Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Fans ... Day Three of the Trivia Challenge

Featured Book: Prisoner of Azkaban

Well my wonderful HP pals you have been too good! So far there have been two winners each day. Congratulations to Melissa and Jen! IF this keeps up I will go bankrupt! lol So from now on if there is more than one winner I will do a drawing. Since it was the weekend my four winners will each receive a prize. Good luck. These questions are harder. I know you can handle it.
Here are the answers from yesterday:

1. Two pieces of Bread and some cheese
2. Hover charm
3.Misuse of the Muggle Artifacts Office.
4.Ottery St Catchpole in Devon, England
5.Magical Me.
6.Gadding with Ghouls
9.Deathday party in the dungeon. Harry heard hissing in the wall and they go to the second floor to the corridor outside moaning myrtle's bathroom and find mrs. norris petrified and a message on the wall.
10.Hermione dueled Millicent Bullstrode. Millicent ignored the no contact rule and put Hermione in a headlock (which hermione used to steal a hair of her robes!)

Questions for The Prisoner of Azkaban:
1.What did Harry receive for his birthday. Be specific from whom and where, and what specifically?
2.What did Mr. Weasley win? Be specific.
3.Who or what is Binky? Be specific.
4.Why did Professor McGonagall reprimand Lee Jordan during the Quidditch match?
5.Who was Percy writing to all summer? Be specific.
6.What specific memory finally produced Harry’s first patronus? 
7.What did Parvati see when it was her turn with the boggart.
8.What happened to Ron during his final in Defense against the Dark Arts. Be specific
9.What was the first creature Hagrid showed in his first class? Its color and its name and nickname.
10. Who takes care of aunt Marge’s dogs when she’s away?
I hope these are a challenge. I want to stump you.... I know I am so nasty ,,,. lol REMEMBER you shouldn't be looking up these answers.

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

In many ways, PRISONER OF AZKABAN is both my favorite Harry Potter book and movie. It was the crossroads for poor Harry from the innocence of childhood to the pain of looming adulthood. I'm truly enjoying your questions -- good for my humility and all.

N. R. Williams said...

Well, I can't answer them all but I have a few. Mrs. Weasley gave Harry something she knitted. A scarf maybe, I know the twins got scarfs. riding a broom or maybe that wasn't good enough. Anyway, I'd have to read the book again I will root for the other winners.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Colene Murphy said...

Awesome questions. I Don't even want to try, I'd be so ashamed of myself for not knowing so many right off! Great fest!