Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Saturday! Here is your official invite to my Harry Potter Blogfest. Our favorite "Tart," Hart Johnson has picked the theme for this event.

It's quite simple. All you have to do is choose which two characters would be YOUR best mates at Hogwarts. You can use any student characters from any book. 

Could it be Luna and Ginny? 

Or, perhaps Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet? 

There a dozens of wonderful characters to pick. 

How about Lavender Brown and Parvarti Patil?

Or, maybe you like the Weasleys.... Could you imagine having Fred and George as your best mates? Hmmm. Maybe I'll take them for me.

After you choose your mates, then, all you have to do is write a fun little piece on why and what kind of trio would you be. It's that easy. 

Have FUN with this. Let's keep it between 300-350 words, so we can all read each others work. Sound COOL? 

What are you waiting for? Sign up on the Linky below. Post your entry on Wednesday, March 30th.

Here is my entry everyone. And don't forget to HOP around to the other participants. HAVE FUN!

My heart races as sweat pours down my face. My round, glassy eyes have trouble focussing on a ragged hat, sitting on a stool. Did I just here my name called? No — wait, yes! A crisp, authoritative voice called my name. Move, Michael! I force my leg to move, but it won’t budge.
I see a flash of red out of the corner of my left eye and immediately another on my right. Two firm grips grabbed each one of my arms. Someone’s trying to move me.
“Oy, Fred, I think this one’s stupefied.”
Am I stupefied? Is that why I can’t move? HELP!
“I believe you’re right, George. Do you know the spell to undo it?”
Please know the spell!
“How would I know the spell, Fred? Didn’t you nick some spells from Bill?
“No, George. I nicked them from Charlie.”
“Well, there you go, Fred, Bill’s the brainy brother, not Charlie. Charlie’s the brawny one.”

Why are you talking about your family? I can’t move.
“Who could tell, George, with all the brother’s we have. I’m lucky to know you.”
A rigid woman approaches me. Boy, she looks mad. But, maybe she can help me.
“What’s going on here? What have you done to this student?” 
“George ... what have we done to this student?”
“Nothing professor,” chimed Fred and George. “But we think he’s been petrified.”
A pair of dark beady eyes meet my pale blue ones. A crooked smile forms on her thin lips. “Get me Professor Snape at once,” she said to the boys.
The echoes of tapping footsteps bounces all around me. A moment later they return with a man. His sour face and greasy black hair turn my stomach. Gross.
Professor Snape we have a student who is terrified. Would you administer the calming draught to him please.
He furrows his brow as he reaches into his black robes and pulls out a small vial. Not a glint of light penetrates his fathomless black eyes. 
“I can only imagine how terrified he’ll be in my potions glass. I better keep a few gallons of this handy.” 
If I could shiver, I would’ve.
My lips part and I choke down the liquid. Fluttering my eyelids I can feel myself again.
“You two. Escort him to the stool and make sure he’s all right.
Two freckle faces smile at me as the three of us go to the sorting hat.
And that my friends is how Fred and George Weasley became my best mates. I hope you enjoyed my entry. Please hop over to the others. I know there will be many excellent ones.

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  1. Super cute, Michael! You assume the narration skills of JK quite nicely. Well done.

    THanks for another fun HP blogfest!!

  2. Awwww... Poor little Michael! too cute! And Fred and George would have been a blast to hang out with. I considered them, but needed a little more estrogen in the mix... teehee

  3. Love it, I almost picked Fred and George too. I'm afraid I missed the part about it being students, so I hope you can forgive me.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  4. If you don't mind an occasional petrification (or scorched eyebrows) these two would be all kinds of fun to hang out with.

    Thanks again for hosting this fun fest!

  5. Loved your version!!!! Thank you so much for switching up the day and letting me participate!!! Without it I would have lost on some very much needed journaling - see my entry - and I'm glad I didn't have too!!

  6. Michael- You did a terrific job with this piece! I like the internal dialogue mixed so well with the characters dialogue.

  7. PK,

    Glad you liked it ... it is fun!

