Thursday, November 18, 2010


Featured today- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What can we say about Severus Snape? For starters he has made Harry's life miserable for the past five years at Hogwarts. And year six isn't any better. To Harry's shock his least favorite teacher is now teaching his favorite subject: Defense against the Dark Arts. 

Snape begins on the first day to insist his NEWT students cast spells silently. As we know only one student can do that, our favorite top of the year student, Hermione.

Harry's on the defensive again. Annoyed Snape took over the class Harry excelled in, Harry is now faced with taking his least favorite class by surprise. Potions is now part of his curriculum. His future career as a Auror counts on it.

Harry and Ron rush to potions fully unprepared. Slughorn offers them copies of year six potions. Harry's copy has comments written all over it. He decides to follow the scribble and ends producing the perfect Draught of Living Death. For the first time ever, Harry received top marks in POTIONS! Not only that he won the coveted Felix Felisus potion that gives the drinker instant luck.

Harry becomes more and more dependent on the book and discovers new spells which the previous owner of the book created himself ... The Half-blood prince. This wonderful book ends up getting Harry into major trouble when he uses a spell on Malfoy that nearly kills him. If it wasn't for Snape, Malfoy would have died.

Snape is now on the hunt to catch Harry red-handed with the book. Harry hides it in the room of requirement. He could never let Snape get his hands on it. In that book was all of Harry's success as a potions genius. And Snape was highly suspicious why Harry all of a sudden had this new talent.

As we weave through the story we find out Malfoy has a mission and Harry is obsessed with finding out what it is. 

Katie Bell is attacked. Ron is poisoned. Deatheaters enter Hogwarts ... and ... Dumbledore is killed by non other that  Snape! 

Talk about shocking!

Harry witnesses this travesty and chases after Snape. On the grassy slopes of Hogwarts, Harry catches up to Snape and uses the deadly Sectum Sempra spell on him. 

At this moment we find out Snape is the Half-blood prince and created the the spells Harry used good and bad.

What a climax! We are left shocked! We are speechless! We are gasping for breath! And if this wasn't enough we had to live through Dumbledore's funeral. 

How many tears stained your copy?

We hate Snape. How could he do this? Killing Dumbledore! A then we waited. 

Two plus years to find out if Harry would survive Lord Voldemort's wrath. 

We were not disappointed. But that is tomorrow's post.

TELL me what you LOVE or HATE about SEVERUS SNAPE! Leave a Snapelicious comment.


Colene Murphy said...

At the end of this book I HATED HIS FRIKKIN GUTS! Up to that point it was love hate. He was so funny and so awful but I loved him anyway and then this book....GROWL! (And then of course I felt terrible about it when I learned the truth!)

Dominic de Mattos said...

I was more convinced than ever at the end of the HBP that Snape was still on the good side. Perhaps it is my perverse nature to want to see the good in people despite every evidence to the contrary.
Didn't mean I didn't rant at him for being a mean, vindictive, petty minded jerk!

In honour of THE impending release, I have a Harry Potter post on my blog today! (I might have used this in your blogfest if you hadn't stated it should be set in the holidays!)

Melissa said...

I didn't hate Snape at the end of this book. Do you want to know why? Because the way Dumbledore talked to him, accepted his death.... I KNEW there was something else happening. I didn't know what it was yet but I knew there was something more behind it and I would get an explanation in a year.

Golden Eagle said...

I was confused at the end of the book; I didn't hate him all that much, for basically the same reason Melissa stated above.

I LOVE the way Alan Rickman's plays him in the movie, though; he does an excellent job.

Ellie Garratt said...

I have to admit I'm not a huge HP fan but I feel I know all the characters intimately through listening to all my friends! I'm not doing your HP blogfest because of nanowrimo but I've given it a mention on blog.

Michael Di Gesu said...

I agree Colene, I always hated Snape, but he's a great character.

HI Dominic. Hi Melissa. Thanks for stopping by today.

Welcome Golden Eagle. I agree Alan Rickman is THE best Snape. Just lIke Richard Harris was THE best Dumbledore.

Thanks Ellie,

I'll make sure I do something really fun for you on my next blogfest!

The Words Crafter said...

I always think of Harry, Snape, and Tom Riddle as the Lost Boys of Hogwarts. I love Snape. In case there are people who haven't read the book,I won't give anything away.....