Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, the weekend is upon us and it's Friday.... As you all know I spend a few months in Florida to escape the Ides of March and the torrential spring rains in the North. Sunny Florida has had some not so sunny weather and it's raining  here. The forecast this weekend is sunny... hmmmm, I certainly hope so.

Friday is also my weekly Earthly Angels segment. For all my wonderful new friends and Crusaders, allow me to explain. In early February during our blizzard in Chicago, I had posted pics of the stranded cars on Lakeshore Drive as well as other gruesome sights. One of my blogger friends left a touching comment. I would like to re-post this section which created  the birth of Earthly Angels.

Nine hundred cars were towed off Lakeshore drive in Chicago yesterday. Could you imagine, sitting in your car for twelve hours? Then, finally giving up and trekking through the snow for miles during the worst blizzard Chicago had seen in over thirty years.

My heart goes out to those poor souls. Mother Nature can be cruel at times and I am sure you all know. I must share with all of you the plight of one of my commenters from yesterday's post. A courageous soul who weathered the storm and made it though.

Joicy013 said...

"wow that storm was something! yes there was lighting that looked like fire during the storm. the winds were bad! I was out in the road picking up my sister who was stranded at work and let me tell you something. i could see nothing. windshield ended up falling apart with the ice and wind, about 2 cars on every block left stranded. took us about 2hours to get home, which would usually take 15min. woke up this morning to have snow up to ny waist in some areas of the yard."
Could you imagine the family bond to drive in such a storm for your sister. You are a kind and caring soul and you sister is very lucky to have you.

I find acts of love/kindness to be truly amazing. With our hearts filled with love for the month of February, I'd like to ask all of you, "What act of kindness/ love has been bestowed on you? Tell me about the wonderful person that came to your aid in a time of crisis. I really want to know. 

We are all blessed with angels in our lives. Not the heavenly bound creatures, but the ones bound to earth. Let me hear your story.

And that was how this weekly segment was born.  Our first story is quite an amazing one.

 Dominic de Mattos said...

"I know a couple Louis and Pat who take suitcases of baby clothes that they gather from friends, relatives and church members out to the slums of South Africa. They then buy tin flowers and sculptures made from cans salvaged from the rubbish tips, made by those who have no other way to make a living, and bring them back to sell on to friends, relatives and church members."

Earthly Angels come in all ages. My friend Summer has shared a lovely moment about her daughter.
Summer Ross said...

I wanted to share an experience with you- I know you are working on your friday angel posting- My oldest daughter was my angel last night. She crawled into bed and my little one started babbling, so my oldest, Jas, got out of bed and started comforting her because I was doing homework. I reached a stopping sentence and went to check on them both. My youngest was running a 102 temperature and Jas says- mom can I sleep with her to make her feel better. She had no regards for her own well being because she was worried about her sister. My children are my angels.

Remember the simplest kindness from anyone qualifies you as an Earthly Angel.
Alison Stevens said ...

“What a great idea! And I love these stories. I once saw someone stop in the middle of the street in Boston, get out of his car, wake a sleeping homeless man, and hand him money. It's amazing what a little kindness will do."

DO YOU KNOW one of these caring human beings? Tell me their story ... I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! Leave it in the comments or email me directly....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I hope you keep this segment going Michael- it is nice to know kindness exist- like a hope.

  2. Hope you're enjoying Florida - I thought you were just there for a week or so!

    I love these stories. Please do keep the segment going if you can!

    And yes, you were the Michael who won a book on my blog! I giggled when I saw that I'd forgot to put on your surname!

  3. I love this. It's neat to read heart-warming things in the midst of all the worries in the world right now.

  4. New Zealand, Japan, and the thousand private heartaches people struggle with silently all around you --

    Admist all that, your stories of Earthly Angels inspire us to become one of them, sending out ripples of healing from our random acts of kindness. Roland

  5. I love these segments! What wonderful stories. We could use quite a few more angels today over in Japan. I hope there are many wandering the ruins.

  6. Great stories. Summer's story brought a memory to me. When I was 8 months into my pregnancy with my youngest, we went shopping for new bedroom furniture. The store was doing a special and gave my oldest, then two, a balloon. The store was situated along one of the busiest streets in Denver, Colorado. The store's front door was partly ajar because the wind that day wouldn't let it close.

    My oldest daughter lost her balloon. It went out the door. She followed and ran directly toward the street, chasing it. I nearly collapsed in fear. My husband and the store clerk headed for her but my daughter had a big head start.

    At the edge of the sidewalk next to the street the balloon, on a windy day, came to a complete stop. My daughter didn't run into the street but stood still looking up. The next second the store clerk got to her.

    If the balloon hadn't stopped, my daughter would have run out into the street and been hit and killed by the cars going 50 mph. I am convinced to this day, that her guardian angel stopped the balloon and handed it to her.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

  7. Really great stories. Aww. Glad I missed that snow storm.

  8. I hope you keep this Friday meme going, it's so uplifting. And Nancy's story is nearly heart-stopping!

    I'll bet after today's events (Japan), there will be all sorts of stories of heroism, compassion, random kindness....and I hope they end up here!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting the tour!

  9. it's true these stories are so inspiring and esp well-timed with what's happening overseas. Thanks & bear hugs~ :o)

  10. This is so touching~ thank you for sharing such inspiring stories!

  11. Love these stories. Can't believe it's still snowing over there. When does it stop? Meanwhile enjoy the sun, surf and sand in Florida and I hope you don't get a hurricane or anything off the Gulf. One of my current reads (chick lit) is set in Florida during a hurricane, hahahahha....

    Don't miss my interviews with Roland this weekend. I just came from St Pat's day celebrations (I'm 1/4 Irish) and now I've gotta get my head around The Bear with Two Shadows again...Did you know Ann Best has reviewed it 5+++ on Amazon??


    Roland Yeomans Blog Tour here Saturday and Sunday. Follow The Bear with Two Shadows!

  12. Yeah what's up with this FLA weather?? Did you bring the Chicago cold with you when you came?? :)
    Hope you're enjoying yourself. Let me know if you come to Tampa area.

    The other day I was stopped at a red light with a 7-11 store to the right. An old homeless white man was sitting up against the front of the store with his head hanging down, looking pretty rough. Two African American women came out from the store with a hotdog and a coke and chips and set it down on his lap, then got inside their car and pulled out.
    It just made me smile, and put me in a generous, helpful mood for the rest of the day. :)

  13. Love these Friday posts, Michael. They give me a warm, fuzzy feeling that lasts all weekend. Here's hoping the sun comes back to you soon!

  14. What a wonderful segment!

    Last Saturday we had a group of Boy Scouts come door to door in our neighborhood collecting can goods to refill a local food pantry. They worked all weekend when they could have been home doing what little boys do on Saturdays--baseball, video games, playing with friends. I was touched by the dedication of these kids and their fathers who accompanied them.

  15. That's a really nice idea. Japan sure could use some Earthly angels right now.

  16. Such beautiful stories - I know this segment of your blog will grow, Michael because, despite some horrors around us, there are truly kind and generous souls everywhere.

  17. What lovely stories. I can't think of any at the moment because my brain is all muddled but I will try to come up with some. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful stories. I think they are stories we need to hear more often.

  19. Every year I organize a food drive and Help for the Holidays. The food drive is just for our local food banks and the Help for the Holidays Program is I take names of community members in need of Christmas along with all the children placed in the care of the state for our county. I get donations and sponsors to adopt out the families for Christmas and make sure every child gets something. It is the least I can do for our community.

  20. These are such heart-warming stories. THANK YOU for starting this weekly segment :-)