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Welcome everyone. Today it's my great pleasure to announce the debut novel by talented author Roland Yeomans.  I am also the host of the first stop on his amazing blog book tour! In the next few days I plan to uncover all. LOL.

We all know Roland from his awesome blog, Writing in the Crosshairs, where he teases us with incredible excerpts from his many exciting works.

The Bear with Two Shadows is Roland's debut novel and it can be yours by simply clicking on to this link. E-books are instant gratification and can be downloaded to your kindle or computer.

Now let's find out more about my guest author Roland Yeomans. This is a man who doesn't like to talk about himself, but he's a fountain of information.

Michael: Welcome Roland. I'm thrilled to have you stop my blog. It's great that I am in sunny Florida instead of the frozen tundra of Chicago. I hope you enjoy your visit for the next few days.

Roland: Thank you, Michael. It's nice to be here.

Michael: In todays interview I'd like to focus on you, the person, what influences your writing? What is your muse?

Roland: (A glimmer of light sparks in his soulful black eyes) My muse was my loneliness.  Mother had to work all day or all night, depending what job she could get to support the two of us.  A survivor of an abusive family and an orphanage not even Charles Dickens could imagine, her education was only high school. 

She educated herself much better with books, saying she had seen illiterates with college diplomas.  She'd tap my head, saying that what was in there was all that stood between me and the hungry darkness that lived in hidden hearts, waiting to snap me up if I could not spot them under their disguises.

Michael: It sounds like she was a very strong and wise woman ...  as if she had an old soul.

Roland: (His eyes grow sad.) Hardship, suffering, and terror ages a child. Her father was a madman of whom even the local authorities were terrified.  He terrorized the black hands who worked his tobacco farm, then sent her out to work alone among them. 

They could have taken out their anger against her, but instead were the only sources of affection mother had after her Grandmother died. It taught her to always side with the underdog.  She passed that on to me."

Michael: It sounds like you had a lot of alone time.

Roland: I was alone most of my life.  I developed friendships with heroes in books.  Ulysses was my first hero.  He contested with gods, monsters, and men, winning by his wits alone.

When my father, to hurt my divorcing mother, conned my babysitter to let him have six year old me, and he dumped me on the meanest street in Detroit -- I managed to keep my sanity and my life by telling myself if Ulysses could survive, then I could survive.  I did for six weeks.  But with the help of an old woman who lived on the streets, somewhat mad, afraid of those in uniform, but a good heart.

Old Suze was what she went by, and I immortalized her in THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH.

Old Suze finally overcame her irrational fear of uniforms and brought me to a Salvation Army center.  And thus was born the conviction that having a fictional hero was more important than you might think.

Michael: What a tragic experience for such a young boy. Thank God for your Earthly Angel who came to your rescue. 

Roland: I saw so many things on those streets that six year old me didn't understand.  Afterwards Mother brought me books from the library on whatever troubled me or interested me.  And we would read them together.

Michael: I could just imagine. I'd like to know a little about your education.

Roland: I wanted to teach kids the love of reading that had saved me on the streets and in my loneliness.  I got a secondary English degree with a major list of minors from microbiology, archeaology, history, and psychology. 

Sadly, in my area, the high schoolers are mostly lost causes.  The other teachers burned out, caught in a scholastic environment where too many students terrorize the teachers.  I studied and got my Master's degree in psychology to help hurting kids one-on-one. 

Michael: That is so admirable. Roland you are such a caring person. I am so impressed by your humility. I wish we had more time today. I hope you have some free time tomorrow for more questions.

Roland:(A happy smile turns up his lips) I find time for friends. And I consider you a very good one.

Michael: ( I blush) Thank you, Roland, likewise. And I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Everyone, Roland is offering some AMAZING signed editions to all of you! So don't forget to leave you email in the comments section.

Cover of "Odd Thomas"

A comment offers one entry per host. Another two entries for linking the book to twitter or Facebook. Make sure to email Roland @ rxena77@yahoo.com And any blogger who posts a legitimate review on Amazon by March 31st will get three entries into the drawing. Believe me you don't want to miss out on any of these amazing signed books. Drawing will be on April 1st. 


  1. What a fun time I had doing this interview with you, Michael. This was great. Everone, give Michael a standing ovation for being such a great friend! Roland

  2. I really love the title of Roland's book. I am really keen to read it. :O)

  3. Great interview, thanks Michael and Roland. It's always nice to know more about writerly bloggers and what drives them to write the stories they write! Take care

  4. Yay, standing ovation for the creator of Victor Standish and Michael. What are good friends for? Great to get to know more about you Roland. I can't get my head around a little six-year old boy dumped on the streets - and by a father! Thank God for your mother.

    Roland I wish you every good wish. May blessings rain bountifully on all the good people in the world, starting with yourself!


    PS Bear with two Shadows is amazing as I knew it would be.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks go to both for insightful interview, and in particular heart-felt thanks to Roland for baring his inner self within a public forum.


  6. Welcome, Everyone...

    I am thrilled to host this blog book tour....

