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Since Saturday I have been posting HP trivia questions from each book. After four trivia challenges I have decided to talk about HP and the Order of the Phoenix instead. But before I do, for my diehard trivia bloggers, I will post the answers to Monday's and Tuesday's trivia questions. 

Prisoner of Azkaban:

1. What did Harry receive for his birthday? From Ron- a pocket sneakoscope. Hermione- a broomstick        servicing kit. Hagrid- Monster book of Monsters.
2. What did Mr. Weasley win?  700 Galleons from the Daily Profit drawing.
3. Who or what was Binky? Lavender Brown's pet rabbit.
4. Why did Professor McGonagall reprimand Lee Jordan during the Quidditch match? Commenting too much on the Firebolt.
5. Who was Percy writing to all summer? Penelope Clearwater- Ravenclaw prefect.
6. What specific memory  produced Harry's first patronis? Finding out he was a wizard and leaving the Dursleys.
7. What did Parvati see when it was her turn with the boggart? A blood-stained mummy.
8. What happened to Ron during his final in Defense against the Dark Arts class? He was confused by a hinkypunk and sunk waist deep in a quagmire.
9. What was the first creature Hagrid showed in his first class. Its color, name, and nickname. A gray hippogriff named Buckbeak or Beaky.
10. Who takes care of Aunt Marge's dog's when out of town? Colonel Fubster.

Goblet of Fire:

1. At the Quidditch World Cup, what covered the tents of the spectators? Irish- shamrocks ... Bulgaria- blinking posters of Victor Krum
2. What ended the match? Krum caught the snitch, ending the game 150 to 160 Ireland won.
3. Who wouldn't put on pants and why? Archie, because he liked his privates airy.
4. What was the name of the referee? Hassan Mustafa.
5. What was the name of Ireland's seeker?  Lynch.
6. Which team chaser scored first? Ireland-Troy.
7. Who wasn't invited to the feast and why? Peeves the poltergeist, because he makes trouble all the time.
8. What happened to the Daily Profit reporter? Rita Skeeter- Hermione captures her in a glass vial when she was a beetle.
9. What item did the Gryffindor students avoid and why? Canary Creams- anyone who would eat one would burst into feathers.
10. What was the password Harry used to enter Dumbledore's office? Cockroach Clusters.

Thanks to those who participated and made this trivia challenge so much fun!

Of all the Harry Potter books I honestly think this one was the most anticipated, at least for me. I say this because I remember how long I waited for this edition to come out in 2003. I ran to Borders after midnight to get my copy. This was the first time I did this. When I discovered Harry Potter in 2001 when the film came out, I had no idea this was a book series. Could you believe it? A year later and Chamber of Secrets movie hit the theaters. It was a few weeks after I had seen that film, I realized this was a book series written by JK Rowling. You can imagine my excitement. I read all four books within a month and then I was left hanging for a year for the next one to come out. Torture ...  sheer torture. I think this time seemed harder for me because I needed my fix. As you all can understand.

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry is growing up. He has to prove himself against two dementors to save the life of his cousin and his own. He is reprimanded by the Ministry of Magic and is suspended and has to go to the wizard court. He is in the dark, not given any information about Voldemort.  

Poor Harry. Forced to stay with the Dursleys and being scolded like a naughty child.

After a month he is finally freed from the Dursley's and learns about the Order of Phoenix: an anti-Voldemort organization created by Dumbledore fighting against Voldemort and his Deatheaters.

Now back at Hogwart's, Harry faces something far worse than the dementors or even Lord Voldermort: the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, Dolores Umbridge.

Can we dish on Umbridge? Let's ... leave your favorite "Umbridge moment" in the comments today. Let's really have a good time dishing her! I'll start ... My favorite Umbridge moment is when Fred and George set off the fireworks and she has to stop all the calamity by herself! Oh how I laughed when Professor Flitwick slammed the door in her snarling face. 

I am so looking forward to your responses. The humor, so incredible in the book was cut from the movie. Yes, they had the fireworks scene, but not even close to the book's.

These are the finer points. Of course, tons of other things happen. This edition ... over 800 pages. 

Enjoy the rest of your HP day. ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!
Many of my blogging friends are having Potter-themed posts. Haunt Jen at unedited @ Jen and her friends have incredible posts. 


  1. Ah, I loved the part when Fred and George gave her what she so rightfully deserved. That was one of my favorites, but I also like when she looked to Harry for help with the Centaurs and Harry simply says..."I must not tell lies." Great post!

  2. I feel like an outsider for even being here, but I think you HPers are great. Your enthusiasm is contageous.

  3. Ha! You fixed it! You know it's funny--PoA was once my favorite, but those questions have stumped me the worst. Wee correction on GoF questions--Troy of Ireland is a CHASER... /geek

    Okay! Oh, man... Umbridge is the very worst kind of villain because she thinks she is serving the righteous cause. I think she was divinely done--the simpering voice and saccharine details (pink cardigan, kitten plates). And she had power behind her so she kept being able to up the ante--i LOVED that DDs gargoyles wouldn't let her into the Headmaster's office--and the fact that she allowed for delightful flashes of Flitwick's internal smartass ('i'm sorry, I don't think that's in my job description' and refusal to remove the swamp)

    her evil quill was horrible, but I think the moment that moves me most is throwing Trelawney out (or trying)--when in fact she was probably in huge danger from Voldemort at that point because he was trying to retrieve the prophecy.

  4. Renae,

    Glad you enjoyed the post.


    You are always welcome to my blog. I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. You don't have to be fanatic to enjoy the fun.


    Always happy to see you! And I know how you LOVE anything HP. I absolutely love Umbridge for all the reasons you gave and more. She made this edition the most comical for me! I especially loved her flappy face that looked like a palled toad. WHY didn't they do that in the movie?Use latex for the actual face.

    Glad the blog problem cleared up. I would love lots of Umbridge comments. Sadly it looks like a quiet day here. Maybe it will pick up later.


  5. I was part of a discussion group between OoP and HBP and we had a joke theory about Dolores Umbridge and Cornelius Fudge being responsible for chocolate frogs (get it? toad face? Fudge?) Gawd, we had fun!

    OoP was my favorite of these books, too, though I think for different reasons. I loved Harry taking over his story--it was a hard trip, but this is the first place where he ACTS instead of REACTing. (and I do adore the 'government is evil, even if they don't think they are, because they are clueless' piece--I'm always a conspiracy theorist)

  6. Hart,

    That sounds like such fun. What a great topic! LOVE the chocolate frog joke!

    My favorite book POA for one very important reason. The twist in the story. I was flabbergasted why scabbers turned out to be Wormtale. JK tied it in so smoothly, you didn't know what hit you.

  7. Awe! Michael you made my day! Thank you so much for the shout-out! That's so sweet of you!

    I have to say I can't answer the posts, I'm working on other things this week but I love all the questions you're coming up with! You're a serious pro!

  8. Yes, Umbridge's fate was great. Have you recovered from all that painting? A blood run calls. Gotta run!

  9. Michael! Sorry I missed the last two trivia days! It's final paper time for me right now and I've been swamped with schoolwork!

    Umbridge... I think one of my favorite scenes is when there's the swamp the twins put in the hallway. AND I LOVE when she's interviewing all the teachers.. that's probably my favorite. Her interviews (especially the one with Snape!)