Monday, March 7, 2011


Greetings friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a very full week. It pleased me to see how many of you have stopped by and enjoyed my pics of Wizarding World.  I wish someday all who desire to visit have the opportunity to do so.

IT is now time to catch up on my new friends who have joined my little blog family... WELCOME.

Cally, Allison, Pam, Anne, Faith, Lana, Vicki, Luna, Debra Ann, Trisha, Hannah, Diane, T.D., Genna, and Marie. I hope to have the chance to get to know all of you better.

I would also like to inform my new friends that on Friday I like to feature Earthly Angels.

What are they you ask?

Well, these are our unsung heroes. A person who somehow has brought a smile to your face from a kindness that wasn't expected. It could be anyone. Even a complete stranger who has shown a kindness to you.

I ask of you, my cherished friends to think of an Earthly Angel who has surprised or delighted you in some way. Please shoot me an email or leave a story in the comments box. I am in need of supply if I am to keep this weekly post. They stories mean so much more coming from you and not from a newspaper.
I'd appreciate you help.

NOW for something REALLY exciting. My good friend Roland Yeomans is having his very first BLOG BOOK TOUR! You all know this incredibly talented and amazing man and if you don't ... YOU WILL.

I am privileged to feature the first stop of his book blog tour right here at In Time ... tomorrow and Wednesday. There are just too many sizzling questions that I want to know about the Man behind the prose!

His new book THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS has already been published by Amazon in an e-book on Kindle.

You will find that Roland is generous to a fault. He plans to have an incredible giveaway to all who comment on the tour. So don't forget to drop by tomorrow.... you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Here is a synopsis of The Bear with Two Shadows ...

To this day the Lakota still whisper an ancient legend around the campfire.  They whisper lest Estanatlehi, The Turquoise Woman, overhears and visits her sorrow and her wrath upon the talebearer for speaking words long, long forbidden.

          Then why speak them at all?


          Listen to the sigh of the world in the winter winds.  It is the sad nature of all Two-Leggeds that the forbidden tale is the very one most hard not to hear -- or to pass on. 

          And it begins, as most forbidden tales do, with a woman. 

          The Turquoise Woman. 

          She whose cold and remote thoughts some see in the sky as the Northern Lights.  Not that she cannot love.

          But her love is both haunting and terrible beyond any singing of it, as Hibbs, the Bear with Two Shadows, discovers.


  1. I love the description, it's so poetic. I'm a sucker for imagery and this has a nice fairy tale feel to it as well.

  2. Roland really has a lyrical style, doesn't he? It sounds like a great tale.

  3. Good stuff for Roland! Will check back for his guest post.

  4. Thanks, Michael, for your work on my cover. It is great seeing it blown up like this. Thanks to Angela, L. Diane, Hart, and Alex for such kind words.

    But you, my friend, are a knight of the blogverse. You've had my back since the beginning of my ePublication of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS, from formatting the rascal to designing the cover.

    Everyone, give three cheers to Michael.

    I look forward to being here tomorrow, Roland

  5. What a pleasure to slip into the legend that the Bear with Two Shadows is going to experience firsthand. Thanks for sharing, Michael, I'll be back to read more tomorrow.

  6. Roland is too cool. I am so excited for him. And glad to see you're back! Have a great week, my bear-huggin friend. Roland's book is right up your ally! :o) <3

  7. Hey there Michael- I have something for you on my blog

  8. That's fantastic that your blog will be a stop on Roland's tour! He is a fabulous writer and it's great to see his books out there for the world to consume.

  9. Roland's book looks and sounds beautiful! (Thanks for the recipe today!!!!) I'll be seeing you SOON!) christy

  10. Hi Michael, I am so excited to be a part of this tour and can't wait to learn so much more about this remarkable man and writer. Bring it on!

    Now doesn't that cover look good at nearly life size!!! Some talented artist there.


  11. I'll pop back to check out Roland so I can wish him all the success with the book :)

  12. Great news on all fronts. The snippet is wonderful. I look forward to learning more about Roland.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  13. I'll pop in tomorrow for sure. Sounds like a great read. Also, thanks. Can't wait to know you as well.

  14. That looks so pretty! And the artwork is beautiful too.

  15. Okay I am early for the interview. I will be back. The cover looks great and the story sounds really good, just like you know Roland's stories will be.

    See ya tomorrow.
    Pamela Jo