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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Breniera, a sleeping beauty named Princess Kaylee dreams of her betrothed, Prince Devlin. Images whirl of dragons, swords, enchantments, and blood as she falls ever so deeply into slumber ...

Bells ring, a cry of alarm echos through the corridors of the castle. Servants, from the youngest to the oldest scurry. 

A knock on the door of the royal chambers wakes the king and queen with a start. 

“Alarm bells.” The king shakes the queen. “Something is gravely wrong. Wake at once.” He reaches for his robe. “Come in, Gerard.”

The door flings open. “Your Highness. It’s a travesty. The news is so shocking!”

“What is it? Tell us immediately.”

Gerard paces. He twitches and wrings his hands. “Sire, I don’t know how to tell you. An evil darkens our kingdom. It is unspeakable.”

“You better speak, or I’ll have your head!”

Gerard pales to arctic white. “It’s the Prince, Sire. 

“The Prince! What has happened to Prince Devlin?”

“A curse, Sire.” 

The queen gasps and covers her mouth. The king’s dark brows raise into his peppered hairline.

“But how? Who would cast such a spell?”

“Princess Arabella sent word, Sire. She is distraught at her brother’s demise and she claims the spell is spreading.”

“WHAT?! Round up my knights and wake the princess! We shall meet in the great hall.”

Gerald remains frozen.


Gerard jumps and races away.

The king turns to the queen and shakes his head. “How do we fight a wicked spell ? ...”

*     *     *     *     *

Five knights, three carriages, and a dozen or so archers line up on the cobblestoned road leading away from the castle. Princess Kaylee mounts her horse in a form-fitted leather clad attire. A simple sword clings to her back. With a stiff jaw set, she is ready ... 

A rumor of an ancient sword is her only hope. With this she must attain a drop of a dragon’s blood. What awaits the princess on her dangerous quest? 

Twists and turns ...

More twists and turns ...

Another’s quest for blood ...

But whose?

What traps await Princess Kaylee from the mysterious conjurer of this wicked spell? 

Time is running out ...

Will Princess Kaylee return before the last person in her kingdon falls into a deadly sleep?

Not even love’s kiss will be able to save her prince.

QUEST OF THE HART ... A Princess Of Valendria Novel 

by Mary Waibel

Quest of the Hart (MuseItUp April, 2013)

The Lost Princess (MuseItUp August, 2013

Purchase: MuseItUp Publishing 

Now this is one fairy tale with an incredible twist. Imagine the a princess fighting a dragon to save her prince. I certainly want to read more ... don’t you?

Well done, Mary. AND CONGRATULATIONS on your debut TODAY! Yes, everyone, today is the launch of this amazing book. Please drop by Mary’s blog to congratulate her. 

For her launch, Mary is offering a giveaway.... scroll down to enter.

I hope you all enjoyed my interpretation. There’s still lots more to come. And don’t forget to drop by on X day to see which letter I pick to feature. 

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  1. Thanks so much for having me today, Michael! Love the snippet you created from the blurb I sent, it was great!

  2. Great intro!
    Michael, I know that you're good at romance, but you could probably write a good fantasy/fairytale story too!

    Writer In Transit

  3. Another great intro! Best of luck, Mary!

  4. Thanks, Roland!

    And Michelle, I totally agree. He did a stunning job with his interpretation.

  5. Congratulations, Mary, on launching your novel! Wish you great success with this and all other publications to come.

    This intro is another hit out the park, Michael! Woot!

  6. Have a great launch, Mary! Here's to super success with your book.

  7. Thank Lee! And i agree, Alex, Michael did a great job.

  8. That was very intriguing, I need more...

  9. Must stop that spell!

    You should do these professionally, Michael.

  10. This has all the right ingredients for a great story - curses, spells, swords and, most of all, dragons! I definitely want to read more. It's great to discover your book, Mary!

  11. Cathrina, Michael did a great job whetting the appetite with his scene.

    Diane- she's hoping she can, but only time will tell.

    Thanks, Julie! glad you found it.

  12. Hi, All,

    Just dropping in to say Hi ..


    So happy you liked my interpretation. And thanks for dropping periodically to commented to your fans...

    Thanks, Michelle,

    Glad you liked the intro...

    Roland, always glad to see you.

    Thanks Angela... Glad to see I am still keeping up with the previous intros. Not easy when you have such great books to feature.

    Wow, Alex,

    Glad you liked this one so much!

    Hi, Lee,

    Thanks for dropping by and supporting Mary.

    Cathrina, Welcome...

    Glad you want more...

    Hi, L, Diane,

    I just might. LOL.

    I couldn't agree more Julie....

  13. I luurve dragons, and how can you go wrong with an ancient sword?!

    Another "must read" intro, Michael. And congrats to Mary :)

  14. Yay for Mary!! It's a great story. :)

  15. Thanks, Gwen!

    and I'm so glad you liked it, PK!

  16. I read travesty and my mind went somewhere else. I had to look it up in the dictionary to see what you meant. See? that's what one gets when English is not your tongue, hahaha. In any case, you're still doing good and manage to keep breathing. Way to go!

  17. Love the fairytale ambiance and the switcheroo premise. So fun! Another Brilliant intro, Michael.

    Congratulations on your debut, Mary!

    VR Barkowski

  18. Hi Michael! :) Love your intro (like always- you are so creative and completely amazing) Thank you also for always stopping by my blog and leaving such insightful and deep comments! :) You are a very inspirational and talent person, and I am glad to have gotten to know you through this wonderful world of blogging. Will talk at you tomorrow! Until then, have a fabulous day and best :)

  19. Michael, you're the king of introductions. Good luck to Mary!

  20. Carole- Michael did a great introduction. Thanks for the well wishes.

  21. I love the twist to this! The princess fighting the dragon instead of waiting for the kiss! Awesome. :)

  22. Great introduction- sounds like an interesting twist.

  23. Thanks Laura, it was a lot of fun dealing with a princess who's afraid of blood fighting a dragon. All I'll say is, there's another twist there.

    Melanie- there are quite a few twists and turns in there. And I agree, Michael did a great introduction.

  24. I love that twist. I can see this being made into a Disney movie with a kick ass princess.

  25. Oh...I like the twist on this. The Princess has to save the day!

    I'm going to check it out, Mary.

    You did a lovely job, Michael!

  26. Thanks Susan and Sia!

    I just saw it's up at Amazon, too and they have samples of the first chapter and part of the second chapter.

  27. Wow, this is such a cool premise. I do love the tables-turned with the princess rushing off to save the prince. Cool.

  28. Enchanting and intriguing as always Michael. Were I into fantasy, I'd have to get it for sure, you draw people in so well. Writer’s Mark

  29. Thanks Shell! It was lots of fun to write.

    Nancy, I agree his twist on my blurb was fantastic!

  30. I love stories where the Princess is the one who has to rescue the Prince. Great post!

  31. Nice! The book sounds fabulous. Love strong female characters.

  32. In a word: Breathless. I had to race over to MuseItUp and grab a copy. Got it! Congratulations on your new release, Mary.

  33. Golden Eagle- they can be quite fun. Although, I still like my guys to have to do the rescue sometimes, too.

    Lynda- Thanks! I really enjoyed pitting a strong female against one who didn't realize her own strength.

    Wendy- Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy it!

  34. That's awesome that SHE must save her knight in shining armor. Girl power at it's finest :)

  35. Thanks Samantha! I thought it was a nice twist.

  36. I love the idea of a princess saving the prince, even though she has to be a princess. ;) Great twist on an old convention.

  37. Very cool. This sounds like a fun story!

  38. Thanks, Kristen. It was a lot of fun to write.