    Ms. TART always a pleasure. I can certainly understand you need for "girl power."


    Not to worry, this is for fun. I just hope you had a blast writing it.


    My pleasure. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the fest.


    YAY! I couldn't not have an entry from a kindred HP spirit! You love it as much as I do!


    Thanks, so much for hopping over. I'm glad I had a fun entry that you enjoyed.

  8. Fun entry. I've no idea who my mates would be.

  9. Ha, Ha! great minds, you and MrB! This is such a fun blogfest, Michael. I love your narrative here - great piece!

  10. I'm sure Fred and George will enjoy teaching a frightened newbie all their tricks, playing a few on you as well. Fun entry! Enjoyed it a lot.

  11. Cute!! Fred and George would be awesome mates. Great blogfest! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Wow!!! This is fantastic!!!

    Petrified?? Terrified?? Professor snake having sense of humor???

    Cool!! Don't forget to read my entry at

  13. Very entertaining, with perfectly characteristic banter between Fred and George :-)

  14. Hi Michael. I love the play on 'petrified' :-) Also, your two freinds are the same as mine. Shall we all go for a butterbeer together?

    Well done for hosting this blogfest. It's great fun.

  15. Aw cute! I love Fred and George!

  16. They make fun and terrifying friends!

    Great job on this blogfest. Thanks for hosting.

    I only saw one entry for Harry Potter as a mate though and I'm terribly disappointed now that I didn't choose him. I guess we all thought he was the obvious choice and then only 1 picked him.

    Luna seemed to be mentioned in the majority of posts.

  17. Great job, Michael. Thanks for hosting this, I had so much fun putting my post together!

  18. Fred & George, awesome choices! Excellent entry too. I look forward to reading the others!

  19. I love how you turned your post into the scene with you and the twins. I love Georgie and Fred!

  20. I picked the twins, too! LOVE them. Love how you three met! :) I totally heard them in my head as I read your piece. So good. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest. HP really is the best!

  21. What a fun blogfest, Michael! Great idea. I'm having fun reading these as I run across them in my Google Reader, even tho I'm not participating. :) Happy Wednesday to ya!

  22. Ahhh - loved your entry :) can you imagine the amount of injuries you'd sustain as these two's best friend?! ouch!

    Mine's up - had fun - thanks for hosting such a great fest

  23. LOL; you're lucky those two didn't try to give you a pill or some other concoction to test.

    What house do you think you'd be in?


  24. What a way to meet those two ... and Professor Snape! Hmmm ... Donna got me to thinking ... what House would I have been in? I have it!

    The House of the Rising Sun.

    Ah, wrong genre, huh? Sigh. LOL. Roland

  25. Well this is great Michael. With all the HP talk that goes on why don't a group of you like-mindeds get together and write the alternative HP. It'd be a hoot!


  26. Hahaha! I love Fred and George! Great choice of mates, Michael! And a really fun scene, too!

  27. Fantastic! I love when the twins speak at the same time. Aww, who am I kidding? I just love the twins.

    Great short!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  28. So THAT's how you three menaces met! Very cute story...and even a glimpse of the Snapester. ;)

    Thanks also for putting this blogfest together. You & Hart are so clevah!

  29. Oh, I'm so sad I wasn't able to participate in this one! Love all those little buggers at Hogwarts. I've enjoyed reading all the entries today. You did a great job on yours, by the way.

    And I meant to comment on your post a few days back that I think it's so cool that you and Christy got to meet each other.

  30. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but who knows maybe I'll catch up someday. You did a great job organizing the blogfest.

  31. I went around to every blog, and then realized I forgot to comment on yours! I love this story. There is nothing like the beginning of a friendship. It's very Rowling-esque :)

    Thanks for hosting the blogfest. This was great fun!

  32. Great story Michael! Fred and George really know how to come through in a pinch, don't they?

  33. Hi, I saw you and this feature on the Golden Eagle's blog. A fun thing to do, I really enjoyed your story. Not as talanted, I posted on the two characters who I would be friends with today though without a story. Nice to meet you, I enjoyed my visit. Best wishes PW.