Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After a restless night of pondering on Hogwarts coming to life right before my eyes, the time had come. Putting in the last few pieces of luggage into my car, I jump into the driver's seat, close the door, strap myself in, and start the engine.

It's already 70 degrees and the sun is shielded by the usual white puffy clouds. I have always admired this natural phenomenon. A forget-me-not blue sky with huge white cotton-ball-like clouds looming over head. 

I follow the signs to I 4  east. The Orlando traffic is somewhat heavy. It' s nearly nine o'clock and the last minute commuters are rushing to work ... I am rushing to Hogwarts. Could you imagine what a thrill the first glimpse of that Hogwarts castle will be? I'll feel just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione! 

It took several minutes to enter the ramp of I 4. One by one each car in front of me inches it way onto the interstate. Now it's my turn.

Motoring towards exit 75A, I get caught in several traffic jams. I only have eight exits to go, yet it seems like I'm moving backwards.

Twenty-five torturous minutes later, I see the sign for exit 75A. My heart starts to beat a little faster as I finally make it to the exit ramp. In another ten minutes or so I should see the signs for Islands of Adventure.

After taking about five or six deep breaths, I see the sign. "All right! I made it!"

Now the fun begins ... finding parking.  

Gotta concentrate on getting a spot. It looks like a fricken car dealership! Later!


  1. Nice posts. I can feel the giddy in Gideon - have fun!

  2. oh nice Mike shame abt the traffic, but you are there now, you can let looses

  3. Gah! How could you leave us on such a cliffie?!?! I WILL be looking up your post on the wizarding world. I saw the movie last night (yup, Thanksgiving) and LOVED it. Gotta see it in IMAX next. :)