Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Greetings from another sunny day in Hogmeade. In today's post I am going to show you the skyline views and wonderful architectural details many fans will miss unless they really look for them .... like your faithful tour guide.

We begin with our lovely entrance into Hogsmeade. We spot the wonderful Hogsmeade cut out metal plaque. The skyline view is enhanced by a warthog running underneath. Notice the beautiful stepped stone arch. The sunlight streams onto each and every stone, kissing it with drop of light. Through it, one glimpses the snow-covered pitched roofs with dozens of chimneys piecing the deep blue sky.

Next to the Hogwarts Express we see the cedar and stone shingled second and third story of a charming residential home. Note the three large gables and two smaller ones. So much charm and detail just on this one structure.

Just look at the stonework on the train depot! The Hogwarts express jets out from the tunnel. That's the only disappointment for me. The Express should be animated and rolling into Hogsmeade, but all the fantastic details more than make up for it.

Inside the station are charming lockers to store your purchases or whatever, if you don't want to lug them around with you. The ceiling is fascinating, all wood beamed trusses hold up all the heavy stonework. The gateway is ready for the next semester of students in September.

Here's a wonderful close-up view of the lockers. Look at the fantastic sepia-toned illustration and the wood-paneled details.

As I walk back toward the castle, this skyline has to be one of my favorites. Those bent chimneys slay me! Such incredible imagination went into these structures. Notice the gables on the right almost facing each other. The snow looks so real glistening in the sunlight. You really feel like you're in an enchanted

What could a guide say when facing such incredible awesomeness ... but you know I will give it a try. Look at the proud warthog gargoyle guarding his treasured Hogwarts. Sitting high on the hill, each exquisitely placed stone draws the eye upward to the crowning peak: the tower.

Well fellow HP fanatics, this concludes out tour for today. Hopefully we will have another perfect day to spend in Hogsmeade tomorrow. I still haven't had a bite at The Three Broomsticks or did any of the exciting rides. Stayed tuned for that exciting post.


Dominic de Mattos said...

Thank you Michael for sharing all these wonderful and exciting pictures! I have been back to follow your journey since Saturday and it looks fantastic! I don't get on well with crowds and queues, but it just looks worth every patient hour! Looking forward to continuing our visit with you!

Heather said...

These are awesome! I'd love to go there someday! It's amazing that the novels have inspired so much.

Bast said...

I haven't really been commenting, but I have been checking your posts every day and really enjoying all the great photos.

Jodi Henry said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I hope your vaca is going just as well. The weather looks like it's cooperating with you.


Melissa said...

These are great photos! One of my favorite skyline sort of shots is in the Owlery (though you don't have it here) and there's all the owls above you with moving heads. You can see how much detail they put into the wizarding world because they even have poop stains and made it look so authentic it's amazing.

My ultimate favorite though is Hogwarts. Man that view is amazing.