    PLEASE don't forget to leave your email address for an entry into Roland's UNBELIEVABLE book giveaway.

    Thanks for dropping in and visiting.

  7. What a hard upbringing, I bet your books are gems as a result. I love the title too. Count me in!

  8. Okay FBed and tweeted :)

  9. Oh my Roland. I am so glad that God watched over you. I do think that adversity makes us better writers. There's a lot of abuse in my background too.

    I sent it to face book and I'll do twitter in a moment, but dummy me doesn't know how to figure out the links.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  10. Roland and Michael- You both did a fantastic job!

  11. Awesome, Awesome interview!! Very insightful. I would like to be entered into the giveaway (Narcissus In Chains *hint, hint* ;-)) ANd I will post something on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook by tomorrow.

    In other news, Michael, I have award for you over at my blog. http://caenus.blogspot.com/2011/03/woo-hoo-two-awards.html


  12. What a great interview followed by an amazing giveaway! You gentlemen rock. I wish Roland and his novel the best of luck and many, many sales!

  13. What an incredible personal story, Roland! No question fictional heroes can save us sometimes. I believe it.

    Thanks for the great interview, Michael. Here's my email for my entry!: lndgry2010@gmail.com

  14. Awesome giveaway here. Most of these authors rarely do signings, so I'm quite impresed! Here's hoping. I'll be trying depsperately to review Bear with Two Shadows by the deadline. I've already purchased.

    stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com

    Scribbler to Scribe

  15. Fantastic interview, you two. It shows Roland's strength of character that he's the person (and author!) he is today.

  16. Interesting interview. Reading does help us overcome some painful life experiences. Will try to remember to come back for the next interview.

  17. Great interview Michael and Roland! And Roland, thank you for the fab give-away!

  18. Oh, and 2 things: my email: ali at alicross dot com, and the email link for Roland doesn't seem to be working. :(

  19. I had no idea that Roland had such a difficult past. Kudos to him for becoming stronger, and not letting it screw up his wonderful writing career.
    Thanks to Michael too!

  20. Wow, Thanks everyone.

    Remember leave your email if you want to be in the drawing....

    Roland is super generous giving away these awesome books!

  21. What a fantastic interview! I was fascinated by Roland's emotional discussion of his past, his hardships, and the roots of his passion for writing. Thanks, Michael, for sharing this with us!

    My email, should you need it (*fingers crossed tightly*) is:

  22. Wow Roland, you and your mother both seem to have experienced some of the toughest hits that life could send. I'm so glad that it turned you into who you are today instead of breaking you.

    All the best with your book!


  23. What a great interview and fun giveaway - signed editions, amazing! It was lovely to get to know Roland better.

  24. His comments about loneliness being a muse makes me wonder how many writers out there feel lonely and write to avoid getting depressed. What a wonderful man he is and thank you for the chance to get to know him via your blog.

  25. This is a great interview! It's always interesting to learn more about authors, and their experiences.

  26. Thank you both for a tender, heartfelt interview. You are both sooo very special.

  27. YAY for Roland! Both for sharing your story here, and for sharing the book with all of us. I've got it on my kindle right now...


  28. Theresa: (Opens her mouth in awe.) Roland, you are the FIRST interviewee to tag your own answers. Very impressive.

    I hope you sell many, many copies of this book. I've enjoyed your prolific posts.

    If I won Neil Gaiman's book I'd be over the moon. 1 point for a comment + 2 for linking this on Facebook = 3 entries!

  29. I've enjoyed reading about you Roland.

    And I wish you many, many sales success!

  30. Roland & Michael,

    what a touching interview. Looking forward to following the tour

    (um...and I think I'm on the list to host an interview with the author...clears throat. Somebody tell me when, yeah, cuz I have shortimers syndrome all the time:)


  31. Great interview. I've been following Roland around the blogisphere while he promotes his book. I'm excited to hear his story.

  32. Okay I'm back. Great interview. Now I know were Roland gets his ideas and muses from. It is always great to hear from him.
    Thanks for the interview.

    Pamela Jo

  33. You must pull a lot from your past to create three-dimensional characters. You've peaked my interest. I'm looking forward to checking out your work.

  34. Well you know I've twittered, fb's and posted. I do lust after one of those wonderful books - I don't care which!


  35. Excellent interview Michael. You are so big hearted yourself, I could imagine both of you sitting ftf.

    Such a tragic early life Roland. No wonder your stories are so dark (uh, not that there's anything wrong with dark stories.) You had a lot of fuel for you characters and the harsh lessons in life.

    I'll see you both tomorrow.


  36. Great interview! :) Best of luck!

  37. Great interview. Your incredible story has made me appreciate my family and friends even more. All good things to you, Roland and those that you are helping.

  38. Congrats on Roland's debut. And this interview was riveting. I'm glad he was able to see something positive (heroes) throughout his hardships, and then express himself creatively.

  39. My email is rxena77@yahoo.com. I've never had problems with people not being able to get me before. Sorry for this hassle, folks.