just rub it in Michael . .

    Can you imagine your books having a theme park named for them? So cool.


  22. Sorry I'm so behind! I didn't think you were going back to HP World - glad you're having a good time!