Saturday, April 6, 2013


Dappled light filters through the trees, as a young man hikes a narrow trail off the beaten track. A twig snaps; the sound echoes like rippling rings in a disturbed pond. 

His pulse races. He turns. Takes a step. He slowly releases a pinned up breath. Teeth sink into his bare neck. He screams. Darkness clouds his sight ...

Death shadows him.

Time passes.

He wakes ... 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

His new form emerges after a deadly vampire attack on his mother.

He bolts, as revenge drips from his fangs. Vengeance guides him to a new land ... the Lone Star State.

A girl, like no other, crosses his path. Who is this creature? And why? He raises a brow. Why is she so different? 

*     *     *

Within magic she was conceived. But, at a price ...

For sixteen years she escapes her destiny.

With him, she experiences ecstasy beyond all five senses ... 

It consumes her in one fleeting moment ...

As the waves crash, she is forever cursed.

Two births ... two fates ... two heart beats become one ...

In a world like no other, a child’s destiny is an ever-present mystery. With just one bite a life changes.

FRAILTIES OF THE BOND ... A novel by Angela Brown

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FRAILTIES OF THE BOND is the first in a series of novellas and short stories introducing heroes and heroines of the secret organization, NEO – Network of Extraordinaires and Otherwordlies.

What an amazing premise and COVER... Wow, Angela, I can’t wait to read this one. Please drop by Angela’s blog to say hi. She has several books to choose from too! Congrats Angela. All the best with your newest novella.

So, friends, this ends our first week of the A-Z challenge. I hope you all enjoyed the intros. I certainly had a challenge of another sort getting these posted without wifi readily available. LOL.

Enjoy your Day off A-Zers and get lots of rest to gear up for another EXCITING week! Thanks for all your amazing comments and I will look forward to them even more on Monday. Until then ...


  1. I'd read it just for the cover. I love peacocks.

  2. Congrats, Angela! A beautiful cover and an interesting sounding story.

  3. Yeah for Angela!! And another fine introduction.

  4. A lovely introduction. Have a restful weekend.

  5. Loved the introduction and congrats to Angela! Enjoy your day off.

  6. Angela has done it again ... and sos have you, Michael. Great intro!

  7. Love the cover :D

    That was so intense! I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I finished reading.

    Have a great weekend :)

  8. Yay Angela!
    Wonderful Intro Michael, and good job getting the posts up without steady wifi. I know that can be tough from experience.

  9. I can't wait to read this. I have it on my Nook. Woot for Angela!

  10. WOW!! Michael...I'm just...WOW!

    For a whole moment, I forgot it was my book you were introducing, so caught up in the driving tension. Then the cover splashed before me and the reality that you were talking about FOTB hit me.

    Just, WOW! Had to tweet and share on FB!!

    You ROCK!!!

  11. I really really want to read this book. :-D

  12. Awesome! I love seeing all these books given your touch, Michael.

  13. Whoa, your intro makes me want to read it again! You definitely have that special touch, Michael.

  14. Hi, all ...

    Thanks for dropping by and for all the great comment!

    Wow, thanks Angela! That is quite the compliment!

    I appreciate ALL your kind words... Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  15. Good job as always, Michael. Is sun at last warming you up? Have a great weekend and may the muses bring you ideas for more creative introductions!

  16. Intriguing premise—so intense—Talk about tension! Sublime intro, Michael. Congratulations to Angela. FRAILTIES OF THE BOND looks and sounds spectacular!

    ~VR Barkowski

  17. BRILLIANT, as always! Such talent! And go Angela!

  18. Yay for Angela! :)

    P.S. This one made me want to go, "Dun, dun, dunnn!"

  19. It is a nice cover and good opening into intrigue of the heart and soul.

  20. I want to join NEO!!! Where do I sign up? But no blood, please! I'm squeamish!! Yay!

    Huge congrats to Angela!!! Take care

  21. Powerful intro! Congrats to Angela, this looks great.

  22. Michael, your talented writing makes an awesome intro for this book. The cover is stunning. Good wishes to Angela for success!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  23. Wow angela! Greatness surrounds you!! Love the peacock abs...
    As for you michael...your awesomeness proceeds you!

  24. I'm just catching up on your posts now and enjoying every one. You sure know how to write a compelling intro! It's great to see that you're able to post these despite the wi-fi issues, and that you're helping out all these talented writers through the a to Z challenge.

    Congrats and good luck to Angela, this has certainly piqued my interest!

  25. What an fascinating concept. And the cover is amazing.

  26. Great opening words... once again, you add that extra touch to the intro...
    The cover is also good!

    Writer In Transit

  27. Your intros sure are good at hooking the reader in! :)

  28. That's an intriguing and eye-catching image for the cover.

    ...Oh, and thanks for the butter beer description from the theme park. Now I really want to go there!

  29. This one sounds interesting... love the word, 'otherworldlies' !

    Great intros, Michael. I am behind in commenting, so I have to go back to see what you have written.

    Look, it is already Monday...
    Have a great new A to Z-week!

    Best wishes,

  30. I am spellbound by you talent, Michael. You make me want to dive into each book you're spotlighting. My own seemed brand new again. :)